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Congratulations to the winners of the Back to School Slow Cooker Giveaway: Jeffrey, comment # 476, Roberta Johnson, comment # 195, and Allison Senkarik, comment # 64.

Happy Tuesday, friends! School has started back here and my slow cooker has barely left my kitchen countertop since! Mercy, how I do love that thing! I thought it was high time that I shared a fun giveaway to share my love of this handy little appliance!

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You know, there are few things in my kitchen that I go on and on about how much I love them – my collection of cast iron skillets that is borderline hoarder level, the wooden spoons that I absolutely cherish, my sheet pans that work for everything under the sun, and my slow cooker that makes any busy family’s life a whole lot easier!

I’ve written about my love for it on more than one occasion, but if you need just one reason to fall in love with it, it would be this.


Yes, 50 Slow Cooker Suppers that I think your family will love!

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But if that doesn’t do it for you, I’m also giving you my cookbook that includes so many delicious slow cooker recipes that you are sure to love. There’s a little something there for everyone.

So, since I love mine more than may be respectable, I decided you might love one, too!


Because I think you’d love this slow cooker as much as I do, I’m giving away three (3) of these Hamilton Beach Set n’ Forget Programmable Slow Cookers  along with a copy of Add a Pinch: Easier, Faster, Fresher Southern Classics!

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Just leave a comment telling me about your back to school memories!


Giveaway ends Thursday, August 10th at 11:59 PM eastern. Winners will be selected randomly and announced on Friday.

Giveaway sponsored by Add a Pinch. 

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  1. My mom started a tradition when I was young of making bran muffins and Orange Julius for breakfast on the first day of school. I, along with my sisters, have continued that tradition with our kids. It wouldn’t be the first day of school without them. Funny thing is that all the fiber in the muffins probably isn’t great for the kid’s already nervous tummies!

  2. When I think of back to school, I first remember new shoes. I can still smell the scent of the store which no longer exists.

  3. I remember the new crayons and new clothes I was dying to get into. And then that first day of school photo, mustn’t forget that!

  4. I loved getting to wear my new fall clothes to school and the smell of the brand new trapperkeeper! Getting to see friends that I missed all summer, the first week of school is great until, homework and projects start upm than you are wishing its summer again!

  5. My favorite part is/was labeling my school supplies! I also love that feeling of walking in on the first day.

  6. I can still remember getting ready for my first day of school in kindergarten and wearing the new dress my mom made me. My youngest brother standing next to me in the front yard and my mom snapping a picture of us and how excited I was!!

  7. I took pictures of my sons the first day of school every year. They are now 36 & 32 years old. I treasure those photos that showed their growth physically and the development of their personalities year after year. As they grew older, they would grudgingly accommodate my photo taking. It was a tradition….

  8. Oh my back to school memories are all the new items in my new pencil case. New crayons and new pencils and erasers to fill it! And of course the new back to school outfit for the first day! Such fun memories that is for sure!!!!

  9. For me bak to school memories are about elementry school when the teachers handed out sheets for the parents with the informations which tools and materials needed to be bought for the upcoming school year. I always loved collecting these things with my mom, picking colors et cetera πŸ™‚

    Also when in High School back to school ment for me seeing all my friends again.

    Greets from Germany! I love love love love your blog! <3

  10. My school bus stop was on my driveway. I remember that all us kids would line up every year for a first day of school picture.

  11. When I was a kid, the first day of school was always the day after Labor Day and the family would always spend Labor Day at my great uncle’s house bbqing and playing croquet in their yard.

  12. We always got 5 new outfits for back to school, along with new loafers (either penny or tassle). What excitement deciding on which outfit to wear for the first day, and all new school supplies was just “icing on the cake!”

  13. New bookbag and new lunch box for organization and then always a new outfit and new shoes! Pictures too!

  14. New school supplies and new outfit for the first day. Meeting up with friends I hadn’t seen during the summer and walking to school together. Such fond memories.

  15. As someone already mentioned, new shoes is the memory that comes to mind. We always got at least one new pair of shoes and often two. I remember Buster Brown and Jack n Jill. I always wanted a red pair which my mom would purchase and then a more neutral color. To this day I love a red pair of shoes!

