Skipping Rocks

My family went for a visit to my Mother’s house the other afternoon. Little Buddy and my husband soon headed outside to play. After a while, I decided to see what fun they had found. They were having a ball skipping rocks in the lake behind my Mother’s house.

Little Buddy took off running to the side of the house and came back with a pocket full of rocks. Now, my Mother had just had her property landscaped last summer. So, I started wondering where Little Buddy was finding all of these great rocks. When I asked him, his reply was, “right over there at the walkway.”

Oh me, that is my Mother’s pea gravel walkway that we’ve been throwing in the lake. Sorry Nana. We owe you some rocks.

One comment on “Skipping Rocks”

  1. Oops! Poor Nana!I've caught my children doing that at their great-grandma's lake house as well.

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