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The humidity in Georgia has been a bit stifling lately.

So much so that as I began my run the last few days, I’ve started outside and then finished up my routine inside on my treadmill by way of my kitchen to grab a huge glass of ice water.

By the time I make it onto my treadmill, I’ve fashioned the largest fan I can find in the house to blow directly onto me as I exercise. At the highest speed possible, no less.

I had a pretty serious talk with myself.


People have been exercising for years in the south.
Athletes train in this sweltering heat.
It’s just June, what in the world are you going to do in August and September?
Maybe you should stop.
Maybe you should go take a break and drink a big glass of lemonade.
Maybe this isn’t what you are supposed to be doing.
Maybe you should wait until winter.

And then, I remember the reason I started in the first place.

It wasn’t to become Miss America skinny, although that would be an amazing perk. I began my journey toward running to become more physically fit. To be able to run and play with my son without becoming winded. To become more healthy so I will be able to one day chase my grandchildren and possibly even my great-grandchildren.

I began this journey for me.



I’ll be honest. It is still a struggle. But I finally decided that I’m worth that struggle. My health is most definitely worth the 30 minutes I spend each day for myself and if it takes me years to reach the physical fitness goal I have for myself, each day I am one day closer than I was the day before.

And that’s worth celebrating.

Even if I am using the biggest fan I can possibly find to get through it.




There are a few other things that keep me going, too.

I’ve joined a group of my friends in a running group that we call Red Faced Runners. The group is made up of individuals from all different experience levels encouraging one another to keep going! We all joined together after laughing about how red our faces were after our runs and realized how much we have in common.” target=”_blank”>Lori, Recipe Girl
In Katrina’s Kitchen
Carolyn, All Day I Dream About Food
Krista, Budget Gourmet Mom
Shawn, I Wash…You Dry
+ me


The Red Faced Runners 5k Challenge

As a group, we decided to participate in a  5k on the same weekend this fall. While we won’t be running in the same race, we’ll all be running on the same weekend.

We’d like to invite you to participate with us.

Regardless of your experience level, you can join in. There are excellent training programs that can help you to meet that 5k goal. I use an app on my phone called Couch to 5K by Felt Tip, but there are a ton of other programs available. A member of our runner’s group is also an excellent running coach, Cindy, Once Upon a Loaf. She keeps us all motivated with encouraging words, running wisdom, and that can-do spirit we all need when we just need a little kick in the rear. She has prepared a great 5k training plan for all of us as well. She also has some excellent tips to keep in mind when you are training.

10 Tips for All Runners from Cindy Corliss BeMent

  1. Believe in the run.
  2. Believe in the rest.
  3. Respect must rule all.
  4. Your body is your temple.
  5. Your kitchen is your place of worship.
  6. Equip yourself.
  7. You run. You don’t jog.
  8. Get after it.
  9. Spread the love.
  10. Have the time of your life!

You’ll find more details on each of these tips along with her 5k training plan.



September 8th weekend



You can find a 5k local to you at either of these sites.

Running in the USA

Oh yeah, the socks? Everyone should run in a pair of Wonder Woman socks, don’t you think?

Would you join us? I would love for you to join in with me on this journey!

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  1. Robyn, That’s awesome!!! I used the Couch~to~the~5K to start running and have gotten hooked. So happy for you. I’m currently training for my first Half so will love to follow this group. GREAT idea and GREAT group of bloggers/runners!!

  2. awesome Robyn – believing that you (we) are worth it is a REAL struggle and probably always will be a struggle. i don’t know if i’ll ever get ‘hooked’ on running as you and some of the others have, but i DO know that even after 6 weeks of feeling like crap and napping everyday w/Lyme disease, running last week felt good (i did think i would die at one point though) – and makes me want to get up and do it again. you go honey!!

    1. Thank you so much, sweet friend. I don’t believe *hooked* is my current word of choice for running, but maybe one day it will be. One day at a time will a goal in mind.

      I’m so glad you are feeling better – enough to feel like running last week. I’d love for you and the Prof to join us on that weekend!

  3. So, your little “humidity talk” sounds just like the one I have with myself every time I run. 😉 How do these people DO it?!? I used to look out the windows of my air conditioned car in the summer, see the runners and think, “they are crazy.” Now, I think, “you GO, girl!” And I’m in awe.

    Love being in this group with you! I hope we CAN run together…and not just virtually…someday. Someday when it’s 50 degrees outside.

    1. Oh my goodness, yes! I am always in awe when I see runners out now. I no longer think they are crazy, I admire them for getting out there and going. That’s what it’s all about, really.

      Yes, someday when it’s 50 degrees outside, we’ll make great running buddies. You bring the cookies!

  4. You know what? Just think about how angry we are making the little devil on our shoulder telling us to stop, when we keep going! I can’t picture his little red face and hear his cussing (because it can’t be me cursing through my run, right?).

    I’m so proud of you and am excited to be doing this with you!!

    1. Oh yes, that little devil on our shoulders has to be flipping out made, doesn’t he? And those morning when I’d much rather pull the covers back up a little higher than to go put on my tennis shoes and run? Yeah, with each step, I think he just gets more disgusted!

      I’m tickled to do this with you, too. You are always such an inspiration!

  5. You are a trouper for talking yourself through the humidity. You’ve got some serious chutpah, girl! I’m so excited to be doing this challenge with you!

    1. Humidity and I are enemies, I tell ya. The treadmill and I have become the best of friends (well, we still have a little bit of a love/ hate relationship some days). Your journey has been such an inspiration, Dara! So excited to be a Red Faced Runner with ya!

  6. We are getting a lot of interest and I am so glad. Running is such a huge part of my life now, I just love sharing it with others. I have great admiration for you, though…the heat and humidity in GA might just do me in!

    1. Your story is amazing, Carolyn and I’m so happy to be part of the Red Faced Runners with ya! You would do fine in this humidity, I feel sure! You are a PRO girl!

    1. Thanks so much, Brenda. Those socks are rather cool, aren’t they? Thankfully, I have no neighbors, but the dogs, deer, turkeys, and chickens are starting to wonder who I am! Would love for you to join us!

  7. You are amazing! I would have surely given up and NOT finished on the treadmill. I love this post- very honest and very true. I can relate in a big way. I have really enjoyed getting to know you better 🙂

    1. Katrina, you are the one that is amazing! Love your pictures from the Color Run! We’re doing something great for ourselves, and in the end, that really is the best gift we can give to our families, too.

      So excited to be all Red Faced with ya! 🙂

  8. You know you’re the one that got me started to begin with, don’t you? I have you to thank for pushing me to give it a go. That’s what friends are for, to encourage, to push you to your best, to cheer you on…and you’re the best!

  9. Aww sadly there isn’t a race in my area!! I’m running a half marathon two weeks after that though. Dang.