  16. I loved being able to pick out new shoes for the coming year. We didn’t have much money, so August was the only time I was able to get new shoes for school and tennis shoes for gym. There was a nice old man who helped fit me.

  17. School usually started close to my birthday (9/2). My mom and or dad would come eat with me in the cafeteria on my birthday. That always made me feel so special and would help ease the fear and uncertainty of a new school year.

  18. It’s all about the school supplies! I still think it’s fun to shop for them for my kids, and I have VERY fond memories of getting all the new stuff when I was a kid.

  19. My most vivid back to school memory is always thinking I needed to lose weight before school started. Of course, I never did and looking back at pictures I wonder why I was ever unhappy about my weight..

  20. I loved school and it was exciting, but yet a little scary to go off to school by myself. I remember my mom always walking me to the bus stop.

  21. For me back to school means crisp air mornings, falling leaves from the tree, the cool in the autumn air. All things pumpkin and spice, as well as curling up on the couch with a toasty fire in the fireplace with a nice movie.

  22. I liked school as long as it wasn’t a new one. M y family moved a lot, though, so it always seemed I was going to a new school.

  23. On my first day of school each year my parents would eat breakfast with me before having me pose for pictures. Then off to the dreaded bus I’d go.

  24. I remember going shopping for new school clothes and back to school supplies. Then mom would take us out to eat to celebrate. It made going back to school so much more fun!!

  25. I always enjoyed the excitement of buying new school clothes and supplies! And, of course, the excitement of waiting for the phone call from your teacher!

  26. I loved the first day of school! I loved wearing a new outfit and seeing who all was in my classroom for that year. My best friend, even though we didn’t go shopping together, we would always come to school wearing some piece of clothing the same! I remember one year it was shoes and a coat and we are still friends after 50years!

  27. Riding the school bus with my neighbor and best friend was very exciting. We are old enough to have grown children, but are still best friends today.

  28. I loved going shopping for school supplies! I would get home from the store and label and color code all my notebooks and folders for each school subject! I’m very Type A, ha! My recipes and cookbooks are the same today πŸ™‚

  29. I use to love going back to school each year. I would get to wear new clothes and of course get a first day of school picture. Now that I am a parent, I have driven my kids to school on their first day of school every year (even when my son was a senior and could drive them) and always get their first day of school pictures and put the grade and year on it and of course post it on social media b/c I am very proud of my kids!!

  30. I used to love buying a new lunch box and remember thinking my zebra striped trapper keeper was the coolest thing ever…

  31. Growing up, I had two sisters and a first cousin that was like a sister to me. My grandmother and mother would take all four of us girls back to school shopping, spending the whole day outfitting us with all the necessities. We’d eat breakfast and lunch out, which was a big deal back then. I carried on the same tradition with my children, making memories that I cherish still to this day!

  32. I will be 83 next month but I still remember my first day of Kindergarten. I was the youngest in my family and I was so eager to attend school; I certainly could not understand why so many of the other kids were crying! I was happy to be there.

    I also remember that one little girl had new shoes that squeaked!

  33. Back to school always signals the beginning of fall! While it’s sad to see summer end, there’s nothing I love more than fall food — chili and soups and all those delicious foods! Thanks for your generous giveaway!

  34. I think the excitement of buying new clothes, new shoes and wearing them at the beginning of school was it for me. I loved picking out the style and colors, even for the shoes. Also when I was younger I enjoyed picking out my new lunch box with thermos. Couldn’t wait to take it to school with my pbj sandwich.

  35. I guess I am a sad sack. I don’t have any back to school memories. No mom walking me to school or special breakfasts made to start my day nor even special lunches made. I ate school lunches until middle school & after that I wouldn’t eat anyting until I got home. I would like to think I did a little better for my kids.

  36. I remember buying new school clothes the first part of summer and my mother putting them in lay away so we wouldn’t wear them until school started (and because we didn’t have a lot of money). I was so excited to go get them a day or two before my first day.

  37. I love first day of school for my kids. We always take a picture on the first day of school and the last day of school and I’m always amazed how much they grew and changed in one year!

  38. My most recent back to school memory was at age 35, returning back to school for college. I was very nervous, since it was such a long time since I had classes and studying for exams. But I made it and am now have my college degree.

