I sure am glad that you guys are as excited about fall (and the delicious recipes!) as I am! I loved seeing all those yummy dishes that are your favorites for fall. Apples, pumpkin, chili and soup definitely were predominant in the list! But, without further delay, here are the winners for the slow cooker giveaway!

Winner #1: Mindy, comment #661. She said,” My favorite recipes include those can cook all day in a crock pot (which just died) and slow roast in the oven so I can be outdoors with my family and our horses. I love to experiment with different chili recipes using our home grown and home processed pork, chicken and the canned, frozen, dried produce from our garden. One of my favorite fall recipes in the oven is roasted root veggie torte with balsamic glaze. Happy Fall!”

Winner #2: Corrie H, comment #392. Her favorites are, “Chilis, soups and stews – oh my! I love the warm comforting food that comes with fall, and as a working mom to six kids – couldn’t live without my slow cooker!”

Winner #3: Stephanie, comment #11: She said, “Loaded Potato Soup! Just doesn’t taste the same unless there’s a little nip in the air!

Congratulations! Please email me and we’ll get your slow cooker right out to you! xo


Happy Friday, friends! I hope you all have fun plans for the weekend! Apple picking, pumpkin carving, or snuggling up by the fire with a good book, I hope you have a great one! In the meantime, since you guys are the bees knees and I love you more than you’ll ever know, I have a great giveaway for you!

Slow Cooker Giveaway from addapinch.com

There are few things in my kitchen that I go on and on about how much I love them – my collection of cast iron skillets that is borderline hoarder level, the wooden spoons that I don’t think I would even be able to cook without, my sheet pans that work for everything under the sun, and my slow cooker that might as well stay out on my kitchen counter permanently since I use it so much!

I’ve written about my love for it on more than one occasion, but if you need just one reason to fall in love with it, it would be this.


Yes, 50 Slow Cooker Suppers that I think your family will love!

But if that doesn’t do it for you, you may want to check out the whole section of slow cooker recipes with everything for breakfast, lunch, supper, and appetizers! There’s a little something there for everyone.

So, since I love mine more than may be respectable, I decided you might love one, too!


Because I think you’d love this slow cooker as much as I do, I’m giving away three (3) of these Hamilton Beach Set n’ Forget Programmable Slow Cookers. It’s the one I use and wouldn’t want to be without!

 To Enter

Just leave a comment telling me about your favorite fall recipes!


Giveaway ends Monday, October 12th at 11:59 PM eastern. Winners will be selected randomly and announced on Tuesday.

Giveaway sponsored by Add a Pinch. 

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  1. My favorite recipes include those can cook all day in a crock pot (which just died) and slow roast in the oven so I can be outdoors with my family and our horses. I love to experiment with different chili recipes using our home grown and home processed pork, chicken and the canned, frozen, dried produce from our garden. One of my favorite fall recipes in the oven is roasted root veggie torte with balsamic glaze. Happy Fall!

  2. My favorite fall recipe is the gravy my grandma makes — she hasn’t passed the recipe down yet, but we’re getting there! It’s perfect, especially when served with my grandpa’s roasted turkey.

  3. Robin, just about anything I can put in my mouth is my favorite fall recipe. It has been a long hot summer. I haven’t used my oven or stove top in months! So looking forward for the fall to completely emerge. Still getting in the 90s at my house this week. 🙁

    1. My favorite fall dish is turkey and stuffing dumpling soup By Katie Cucina. I tweaked it, used sage sausage stuffing , Robyn it was a hit.You must try it!

  4. my favorite fall recipe is one that I learned in girl scouts , it is called camp fire stew! it can be cooked on the stove or in a crock pot. I don’t have a crock pot so I use a big pot on the stove and it is my sons favorite meal. It is so easy to make it is only 1 pound of hamb., meat that I brown with, 1 small fine chopped onion, then add 4 cans of Campbells Veg Soup.{ the small ones} I have tweeked the recipe a little from the original for my son and add a dash of Worcestershire sauce for a lil bite to it. Hope you like it !!

