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Driving through Kansas, we were absolutely blown away by the breathtaking views. Wide vistas as far as the eye could see.

We had planned a short excursion off of the interstate to visit Fort Hays.


Fort Hays was established in the 1800’s (1867-1889) for the purpose of housing soldiers to guard the railroad as it passed through the area, serve as a supply depot for the other forts in the area, and defend settlements.

There are four building remaining on the historic site.


Two of the officers’ homes have been returned to the site. They have been decorated with period furnishing showing how the officers would have lived at the time.


The third building remaining on the site is the guardhouse which included cells where prisoners were retained.


Little Buddy didn’t want me to get close to the cells though. I’m not sure if he thought I’d get locked inside or what.


As ornery as he was, he did get even more upset when he saw that people had carved their names into the limestone. He’s pretty much a stickler for that kind of stuff. {Which makes this Mama happy!}


We visited the blockhouse, again made from the gorgeous limestone.


But I loved the inside ceiling structure as much as the limestone. Beautiful.

Yep, I’m a building nerd. I guess that comes from living with my architecturally-degreed, not working as an architect husband, huh?


And then we visited the buffalo statue on the front lawn.

As we walked the grounds, it was mind boggling to realize legends like Wild Bill Hickok, Buffalo Bill Cody, Lieutenant Colonel George Armstrong Custer, and the famous buffalo soldiers walked in this same area we were now walking. They lived in these homes, visited this guard house, looked at the same blockhouse. They lived here.

And then, the gentleman providing us with the history of the fort told us,  “This is also a site in the film Dances with Wolves.”

Now, y’all know I immediately started thinking about Kevin Costner don’t you?

I did. I admit it.


We walked across the highway to see the beautiful buffalo.


The big fella wasn’t that interested in us.


But this cutie must have thought we were pretty interesting.

And he’s the one Little Buddy wanted to bring home. We convinced him he needed a smaller souvenir. 

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