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I am so glad you are here because I have something that I really, really want to talk with you about.


Well, and me. We both are in the same boat on this subject I do believe and I think it is something that we really should fix.

You see, we sell ourselves short, you and I.

Yeah, we really do.

Let me tell you a little story that might sound a little familiar.

There was this girl who was about to turn forty and had yet to meet her life goals. She wasn’t skinny as she’d dreamed she be at this point, she hadn’t written the book she told herself at 12 that she would one day write, and by golly, she had this blog and didn’t have nearly as many recipes or crafts on it as her other blogging friends had on theirs. She wasn’t as witty, or inspirational, or organized, or smart. She fell short.

She pondered.

She stewed.

She became upset with herself that if she couldn’t do it at the level of all the others who were seemingly doing it so well, what purpose did she serve in the first place?

And then… enter Dr. Seuss.

As she sat reading Happy Birthday to You! by Dr. Seuss to her son for his birthday, things just made more sense.

God didn’t create us all the same. He created us as unique individuals with different talents, thoughts, and abilities and in all different shapes and sizes.

It reminded me of the story my Grandmother used to tell me about the birds. As we would sit at her kitchen table eating a snack in the afternoons and watching the birds play in her front yard, she would tell me about each and every bird that we could see. She told me which of the birds sang as she fixed breakfast for my Granddaddy, she told me which of the birds liked to pick at the others in the yard, which ones didn’t like to share bird feed at her feeders, and which ones liked to antagonize Lady, her German shepherd. And at the end of her lesson, she put her hand on mine and told me how God gave each of the birds a different song to sing.

It would be a shame to try and sing another bird’s song when God gave us our very own to sing proudly.

Are you working to be the best you possible or are you trying to sing another bird’s song?

What song do you want to be known for singing?


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  1. Your post spoke so much to me. Sometimes I get feeling so inadequate when I look at other blogs, but I just need to stay true to me. Thank you so much for this!!!

  2. This is such a fantastic post, every once in a while we all need to be reminded that we’re the best of who we are, as we are. Great message!!

    Your mingle Monday is FABULOUS – – it’s such a great idea!! Thanks for the opportunity ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. I absolutely love your words of wisdom, sweet Robyn. I love your blog. And, yes, I believe that God makes each of us special, each of us unique. We all have individual talents, and we have to make the most of them without comparing ourselves to everyone else. Thank you for that sweet reminder this Monday morning. You are so incredibly talented, and I appreciate you sharing your heart with us.

  4. Love this post Robyn! And love you too! What a blessing your friendship is. You’re an encourager and such a positive person in my life. I’m glad you’re singing YOUR song!

    Hope your birthday was fabulous!

  5. It’s so easy to feel like what ever it is we are doing isn’t quite fitting the bill. I love the story from your grammy, every birds song is different and so are we. Thanks Robyn, I have actually been thinking about deleting my blog and closing this part of my life and it’s like you are sending me some sort of message to keep it up (well, not specifically to me, but you know what I mean). Thanks. ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. This post is very poignant. If you do not post one more recipe or craft all year long, that is ok because what you have conveyed in this simple, powerful post could last a lifetime. I needed to read this. Funny how we look at others….me to you as someone who “does it all so well”…me to myself “you need to do more, be better…” and you to other bloggers the way you describe. I guess it is inherent in life, but for those who are truly happy in their heart, they are content and proud with what is and what is in the now.

    Hugs and gratitude.


  7. i love dr seuss quotes – they are the best ! this is an interesting , thought provoking post . thank you for reminding everyone that we are all different but special in our own ways. i follow this and it helps – never compare yourself with others, just do your best & be happy with it ๐Ÿ™‚

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