Mother’s Day Giveaway Winner!

Add a Pinch Mother's Day Giveaway! //


Congratulations to Sam Baughman, comment #171, who won the Mother’s Day Giveaway!

Mother’s Day is this coming weekend and I have a fun giveaway to celebrate!!!

I’m giving away this gorgeous Kitchenaid mixer and a copy of the Add a Pinch cookbook to one lucky winner! Wouldn’t it make a great gift for your Mama, a special friend or even for yourself!


I’m giving away a cookbook + Kitchenaid mixer to one lucky Add a Pinch friend.

To enter, just leave a comment below about a special memory of your Mom, Grandmother or special mother figure in your life!

Giveaway ends Thursday, May 11th at 11:59 PM ET. The winner will be selected at random and contacted by email.

Love ya!
Robyn xo

Giveaway sponsored by Add a Pinch. 

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  1. My Grandmother had the best garage sales at her house every summer. We would bring our things over to price the day before and I would stay and help her sell things. She would also bake chocolate chip cookies to sell and occasionally sell some of the pears from her pear tree. Her rule was to set good prices and to always have a free pile for things that should be free. I spent a lot of time at her house and most of my best childhood memories took place there.

  2. One of my favorite memories growing up was going over to my grandmother’s house to bake a banana cake for whoever’s birthday was coming up!

  3. Growing up my mom and I would go searching for fiddleheads in the woods. It was always an adventure:)

  4. My mom is amazing. I have so many memories of her strength, bravery, and fighting spirit. She was diagnosed with ovarian cancer when she was 27 (I was 3). She had two recurrences while I was in school and last summer, after being in remission for 20 years, she had another recurrence. Never once have I heard her complain. She has faced every recurrence was optimism and strength. I only hope that I can be a fraction of the woman that she is.

  5. My favorite memory of my Mom and my grandma are when they would teach me to cook and the highlight is when Grandma would let me use her very old Kitchen Aid Mixer. we have so many fond memories. I have lost them both, but I carry on the tradition, teaching my grandkids to cook. All I need is a Kitchen aid mixer! The kids would love that!

  6. A memory that always makes me laugh ida one of my 7th birthday, My father had retired from the Navy and my family moved from Norfolk to Maryland. On top of the stress of leaving my friend and the only home I’d known behind, there was a glitch with the moving vans and most of our belongings took weeks to arrive. I admit camping on the floor was kind of fun at that age. Anyway, it was my birthday and luckily mom located some bowls, pans and her faithful old yellow GE mixer. We started making the cake, and mom had to leave the kitchen for a minute. She suddenly realize that the mixer had gone ominously quiet. When she came back to the kitchen she found me with the beaters against my head, as I had leaned over and my long blonde hair had caught in the beaters and they wound themselves through my hair all the way up to my scalp. It took forever to get them out of my hair . I was not really traumatized by the fact that the beaters were up against my scalp, but I was traumatized by the fact that we could not continue baking a cake since the batter was full of blonde hair. The same day I got a short pixie haircut. Oh, what a life-changing event. I still laugh about it to this day. You’ve been gone since 1998, but I still miss you mom.

  7. My favorite memory of my mom is of her singing to us when she would put us to bed. Her favorite song to sing was “You are my sunshine.”

  8. A special memory of my mom are our trips to Portland ME to do ‘lobster roll runs’. We find out of the way, lobster shacks and search for the best lobster rolls throughout the state! We find so many fund things to do and places to explore in between while just enjoying each others company!

  9. I loved learning how to make my great-grandmother’s recipes from her personally!

  10. My mother has been gone from this life for nearly 10 years and I miss her like it was yesterday. One of my favorite memories of he was when she and I would bake something for my Daddy. It made her so very happy to see him happy and satisfied.

  11. My Czech grandmother trying to teach me how to make kolaches. I gave up after 3 hours of labor and vowed to buy them instead. Homemade kolaches are delicious but, very labor intensive. She was pure love and making the pastries with me is a cherished memory.

  12. A Canadian woman who played a grandmother role in my life. She invited me to her house one afternoon to make crepes–homemade, and very authentic. I miss her very much.

  13. My Nana always had a joke to tell….her favorite was something about “The newspaper headlines the next day read, “Arti chokes three for a dollar at Safeway.” She would laugh every time, like it was the first time she told it! I sure miss her!

  14. Just received my Kitchenaid mixer and the beautiful cook book. Thank you so much, we will make very good use of this. I have been using a small, Hand Held mixer for years but now I can cook like a real pro. Thanks Again, Sam

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