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We welcomed a little kitten into our family this past weekend. We’ve not had a kitten in so many years, I think since Little Buddy was about three years old. We’ve had barn cats that we only catch a glimpse of every once in a while, but that we leave treats for just in case they are still hanging about.

Miss Socks the Cat from

A friend of a friend of our family had a stray cat that made herself right at home and then proceeded to have three sweet little kittens. Little Buddy and I went to pick our little kitty on Friday afternoon in between her boys’ baseball games and immediately fell in love with her sweet little face.

We both quickly spotted the little heart pattern on her nose. I immediately knew it had to be a sign and then when we held her, she immediately started to nuzzle and purr. Talk about making my heart melt! I also love that when she puts her front paws together, the gray dots match perfectly. She’s fluffy and as sweet as pie.

We had a hard time thinking of a name for her. I had thought of the names Stella, Ella, Gracie, and Gravy. My husband liked Sophie, Fluffy and Clara and my son was stuck on boy names. So, I knew we needed suggestions and asked on Instagram and Facebook and was floored at all of the great names! We sat on Saturday morning and went through each and every one of them and then, my son decided on Socks since her paws white. He let me add the Miss to the front her her name under much duress since I said that people might not know that she was a girl with the name Socks alone. After playing with her a few days, we think her name should really be Miss Prissy Socks, but my son vetoed that last insertion with all his might. I’m still sneaking it in from time to time, but please don’t tell him.

She loves to climb in my lap or sit on the back of the sofa and then quietly sneak onto my shoulder. She totally knows how to butter me up!

Miss Socks the Cat from


Have a great Monday! I’ll be playing with Miss {Prissy} Socks and neglecting the laundry. Again.


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    1. Isn’t it? I have lost ability to be productive when she’s around. Of course, that’s fine by her!

    1. I’m thinking she may have adopted us!!! She’s definitely thinking she’s the boss of all the other animals.

  1. She’s so darn cute! I love the name. I also love the white lining underneath each eye. Everything is so well paired on her, all of her different colorations. What a beautiful kitten. And she’s so alert! Enjoy!

    1. She is definitely alert when she’s awake! We’ll be playing and cuddling and then WHAM, she’s out. Oh to be a kitten.

  2. What a cute kitten – best of luck although it appears she has already melted everyone’s heart. You did not mention how your dog is handling this new addition?

    1. She has definitely melted our hearts! Even those of us who loudly proclaimed we didn’t think we were cat people. How can you not be?! The dogs are adjusting fine. We’ve slowly and carefully introduced them. Ranger, the 110 pound golden is the most gentle and Annabelle is the one we’re laughing at the most. She just wants Socks’ toys!

    2. That is too funny. We just added a new pup to our family & I do not know what the attraction is to the cat toys, our gal is obsessed with them too. Never mind that she has plenty of her own dog toys but those cat mouses & balls with bells must have some incrediable drawing power. Hope you will be better at preserving toys for Miss Socks without the dog germs than I am. Good luck with your new addition!