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Do you have a junk drawer? They really are a great thing to have, except occasionally, they become so over run with junk that you have no clue what is in that black hole of a space. I have to admit, I have more than one. And sometimes, they just need a good ole taming to get back in order.

But here’s the secret to maintaining a orderly junk drawer. (I think that’s what you might call an oxymoron.)

Use containers.

Remember my recent tip about designate a space? Well, same concept. I like to use drawer organizers to wrestle the pens, pencils, paper clips, pocket change, and never ending little whatnots that always end up in the drawer. Once every few months, I may have to spend a few minutes re-taming the drawer by putting items back in their designated little spot.

Drawer organizers range in price from $5 and some change to over $20. Sometimes, you can find them on sale for even less.

If you’d prefer not to purchase organizers, that’s fine too. Take a creative look around your home for items that can easily be used to contain items in your drawers. For instance, cut the top off of an empty tissue box and a well-cleaned baby food jar makes a great paperclip holder. Be creative.

I’m off to wrangle another drawer into orderly submission.

Where is the junk drawer in your house?

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  1. Junk drawer? Try a entire stand! We have a old washstand with drawers and cupboard that sadly is right next to the front door so it collects all kinds of whatnots and whosits galore! Need to put it on my to-do list to try and take care of it this weekend.

  2. That is the best looking junk drawer that I’ve ever seen! I have a tray that catches everything and then I clean it out ever so often. I like yours better!