Congratulations to Jan Morton as the winner of the KitchenAid mixers! Hope you and Mom have a very happy Mother’s Day! Wish I could give one to everyone.

Happy Thursday, friends!

With Mother’s Day this weekend, I have been thinking of some of my favorite memories with my Mother and many involve us baking together.

To celebrate all the incredible mothers like mine, we decided to do a very special giveaway. We are gifting you and someone special of your choosing, each a KitchenAid Mixer! Yes, one for EACH of you! Yay!

I have SO many recipes, way too many to count, where this bad boy comes in handy such as my Best White Cake, Lemon Pound Cake, even to shred chicken for my Chicken Salad with Grapes, my Best Chewy Sugar Cookies, and so many more.

I promise it is amazing! And it sure is pretty, isn’t it!?

To Enter

Comment on this blog post telling me about the person you’d love to give the second mixer – your Mom, aunt, wife, daughter, special friend?

Follow @ADDAPINCH on Instagram. Like the Giveaway Instagram post and tag two friends in the comments.

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Giveaway ends Friday, May 10 at 11:59 PM eastern. Winners will be selected randomly and announced on Saturday, May 11.

Giveaway sponsored by Add a Pinch.


Love ya!
Robyn xo

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  1. What a great giveaway. This would be so useful, as I have difficulty mixing things by hand now. I’ve followed your blog for a very long time and love your recipes! I also follow you on Instagram and have liked your post and commented there. I have subscribed to your Youtube channel, too. I’m all in! If I won, I would give the 2nd mixer to my son and daughter-in-law, Ben and Nikki. They both like to cook and could really use it. I know they’d get a lot of use out of it.

    Thanks for running this giveaway and for creating such delicious recipes for all of us. Good luck everyone!

  2. I would give one to my 20 year old son. He is moving into a house at his university. He could make my chocolate chip cookies whenever he gout the urge!

  3. I would love to give a Kitchen-Aid mixer to my daughter-in-law. My son, Mike, lost his first wife to breast cancer at age 33 leaving him with three pre-schoolers to raise. Two years later he married Jennifer who wanted to be a mother but didn’t want to give birth to become a mother. She wanted an older daughter and two younger sons and she wanted to marry an engineer. You guessed, my son’s children were an 7 year old daughter and 5 and 3 year old sons and my son is an engineer! Jennifer stepped into very big shoes but she has done a remarkable job of partnering with Mike to raise these beautiful children. I would love to bless her with such a wonderful and functional gift!

  4. I would give one to my son who is working on his Masters Degree. He is now a great cook but he doesn’t have a mixer. The other one I would give to a friend who lives across the country and has never had a mixer after all these years.

  5. I really can use a new one…mine is 34 years old. I would gift the second one to my daughter. She doesn’t have a mixer like this one. Thank you so much for the giveaway. Whoever receives these mixers will be thrilled.

  6. Have always wanted to have a KitchenAid mixer. I would give the second one to my 19 year old granddaughter who enjoys cooking and trying new and creative recipes.

  7. For this Mother’s Day…if I won the mixers…I would definitely give one to my Mother. She has been the rock of our family, especially since our Dad had passed. She is always at hand to give you a laugh, a smile, and a hug. At times she is there to give you some well-needed words of thought about life when you need it the most. The other one, I would give it to my daughter. She is the woman that wants to be a Mom and we pray that she is blessed soon with children of her own…so she needs one because she loves to cook. Thank you for the opportunity and I have to say…I love all your recipes. Win the prizes or not, thanks for making cooking easier and delicious.

  8. I would give the second one to my daughter-in-law who became a first time mom 7 months ago. She’s a wonderful cook and baker and I know she would share the delicious treats she made with this with me.

  9. I would love to gift the second one to my daughter who loves to cook and has helped prepare food for so many events for family members and friends including wedding showers, baby showers, and youth events for some young ladies she mentors.

  10. I would love to give the second mixer to my cousin, Deborah. We’ve shared baking cakes for years. I remember when we planned to get our first KitchenAid more than 30 years ago. Neither one of us has had a new one since then


  12. Robyn – I love your blog, cookbook, your amazing fresh and delicious recipes and most of all…you’re a Georgia girl and boy mom! I am too! Thank you for your generous heart. 

  13. I would give this to my oldest sister who bakes alot . She bakes for our family, church functions , friends , etc . She is a great baker & this mixer would be just the thing she needs for all she does .

  14. Hi Robyn,
    I would love to give a mixer to my future daughter-in-law and son so they can continue making recipes from both families when they get married next Spring!  They both cook and she gave me a book with a collection of her family’s favorite recipes for Christmas so I know they would put it to good use.  Great giveaway!  Not on Instagram yet.