  39. Being shy, I was always nervous about the first day of school. Finding all my classrooms and meeting new kids was a challenge for me. My parents assured me everything would be fine, and it was. After the first day, everything was ok. Having supportive parents, a good breakfast and being greeted when I got off the bus was the moral support I needed. The fun part was buying a new dress for the first day.

  40. New Clothes, new shoes, shopping with my mom for school supplies. Very sweet memories.??✏️

  41. I would have a girls’ day with my mom every year. We’d get up early and shop for clothes and school supplies, have a great lunch at a favorite restaurant, and get manicures.

  42. I am a speech-language pathologist and I work in the schools with Pre-k -5th graders. I am always excited to see their smiling faces each and every year for the past 10 years.

  43. Going shopping with my Mom and sister to the “big city” 30 miles away. And after the shopping was done then Mom would take us to a nicer restaurant for lunch.

  44. My mom taught at my school so I remember getting in the station wagon with my brother, sister, and mom and driving a few blocks to the elementary school in our neighborhood! Fun memories, fun times!!

  45. Well, we had the old cigar boxes for school when I grew up, and no need for all the supplies we buy today for our kids, it was community property where all the kids shared supplies. If only it was that simple! The only thing to worry about was what to wear to school and we took our lunches and shared at recess.

  46. I was an oddity back then…. a kid who loved going to school and truly loved learning. I also loved the smell of freshly sharpened pencils and the sounds of kids talking and laughing. The sounds of locker doors being slammed shut as we all rushed to our first class of the new school year.

  47. The just sharpened smell of pencils, ironed uniforms and shining shoes and the anticipation of new beginnings. Some really happy memories.

  48. I remember the new school shoes. We went barefoot all summer and it was such torture to put shoes on and keep them on all day! To this day I still take my shoes off as soon as I csn

  49. Oh my goodness a memory I have of school is having to wait to see what teacher you got, and all the kids would line up in the entrance of the school a week or two before school started. It isn’t like now when you receive a letter for your child. Thanks for the giveaway!


  50. Back to school meant rainy overcast weather in Washington state but my Mom would make the most wonderful, comforting, warm beef stew in her crock pot on especially rainy days. Walking into our home and allowing the smell of that delicious stew wash over you was the most wonderful feeling. It didn’t matter what kind of day you’d had, that delicious smell made everything better.

  51. As a teacher, back to school means a clean slate for everyone. It’s exciting and we are ready for new adventures in learning. Sounds corny, but it’s how I still feel after many years of working with kids.

  52. I remember we didn’t have a huge list of supplies to get, notebooks and pencils was about it. Until my youngest started middle school 5 years ago and went to Chromebooks, their list was huge. 12 glue sticks. I don’t think I ever saw an art project come home that required glue at all. Now that he’s a junior in high school I don’t have to purchase anything, just pay lab fees.

  53. My favorite memory of going back to school is with my older children. My mom and I would take them on the commuter train into Chicago and spend the day having an adventure! They loved it and so did I. There is nothing like Chicago in the summer on the shores of Lake Michigan…best time of the year here πŸ™‚

  54. Getting to see the friends that you haven’t seen all summer! Recess was at the top of the back to school list!

  55. Smelling school supplies. The pencil cases, the pencils, colored pencils and paper ALL have a smell. The next thing that conjures up school is lunch box bologna sandwich smells. Lunchboxes and lunches for school have a distinctive smell. Always when I’m in school cafeterias now, I’m reminded of my school daze! LOL!

  56. I loved getting to see all my friends that I didn’t see over the summer. And all the new clothes, shoes, & ECT that came with the new school year.

  57. My favorite thing about school is shopping in Trinidad with my mom for my new books and school supplies. Could not wait for the first day of school to use those supplies. And yes, the smell of new books! Who doesn’t like that? I still browse the school supplies section to this day just to pick up a few items for myself even though my boys are all grown up!

  58. Usually around 2 weeks before school started we drove a long distance (30 miles) to a larger town to shop at JC Penny’s for our new underwear, school shoes and school clothes. I dreaded that long ride but the rewards afterwards was so exciting especially walking through that huge department store with everything you could imagine to look at under one roof.

  59. My greatest back to school moment was a proud mama moment when my youngest kids both ready and waiting for the school bus. My son in grade 1 my youngest jk. The both looked so proud as they ventured on the bus together.. I held back the tears as they both sat on the bus waving at me.


