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Congratulations to our two winners! Aida (email winner!) and Dawn B (comment #119).


As soon as Rebecca’s new cookbook arrived, I started planning all of the delicious things I could make from it! First on the list was to use her sweet and spicy Korean Barbecue Sauce in my Baked Korean Chicken Wings recipe that I shared with you all. Let me just say, you need to make it – and SOON!

But, there are so many other things in her book that I know you’ll want to make as well! Rebecca holds your hand throughout the book guiding you on how to properly can everything from fruits, pickles, sauces, soups, syrups, and more! She has a special section where she guides you through using a pressure canner.

I have to say though, one of my favorite things about her book is that she provides you with more than 40 recipes that you’ll turn to once you open the jar! How brilliant!

So, would you like to dig into her book and your own little canning adventure?

I have a gift set giveaway that I think you all are going to just love! Here’s what all is included! It’s a dandy!

Canning Gift Set Giveaway from


Rebecca’s Not Your Mama’s Canning Book

All-Clad 12-Quart Multi-Cooker

All American 15.5-Quart Pressure Canner

Funnel, Jar Lifter, and Lid Lifter Set

Canning Jars


Giveaway Details

I’ll be giving away TWO gift sets as listed above.

Post Comment Winner:
I’ll randomly select a comment left on this post for one winner. To enter, just leave a comment about what your favorite items to can at home or what you’d love to learn to can!

Email Subscriber Winner:
The other winner will be selected from the listing of email subscribers. If you are already an email subscriber, there is nothing to do! You are already entered.

The giveaway ends on Tuesday, August 16th at 11:59 PM EST. I’ll contact the winners by email and update this post soon thereafter.


Good luck!
Robyn xo


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  1. I grow tomatoes in a raised bed along with some peppers. I love canning tomatoes for the soups I almost live on during the winter. Home grown tomatoes in the soups tase so much better. I also make salsa and pepper jelly which is wonderful to cover a ham with before baking. Oh so good! My canner is wearing out now. I used to have a big garden when I lived in the country but after moving to town I built raised beds for a few things. My daughter took my canner home with her (borrow) for a couple of years and I did my tomatoes in water bath. Now I have it back and it is tired, so looking for a new one.

  2. I would love to learn how to can , veggies and fruits. We live close to an “you pick farm and orchard” but I can’t buy much at one time before it ruins ?. And being on disability it would help the grocery budget. Thanks for this opportunity

  3. I want to learn how to can pickles and just about anything! My Mom canned everything growing up and I unfortunately never had her teach me.

  4. – I would love to learn to can fresh fruits and vegetables. My grandparents were farmers and I have fond memories of them canning at the end of the season. I have always wanted to learn to can on my own, especially these past few years since I’ve got married and had kids. Lately, I’ve been trying to save and make food stretch further and canning has been in the back of my mind to try, kudos to all the ladies that can can! (lol)

  5. I have wanted to learn how to can for years, and am just now in a kitchen where I’l actually have the space to do so! I would love to win this to can the tomatoes from my family’s massive garden!

  6. Oh my goodness, so many things I want to learn to can. I had my first garden this year and I have so many veggies! This is my go to site for everything! I would love to win this!

  7. I have been wanting to can for years and just didn’t know where to start. Thanks for the giveaway! Winning would be a real treat.

  8. I too had a wonderfully blessed garden this year! I would love to try pickles and relish-watermelon pickles especially!
    Thanks so much ??

  9. I would love this set! I am a complete newbie so haven’t canned anything myself yet but I loved my grandmother’s pickles and I would love to carry on the tradition for my kids. 🙂

  10. I’d love to learn how to can so I would have delicious, fresh food to eat. I’m allergic to several foods so I have to make everything from scratch, but I don’t have the time during the week to prepare exciting meals. I’m nearly 70, still teaching school, and rather tired when I get home. Canned foods would be a wonderful way to add some excitement to my dinners!


