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We’ve had it since our son was just a wee one. His bright red bag that we’ve hauled from hither to yon and back again has carried everything from diapers to his Nintendo DS, blankets to action figures and lots of things in between. But in the summer, this good ole bag has a definite purpose. It’s his pool bag.

When he was a baby, it included his floaties, a spare bathing suit, swim diapers, wipes, pool toys, sunscreen and a hat. As we’d get ready to head to the pool, I’d also add in an insulated bag with a juice cup, some fruit and water for snacking.

While the bag hasn’t changed, the contents have grown up. From the floaties to diving rings, swim diapers and wipes to his waterproof iPod case, and juice cups to larger water bottles. But regardless of the age, this bag stands ready to go to the pool.

There are also a few contents that I wouldn’t leave out of this dear ole bag:
– large ziploc bag for storing his wet suit
– sunscreen and more sunscreen
– pool towels – make that two of these
– spare bathing suit
– hat
– swim goggles, both tinted and clear
– swimmer’s ear for when he can’t get the pool water out of his ear

Having my son’s pool bag packed and on the ready has not only saved time, but has also prevented us from leaving behind something vitally important for time at the pool. For Little Buddy, time at the pool is about as good as life can get.

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