  5. It really is hard to pick a favorite recipe but I would have to say my tomato and herb lamb knuckle stew (my fiance’s fav) or my lamb shanks done in stock and white wine with garlic, thyme and rosemary. YUMMY!

  6. When the weather finally begins to cool in my part of the country I love to cook soups, stews, chili, and chowders…. especially chowders with fresh seafood out of the Atlantic ocean.

  7. I have so many favourite fall receipes. From soups…squash soup, turnip soup, potato & italian sausage/tortellini soup…to chili…and Beef stew. Fall is my favourite time of year…with all the leaves changing colours, cooler temperatures, and family gatherings…Thanksgiving.

  8. I love using my slow cooker – it’s getting pretty long in the tooth now though, so it would be so great to win a new model. My family loves my shredded beef sandwiches and pork roast and anything I make in my slow cooker. Have a great Monday!

  9. As fall approaches and I prepare for the bounty to come, I anticipate wonderful satisfying recipes such as Pumpkin Soup with Sage (and of course roasting the seeds, for nibbles), creamy Butternut Squash Soups, and delightful Sweet Potato and Carrot Soup. It doesn’t take long for Halloween to come along and it’s always fun to prepare traditional goodies, some gory, some silly, and some gruesome. I change them yearly. “Double, double toil and trouble; Fire burn and cauldron bubble. – Shakespeare from MacBeth”.
    Then, before we know it, Thanksgiving a Canadian and North American harvest festival and family holiday has arrived. We start our family and friend gathering at high noon with our traditional Manhattan’s (made with bitter’s as they should be). Available to anyone who is interested. With these, I serve delicious Cheese Stuffed Prunes wrapped in Prosciutto, enticing Cheese Ball with Everything along with assorted crackers, satisfying Wasabi Guacamole with homemade chips for dipping and a large overflowing antipasto platter with semolina bread. To accompany these I serve chilled Festive Sangria, Beer, Wine and Non-Alcoholic beverages are available.
    Our Main Course makes use of so much of God’s Bounty. I always Apple Brine my Turkey(s) and then roast it to a juicy finish. Obviously, my stuffing is cooked and served on the side. I tend to change it up all the time. It may be apple, sausage, or cornmeal. I like to keep it interesting and usually will make them into stuffing balls! I serve it all with Homemade Gravy and Homemade Roasted Orange Cranberry Sauce. My sides include a beautiful bowl of Ambrosia (a food of the God’s), Sweet and Spicy Sweet Potato Bake, a very special Cardona dish for my Italian hubby and relatives, Broccoli Casserole, and Drunken Cheesy Bread. With dinner we have Water, Wine and Non-Alcoholic beverages available.
    Once time has passed and folks have moved around a little to make room for dessert, I offer Homemade pleasing Pumpkin Pie (from scratch: a family recipe) with whipped cream, tempting Vermont Apple Pie (from my home State) with sharp Cheddar Cheese slices, and alluring Eggnog Cheesecake. Beverages include Coffee, Herbal Teas, Espresso, Cappuccino, and tempting Homemade Bailey’s Irish Cream (It’s better than the real McCoy).
    I also love preparing and eating all winter squashes, beets, artichokes, Brussel sprouts, cabbage, cauliflower, edamame, eggplant, fennel, figs, garlic and parsnips. I could go on and on but you get the idea. Love to cook this time of year for all my family and friends.
    Thank you for all you yummy recipes. I feed us with them all the time. Congratulations on your cookbook deal. I cannot wait for the final book to be available. xo

  10. Hi Robyn!!
    I love an Apple Crisp made with the Oatmeal Pecan topping, Asian Short Ribs slow cooking in the crock pot and Fresh Tomato-Zucchini-Onion-Crouton Strata!! Slow cooked pork is always a fall favorite!
    As the Fall rolls on, I love to make soup for dinner, too!

  11. I love to make a warm apple crisp and top it with vanilla ice cream. I also love stews and chili–both regular and white chicken chili.

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