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The Amazon Kindle 2

I love for Little Buddy to read the classics. I grew up with them all about our house. The bound editions with the gold leaf edging on the pages always were a favorite to pull off the bookshelf and read before dinner. They were a staple in my reading diet.

While I want the same for my family, and have made sure to include hard bound copies in our home library like my parents did in theirs, I also understand change. Change is important. If nothing else, it helps us to stay status-quo, if not grow a little.

Even though these gorgeously written books fill my home, I still want them to fill my digital book reader – my Kindle. It probably sounds rather indulgent to have both a hard copy and a Kindle version of Alice in Wonderland, as an example. It probably is. But I have found that I can easily keep my Kindle in my purse, bag or even in Little Buddy’s backpack and have it available to us at a moment’s notice. As soon as we finish one book, we can quickly begin another.

Our Kindle has been a blessing. You see, most classic books are written with the a smaller font, dark type on a beige-ish hued paper. After about 45 minutes, Little Buddy’s eyes need a break. With our Kindle, he can quickly increase the font size to a size easy on his eyes and if we are traveling he can switch it to read aloud to him to prevent car sickness.

I know many families will plan trips for their families this summer. Trips that involve hours of driving on the road, plane travel, a cruise, or even allowing your child to go away to camp for a week. If so, the Kindle will really be a great tool for your travel. Or even the Kindle app for your iPhone or iTouch will do in a pinch.

Since many classics were written prior to copyright laws being in effect, there are a great deal of books that are free to download on the Kindle. At this writing, there were well over 19,000 in the free classics category.

Books such as: Alice in Wonderland, Treasure Island, Pride and Prejudice, Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea, and the Adventures of Tom Sawyer.

These are books both you and your child will enjoy. Especially reading them together. Happy reading.

What is your favorite classic book? Have your introduced it to your child?

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