Our Curriculum

Year 2 {Grade 3}

Officially our school year begins in September, but we are near completion of our work from year 1 {second grade year}. We are year-round schoolers, with a lighter load for the summer. Yes, I have two different maths, histories, and spelling. I explain why in this post.

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Year 1 {Grade 2}


This is our first pass at our curriculum for this coming school year. Of course, I will tweak as we get going to make sure times allotted are the most appropriate to meet our goals while making school the most enjoyable it can be for both of us.

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  1. Looks like you’ve got a great plan in place. My only suggestion: be ready to be flexible. If something isn’t working, don’t be afraid to ditch it or do it differently. I learned that the hard way!BTW – your blog is adorable. Darcy did a great job!

  2. Color coded schedule? I LOVE IT! I love school planning. Is that pathetic or admirable? I'm not sure. You've inspired me to start posting some of my homeschool plans on our homeschool blog http://www.PassportAcademy.com—-it may take a week or so though!

  3. Plans are good! I do agree with Robin who said be ready to be flexible. We tweak my plans A LOT. LOL

  4. Update: We started back to school the last week of June 2009. For a few reasons, most importantly because Little Buddy asked to start back. Also, I knew I would have plenty of time to make sure it was really for us or make major changes before our official school year was scheduled to begin. We are definitely off to a great year! Love our curriculum and wouldn't change a thing. We are ready, set, GO!

  5. You are off to a spectacular start! I'll be eager to hear how the first year goes. :)Thanks for linking up to the NBTS BLog Hop!

  6. I home schooled a while in highschool and it changed my life! Great great idea and I think that all kids should have the choice to do so 😀

  7. I'm considering quitting my job and staying home to homeschool my son. He is struggling with ODD, ADHD, OCD and some others and I'm wondering if this wouldn't be a better fit for him. Any words of wisom to share???

  8. Mia – I hope you got my email! It has been such a blessing. Email me if you didn't get my response.

  9. Love your color-coded plans! I love planning for homeschool. We're year-rounders too. Looks like you had a great first year. Congrats!

  10. Thank you for sharing your plans! The avg time helps me. I never keep track and would like to see how much time we need to spend or should spend on a subject.

  11. Okay, in regards to your 2010-2011 curriculum choices I am so excited to see that we will both be using: Spelling Workout, First Language Lessons (we're using 1-2), Singapore Math, and Bible verses every child should know.I knew you were a kindred spirit. So sorry I won't be attending BlogHer this year to hang with you.

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