  61. I remember the anticipation the first day whether you’re going to like your classes or not and who you’re going to sir with at lunch! oh man!! To have those worries again! πŸ™‚

  62. Every summer when I was little my Mom would order fabric from Sears Roebuck and make our back-to-school dresses and clothing. We also always got a new pair of shoes and sneakers for the new school year. I still love the back-to-school season because I feel the excitement it brings to everyone!

  63. My back to school memories are very fresh. Last week in fact! I teach Family and Consumer Science at my local High School and absolutely love it! Yesterday my students processed and froze corn and today we care canning tomatoes. I took this job three years ago after serving as a Special Needs teacher for 27 years. I was burned out and ready for a change. I am now renewed and ready to go for at least another 5 – 10 years.

    I have been wanting a modern cooker for two years, but it is just not in the budget. I would love to win so my students can experience yet another type of cooking. One I believe they will be using a lot in their futures.

    Thanks for the awesome give away!

  64. I loved going to downtown Plainfield, NJ to get our back to school clothes and shoes. We would always go out to lunch with our grandmother at a special place in town.

  65. New notebooks, beautiful clothes made by my mother, and special treats in my lunch bag. So many wonderful memories.

  66. I remember always worrying about what teachers I was going to get and hoping I got some of my friends in my classes.

  67. One of my best memories as a child was having Mother Appreciates Daughter Day a few weeks before school began where I could buy all my school supplies and some fun outfits for the coming school year.

  68. Hi,

    my fondest memory of going back to high school was the excitement of getting my class schedule and finding out who my teachers were and which of my friends will be in my classes. First day of school is always exciting! My mom would pack me a delicious hearty sandwich for lunch. And last of all, just seeing my friends from summer vacation is always the best!

  69. I always remember feeling nervous the night before the new school year. I think after the first day though the nervousness was all gone.

  70. I remember never starting back to school until after Labor Day (which I think Southern states should adhere to anyway given the heat and humidity). Also, walking at least a mile to and from school during elementary years and wearing all new clothes and shoes for a week or two.

  71. Back to school meant new school supplies and clothes! Ahhhh my favorite time! I’m big on fresh starts too, so a new school year was always really exciting for me. It’s still a time to start over in our household. We get back into good routines and a slow cooker is essential to making sure I have a dinner ready for everyone before evening activities take over. Great giveaway!!

  72. My Mom was a teacher and we helped do the September bulletin board every year so we got to see it first! And then we went out for ice-cream as our reward for helping Mom get the work done before school started. We also used Crock Pots once they were available and now I would love to update to a newer model.

  73. I looked forward to going back to school – my mother was a stay at home mom who loved to sew. She would make me a whole new wardrobe of all the new stylish things as well as buy me some new things. Shopping for new folders, binders, pens, paper was so much fun.. I loved coming home after school everyday where my mom would have a snack waiting for me and we would watch the Edge of Nigh soap opera together and catch up on my day at school.

  74. My favorite memory is coming home from the first day of “going back to school” to my Mama’s rice crispy treats. She always made them on the first day back to school. Coming home to that was the best part of the first day back at school. I’m going to be continuing that tradition with my own daughter this year as she starts Pre-K.

  75. I loved the first day of school because it was the start of a new adventure. Although I’m from a small town & basically knew all the teachers, it was always nice to start a new school year.

  76. When I was a child going back to school meant new supplies, new clothes shopping, getting to see friends you hadn’t seen all summer, a new teacher and adventure.
    Now working in an elementary school it means looking forward to helping the students I work with improve their reading, taking them on adventures through books, having interesting conversations with them.

  77. I never really liked going back to school, but my favorite part would have to have been the reading contests, where you kept track of how many books you read and won a prize for reading either so many pages or so many books. I still love to read

  78. My back to school memory is rather odd. School always started after my birthday. Every year I received black and white shoes and a binder as a gift. But what made that day would be my Lola aka grandmother. She would always ask what I wanted to have for breakfast and the next day it would be hot and ready when I sat down. I don’t know how she knew when I would be out and ready. Yes, I did try and throw her off by changing my timing but she always had brought it out to me just off the pan.

