My family loves to travel – especially in our RV. There is just something about loading up in the RV and getting on the road that makes those cares of home just seem so insignificant. While we love it, it will wear you out getting ready for a trip.

  •  – Buying groceries and stocking the RV
  •  – Moving groceries from the house to the RV
  •  – Packing clothes, toys, school and electronics (can’t forget school or our electronics)
  •  – Getting the farm animals ready for someone else to take care of them
  •  – Leaving the house cleaner than it is normally for our house-sitter
  •  – Placing holds on all the mail, newspapers, etc.
  •  – Paying all the bills
  •  – Getting client orders completed and out the door
  •  – Calling friends with routinely scheduled playdates, etc. and reminding them of our trip
  •  – Working out the missed dates with our homeschool co-op and getting all makeup materials

And then, we hit the road.

I think I may need a vacation from my vacation. I’m pooped.

Does getting everything ready for your vacation wear you out? Please say it’s not just me!

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  1. I know what you mean! Getting ready for even a trip 15 minutes down to the road to my in-law's is tiring sometimes! But I do love me a good RV trip 🙂 We had one when I was in high school, and we took a two week trip out west!PS. Thank you for my shirt recon comment! If you use a common color of shirt (like black), you could still do it out of two shirts that match 🙂

  2. Hi there!! Found you through the blog hop! I was drawn to comment on this particular thread, well, because we live many months out of the year in our RV when my husband is called out for his job. I could relate to alot of your comments. Come by and see me sometime! (: If you scroll down enough on my blog you can see a few pics of the rv and our homeschooling area and the kids room. Fun stuff!! Sounds like you had a fun week last week! Can't wait to follow your blog!

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