  15. I would gift the second mixer to a friend of mine. She takes my Zumba classes and often brings me all sorts of baked treats. She is thoughtful beyond measure and I know it would be loved and used frequently. Thanks for chance to win!

  16. I’d give it to my bff whose baby is almost a toddler and I can’t wait for them to make cookies together!

  17. My mother passed in 2012, I lost the house we lived in to the bank after a 4yr fight, gave away everything to people in need and lived on the street for 3 months then in a shelter for 2 years. I am restarting my life and as a retired chef is give it to me in her memory.

  18. My mother passed in 2012, I lost the house we lived in to the bank after a 4yr fight, gave away everything to people in need and lived on the street for 3 months then in a shelter for 2 years. I am restarting my life. I would give the 2nd mixer to the shelter I lived in as another homeless person gets to move on with their life.

  19. I would love to give a second mixer to my son who is working on his masters degree and just bought his first condo.

  20. I think this is amazing. I would love to give my niece a mixer. She’s a nurse with 3 children and deserves something nice to be done for her.

  21. I would gift this to my best friend.  She has little confidence in the kitchen and I’d love her to get Rome great equipment to start experimenting and learning!

  22. I would love to give this mixer to my mom. She is always looking at mine and commenting on how nice it is.

  23. I would gift to my very deserving grandmother. She’s the best baker I know but she doesn’t have a nice mixer.

  24. I would give both away as I already have a KitchenAid mixer. The first would go to mom, she has arthritis in her neck making it difficult to mix cookie batter by hand anymore. The second would be donated to a local women’s shelter or food bank providing community meals. Thanks!

  25. What an awesome giveaway! And perfect for helping me kneed all the bread I make. I’d gift the second mixer to my mom friend who loves baking as much as I do!

  26. I would love this wonderful mixer to replace my 22 year old model. I would give the second one to my dear sister who makes the best pies ever. She inherited my mother’s pie baking ability and I inherited her gravy making abilities. We both love to cook and bake for our families and friends. We too have great memories of mother and grandma in the kitchen growing up. Thanks for making your blog so much fun to follow.

  27. My mom has a kitchen aid (in fact I have been known to kidnap it). I would gift to a friend of mine (Kelli) she is such a wonderful friend. She tends to bake things for her church and goes out of her way in making someone smile with her bakery. A kitchen aid would take her to another level.. who knows she may end up baking more!

  28. I would share one with each of my twin daughters. One is a widowed mom and she has sacrificed a lot to give her son the best life ever. Now five years past the life-altering death, they are continuing to grow. She loves to eat and cook healthy food for the two of them. She has never had a mixer. Her twin sister just started working just three days a week while they go through fertility procedures, but she is loving practicing new cooking techniques. With all the appointments and travel, a mixer would speed up meal making for her busy life. Thank you!

  29. I would LOVE to give this mixer to my wonderful, talented, beautiful Granddaughterr. She works full time, goes to school, and still fins time to bake.

  30. I would give this incredible mixer to my daughter..  She is graduating from grad school this weekend and this would be a lovely housewarming gift!  She loves to bake so this Kitchen Aid Mixer would be PERFECT!  Thank you Robyn!!

    I’ve tagged two people on Instagram too!

    Linnea Ashley

  31. I would give this mixer to my daughter. She and I have cooked and baked together for years. She would love it and so would I. 

  32. I’ve always wanted a mixer like this, and I would absolutely love to give one to my mother in law who makes the most delicious cookies for my kiddos.

  33. My daughter-in- law & son live in Michigan, and I live in Idaho- much too far away from each other! I would give this mixer to her. She is a stay at home mom to 4 young children and could use this help in the kitchen. Whenever I visit, she cooks such tasty meals, & I know that she would create even more creative dishes with a Kitchen Aide mixer!

  34. I would give it to my daughter who got married this year. She loves to cook and doesn’t have a mixer yet. Thank you for such a fun giveaway!

  35. I would love to give my daughter-in-law a new mixer. The one she has now has definitely seen better days, because she uses it all the time. Also, my two granddaughters would benefit from a new mixer as well. Mom has raised both of them to cook and bake since they were able to reach the counter top. They are now 13 and 15 years old and love to be in the kitchen baking! So this mixer would help all three of them out immensely. It is something that would not get put away in a cabinet and only get used maybe twice a year. I’ve had to loan them my mixer and that has put a lot of extra wear and tear on mine that would need to be replaced soon as well.

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