  79. I was overly shy when I was growing up, so the start of the school year brought me a ton of anxiety. Which always tapered off as the school days went on but I remember being no nervous that I wasn’t going to like my teacher or know any of the kids in my class. Luckily Ive kicked the shyness but I certainly didnt look forward school starting until I was in high school.

  80. I loved going back to school. My mom would take all 4 of us school shopping, which was so much fun! I couldn’t wait to get to school to see all of my friends!

  81. Back to school memories for me was getting all the new books, new school uniforms and seeing all my friends again.

  82. Remembering school is the mixture of butterflies in my stomach and excitement new class mates, new teacher new classroom & bag. Seeing my old friends and making new ones. Thank you

  83. I remember being so excited to go to the bigger kids school in seventh grade, and then being freaked out of a teacher who was very strict. Turns out she was very nice!

  84. I remember getting all new books and pencils and new clothes. I liked seeing all my friends again. I also remember getting cleats on my shoes to make that tapping noise when you walked. Oh, what kids miss today.. thanks

  85. This was a few years back, but oh so memorable…my three little boys were finally all in school and my baby daughter was going to attend her first Mothers Day Out—4 whole hours to do grocery shopping without 8 hands “helping”! Instead of accomplishing that, I had a gall bladder attack out of the blue that landed me in the hospital for 18 days!! Missed all the excitement of those first days πŸ™

  86. As I was shopping for back to school clothes for my 6 and 3 year olds, I remembered the trips I would take with my grandmother to a store called Buttons and Bows in Carrollton. They had smocked outfits, ruffled outfits with matching socks, applique outfits and keds shoes. It was a little girl’s dream to get outfits from this store. I use to look forward to it every fall. I cherish those moments I had with my grandmother. She loved nothing more than dressing her grandchildren up in what she considered our Sunday Best!

  87. I always loved getting a new clothes and shoes for a new school year. It was also fun picking out notebooks, pens and pencils. When I got older and learned how to sew, I enjoyed making something new for school.

  88. I always remember going to the store and picking out new supplies. I loved everything being new and organized! The excitement of meeting the new teachers was always fun.

  89. One of my favorite Back to School memories was my mother taking me to the Sears store for their 3 dresses for $10 sale. Obviously, this was some time ago. πŸ™‚ But, I got to pick out my own dresses from choices which seemed to consist mainly of plaids in different colors. I even got a pair of black patent Mary Janes. Memories of those trips still make me smile.

  90. I always loved getting a new box of crayons and the other school supplies. I’m still a sucker for big box of crayons.

  91. Back to school haircut, clothes and a backpack! Riding bikes home after school and loving the freedom of the 3:00 bell!

  92. Back to school, meant new clothes, great school supplies. Best of all I enjoyed cooking early, so when my children came home, they would smell the delicious meal I cooked for them!

  93. I’ve always LOVED shopping for my school supplies. I couldn’t wait to pick out my new backpack and folders. I would go up and down the aisle a 100 times trying to decide which one I liked the best. I guess that’s why I went into education – I still enjoy picking out my office supplies (Some things never change)!

  94. New school supplies…as a teacher, I’m obsessed with starting a fresh new year with brand new, pretty supplies!! Of course in Kindergarten, it doesn’t stay that way long, but it sure is fun starting that way! ?

  95. Because of desegregation, I was fortunate enough to get to go to several schools growing up in Florida. I liked meeting new friends and having walked to school the first few years I was in elementary school, I thought riding the bus was big time!

  96. I remember going to get new uniforms when I went to Catholic School from grades 1-8. For 9-12, I went to a public school, and would love shopping for different clothes to wear to school!

  97. Back To School Memories I cherish is returning to school each year and seeing the teachers once again whom I absolutely loved to help and especially our Principal who was someone to admire for being truly an Amazing individual whom cared for each student in his school.
    I enjoyed returning to my school because I was so blessed in my Elementary school years to have truly Outstanding Teachers ready to start a new year to teach us many exciting new things!!
    Thank you for the giveaway!!!!

  98. I loved going to school, and I love it even more now that I homeschool my own children. I’m glad I get to see the lightbulb moments and I’m so thankful that I have great memories of learning from wonderful teachers who made me want to learn. I’d love to add a slow cooker to my routine to make my days easier, and on my, that cookbook is beautiful! Thanks!