  12. I would love to learn how to can so I could enjoy delicious, fresh meals. I have several food allergies and have to prepare all my food from scratch..I’m nearly 70 years old, still teaching, and rather tired when I get home, so my dinners tend to be boring! If I had canned foods to choose from, I would be able to add some excitement to my meals. And I always wanted to learn how to can, but as a single mom with three kids I never had the time or money!.

  13. I love learning new items to can. So far My husband and I have done some strawberry Jam, Banana Jam, and a few other things like pickles. We are new to canning and are excited about doing it more and more.

  14. My grandmother and mother have canned so much in my lifetime but I never learned but want to! I would be so delighted to carry on the tradition, and teach my five daughters how to as well!!

    What an amazing giveaway!!

  15. I’m a newbie to canning. My husband and I canned pepper sauce this summer and we can’t wait to try it. I would love to can tomatoes and pickled okra next summer. It will definitely help having the right equipment!

  16. I have a glut of fruit and veg after picking so this canning set would be ideal to store it before we look like a currant or a beet. Thanks

  17. Canning is perfect for an “old” couple. It can be done ahead and enjoyed as a go-to meal when our energy runs out to spend time in the kitchen. Vegetarian spaghetti sauce is our favorite to can.

  18. I have been wanting to try canning for awhile but just can’t get everything together. I would love to can salsas and jams!

  19. Oh my goodness! I grew up canning with my grandma and parents! We would go pick sweet cherries and my two sisters and grandma were in charge of depitting and pricking tiny holes in them, so they wouldn’t exploded in the canning process!! We canned everything! The best part was having amazing cherry or peach cobbler in the middle of winter!! Great memories! I would love to get back in to canning again and show my 5 year old granddaughter canning.

  20. My favorite things to can are tomatoes and green beans. Also at the end of the garden season I love to take all the “leftover” veggies and make soup stock.

  21. Canning is good way to preserve fresh produce for your family> It also is a good way to control what preservatives are in your food, such as too much salt, etc. Green beans, tomatoes, potatoes, brunswick stew, and jellies/preserves are all great canned; my Grandmother and aunt did all of this for the family. Sweet memories.

  22. Robyn – I’ve been making pickled okra this week but I really love to make fig preserves. To me you just can’t buy fig preserves like my Aunt Jimmie Lou used to make. She taught me how. They are a southern delicacy.

  23. I’ve been waiting to start my own canning for a couple year, being a young mom I keep putting it off. However, this book truly has caught my interest as it would offer me a variety of canning options that would save me money and time!

  24. Right now I’m processing a lot of figs. Earlier in the season I canned peach, blackberry and blueberry pie fillings and some bread and butter pickles. Currently only doing water bath canning but I’d love to be able to expand into pressure canning.
    I’m new to your site but have been following Rebecca for some time now. I look forward to adding your newsletter to my reading list. I see there’s a Lemon Shortbread Cookie recipe I need to try soon!

  25. I’ve never canned anything before, but I have been reading so much the last few months and the canning bug has bitten me! I would love to learn to can tomatoes, sauces, and jams. Thank him for the giveaway- it’s a great opportunity!

  26. Wow, i would love to start canning! I have a garden and i hate when things go to waste, i havnt had the funds to get all the supplies, it would be awsome to win this.. Thanks for the opportunity!

  27. I love to can jams! They are always a favorite. If love to learn to can sous or to just find a recipe for canning pickles that actually turns out the way I like it. Ha.

  28. I’m rather a novice at canning and want to learn much more. After living in AZ all my life, I recently moved to Nor Cal. Our property has fruit trees and I now have a garden. I’ve made preserves and some pickles but would love to learn more.

  29. Growing up on a farm in Louisiana my
    dad raised a garden every year. My mom
    and I loved to can purple hull peas, butter
    bean, corn and tomatoes. He also had a
    grove of luscious fig trees. Figs are my
    favorite things to can.

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