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Waffles topped with fresh strawberries & whipped cream. Crispy bacon & a cup of coffee.
On a busy night of children’s activities this also is a yummy breakfast for dinner!

Did you notice those 5 Minute Buttermilk Biscuits that I shared earlier? Let me just tell you, you need them in your life! And to help make them, I wanted to share my favorite waffle maker with you guys, too!

This baby cranks out waffles at my house like nobody’s business.

I love to use my large batch waffle recipe to make a whole bunch for sleepovers when Sam has friends over for the weekend or even to make ahead and store in the freezer for quick mornings. And now, I love it even more for how quickly it has my fun twist for buttermilk biscuits on the table lickety split!

With it breakfast sandwiches are a breeze! Waffles are a wonder! Sandwiches are a cinch!

Catch the drift?

I love this thing and I think you will, too!

My Favorite Waffle Maker Giveaway from



I’m giving away a Cuisinart Waffle Maker  to one lucky member of the Add a Pinch family.

To enter, leave a comment on this post telling me about your favorite breakfast. What would be on the menu for your perfect morning treat?

This giveaway ends Monday, May 4th at 11:59 PM eastern. I’ll randomly select one winner and contact him or her via email and update this post. Good luck!

Love ya!
Robyn xo


This giveaway is sponsored by Add a Pinch because y’all are the best and I love you!

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  1. my favorite breakfast dish I like to make is my hasbrown scramble. I cook my hash brown fully then top with cheese and any meat I can find then pour in egg mixture and let it cook. my favorite.

  2. i live in Mexico and i really really really like you.. hahaha jk! i really love waffles its one of my favorites breakfast, is simple, delicious, and fast … with eggs, bacon, or maple, etc. i love these but here its hard to find them.. i hope you have a happy mothers day, God bless!

  3. One of my favorite breakfasts is sausage, egg, and cheese grilled waffle sandwiches. I also really like fried garlic and cheese grits with bacon. And, of course, really good coffee to wash it all down.

  4. – Oh, my …. my most fave breakfast is deeply dimpled, fresh waffles drizzled with warm Maine maple syrup. Period.

  5. I love to put mashed avocado on a piece of toast with scrambled eggs w/ cheese and a shake of hot sauce on top.

  6. This looks like an awesome waffle maker!!! I’d have to say our favorite weekend breakfast is buckwheat pancakes….w/ homemade blueberry agave. My son likes to add an over easy egg on top…ummmm pairing that with a cup of ginger coffee….DELISH!! I’m thinking I might use the batter to make delicious buckwheat waffles…..with real Vermont maple syrup topped spiced Greek yogurt….hmmmm…. Is it Sunday yet???? 😀

  7. My faovorite breakfast wpuld be: SOS on toast with hashbrown potatoes,with over medium eggs and a hot cup of coffee. I’m from the old school.(smile).

  8. One thing I love but never make is corned beef hash, so that would have to be part of my dream breakfast, and a fresh waffle with real maple syrup would be the perfect side.

  9. My favorite breakfast is a brunch! Especially when family or guests stay with me overnight. I love decorating the table and buffet with tablecloths, fresh flowers and platters of fruits, bacon, sausage, waffles, scrambled eggs and assorted butters and syrups. Best part of my day!.

  10. my husband David and I are empty nesters we have a camp we go to very weekend and we take our great great children every Sunday morning I fix either waffles or pancakes for my husband and the kids. It has become a family tradition with us. Having this new waffle maker would be great and so much easier. The one I have now is about ten years old I love this new one. Just found your site from a friend and I love it. Thank you.

  11. My all time favorite breakfast is crisp hashbrowns, eggs over medium, crisp bacon/sausage/ham, sourdough bread toast and coffee…over a campfire on an chuchwagon!

  12. I think my perfect morning would have to turn into an all day breakfast feast, because it really is the most important meal of the day! It would have to include direct from the oven cinnamon rolls followed by fresh squeezed orange juice. Then we would move into some delicious Belgian waffles with a side of eggs and bacon. Lastly we would wrap everything up with a savory egg casserole with all the fixin’s! Mmmmm, now I’m hungry!!

  13. My perfect breakfast is blueberries pancakes or waffles with strawberries, syrup and whipped cream with a cup of coffee with cream and sugar.

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