  99. When my Sister and I were in school, one of the memorable things my Mom would take us to do was get manicures done @ our local beauty school. It was something we looked forward to every year.

  100. I always loved school, and still have a love affair with paper, pens, cute notebooks! My mom woke me up singing silly songs and stopping by the local donut shop on the way a couple of times a week. Those memories are still sweet in my mind.

  101. Kids used to go home for lunch when I was In grade school, had an hour to get home and back to school. As I was the youngest of 4 it was usually just her and me for that time. She would always have a sandwich or a hamburger ready and waiting, but there was always something just a bit different, whether it was a new jello she was trying out, or a cookie, or even a different side dish, I couldn’t wait to get home for lunch. And yes, there might be a soap on, but then they were only 15 minutes long if I remember right. The shopping always meant that new Big Chief tablet! Every time I see one on a store shelf, I always think of my new one to start the new grade school year.

  102. I always enjoyed shopping with my now grown daughter for school supplies and that special new outfit for the first day of school. Since I worked full time, I also had to plan out meals ahead of time since she always came home starving from school and daycare. No slow cookers in those days ! I now make sure I contribute to less fortunate kids and still enjoy buying those school supplies.

  103. My back to school memory involves my birthday. I’ll soon be 73 and when I went to school we usually started the first day of school the day after Labor Day. My birthday is September 9th. Of course, lots of times the first day of school fell on my birthday…..I was always disappointed when this happened.

  104. I never looked forward to going back to school. I hated being at school and loved being at home with my family. I had a wonderful childhood at home and hated being away from it. I remember the fun of picking out school supplies, but the nervous feeling during that time knowing that school was coming.

    As a stay at home dad of 3 little girls I’m trying my best to create a balance where they want to be at school but feel the comfort of home when they get in the car to head home. I want them to feel safe and that they can just unload the stress the moment they get into the car. Just allowing them to be them with no need to perform anymore. The girls look forward to the first day of school because I promise them the cinnamon roll recipe on your website for breakfast on the first day. They also look forward to their choice of cookie recipe off of your website. So obviously the first day for them is full of sugar goodness. Cinnamon rolls to start the day and warm cookies for that afternoon snack. We finish the day up with their favorite chocolate waffles for dinner. It is a wonderful day to hear about their excitements and worries for the year. I look forward to just being that listening ear.

  105. I always loved getting little notes in my lunch when we went back to school. Now I do the same tradition with my son.

  106. The first day of school for my daughter in the big school. I was leaving her with the rest of the kindergarteners and she ran after me crying saying how much she loved me and didn’t want to stay without me. So cute and I’ll remember it forever.

  107. I loved shopping with mom for new schools clothes. The school supplies were always top on my list. New colors and styles to start the new year.

  108. I loved seeing all my friends once again. I hated getting up so early though.
    The summer was great for sleeping till you wanted to get up.
    I also loved all the activities that went along with going back to school – school carnival,
    assemblies on Friday, and the yearly talent show.

  109. Going back to school shopping with my grandparents. I would visit them in the summer and they would buy my cousins and I all of our clothes. We were so lucky.

  110. Back to school always meant new everything, from head to toe! Lots of school supplies too. Loved spreading them out on the floor and checking out what loot we had!

  111. Shopping for back to school clothes was so exciting as a child. My mom, sister and I would go to JCPenny and try on fall ,warm ,long sleeve shirts. In the 1960’s girls had to wear dresses or skirts. So we would buy jumpers, shirts and different colored tights. Then on the first day of school we would wear our new clothes. Keep in mind it would be 90 degrees and the school had no air conditioning or fans. But we looked good.

  112. My favorite back to school memory is getting a new outfit my family never had a lot of money so back to school was when we got a new outfit and shoes.we were so excited to wear our new cloths on the first day of school it made us feel so special.

  113. My fondest memory of Back to school is when I would take the kids to breakfast before school on their first day. It would be our last time together before the rush and madness of the school year. We would then them to school and I would cry and take pictures. My oldest daughter does the same with my grandkids now.

  114. My favorite was when I could finally drive to school – no more school bus!! Pulling into the parking lot and hopping out of the car!

  115. My fondest memory of Back to school is when I would take the kids to breakfast before school on their first day. It would be our last time together before the rush and madness of the school year. We would then take them to school and I would cry and take pictures. My oldest daughter does the same with my grandkids now.

  116. I loved shopping for new clothes with my mom! This year, my daughter and I had a blast shopping for her school supplies!

  117. My mom is a teacher and now I’m a teacher and as much as I LOVE the summer, there has always been something wonderful about all the fresh, new supplies for going back to school. Both as a student and now as a teacher, I love that feeling of new, organizing my supplies, it was always fun.

  118. I too remember buying new school clothes but they were for winter, (department stores featured the next season and we didn’t even look at the summer clothes on sale!) not clothes made for the blazing hot Indian summers we had when school started. It took months before we were able to wear our new purchases.

  119. I remembe getting our clothes out of lay away and having a roast and carrots our mom put in the slow cooker for dinner later Yummy! !!

  120. The only real thing I remembered about going back to school, was walking to school, and it was always raining on the 1st day back!!.

  121. We did not have a lot of money, but back to school always meant a new pair of shoes and a new dress that my mother would make. My mom would let us (I have two sisters.) choose from several fabric choices but usually the dresses were made from the same pattern.

  122. My favorite memory was going shopping with my mom, sister, my favorite aunt and my grandmother. We would shop for clothes and then have lunch at Hudson’s, now Macy’s, and then go to the dime store for school supplies. If we were good we got a “soda” at the counter. Magical day for sure.

  123. Back to school has changed a lot for us. My daughter’s school now gives a Chromebook to each student. This is great though, because we were able to concentrate on her school clothes instead of having to budget a ton of money for supplies.

  124. My favorite memory is of new tennis shoes at the beginning of school. We would try them out to see if they helped us run faster. So many happy memories!

  125. One of my favorite back-to-school memories was the day I’d get all of my text books.I’d be so excited to cover each one with brown paper grocery bags, and to see who had my books the year before me. I’d neatly write each subject title on the cover and spine of the covered books, then decorate each one. Another favorite thing was to check out library books for the first time each year. πŸ™‚

  126. My favorite back to school memory is seeing all of my friends after a few months apart. I went to private school so my classmates did not live in my neighborhood. Catching up on what happened over the summer was always so much fun!

  127. As a teacher, back to school always meant greeting friends and colleagues I hadn’t seen for months, meetings and preparations for the new school year, and getting a new calendar to fill with exciting events that would be special for my students.


  129. I loved shopping for new school shoes. I went to a school that required a uniform, so the rest of the outfit was a given, but I could pick out my shoes!

  130. My siblings and I went to a Catholic school where uniforms were the dress code. Since white blouses and plaid jumpers were the never ending requirement, I used to get so excited to go to Thom McAn’s store at the mall every August for my new shoes! We always capped off our shopping with a trip to Friendly’s.

  131. The excitement of going back to school with the new outfits, the new friends would override the disappointment of letting summer go!


  133. Back to school time was always fun for me. I always liked school, so preparing for it was a huge deal in my family. We would always make a day of it on the weekend or two before. We’d get up early, go eat at Cracker Barrel and then go shopping for my supplies and clothes. It was awesome cause I got to spend a little bit more time with my mom and nana before the craziness of school started.

  134. My favorite memory about back to school is our family’s tradition of making and enjoying strawberry shortcake for breakfast. Then, after dropping the kids off at school taking some time to enjoy the silence for a bit. ❀

  135. What I enjoyed most about back to school was the shopping for supplies and clothes. We were all excited about getting new shoes and new clothes. We would take forever to pick out just the right backpack.

  136. Our commute to school was a thirty minute drive. I loved that time for our casual talk. And our ride through the country… fall colors, early morning mist, the sun shining through the spider webs attached ti the pasture fencing, and old Mr. Bull hanging in this field every morning and afternoon. I so miss that time.

  137. I remember my mom having monster cookies baked for me after the first day of school every year from kindergarten until 12th grade

  138. My back to school memories are when I took each of my children (I have four) one at a time to get an outfit and they could choose a lunch place. My then 6 year old chose to go to Red Lobstet!! Not a fast food. To my surprise he ate popcorn shrimp dinner and wanted chocolate cake for dessert, he ate it all much to my amazement! ?

  139. I always looked forward to buying new notebooks and pens (something I still enjoy today for some odd reason). The other thing for me was picking out the one big binder/organizer and going through it to get it ready — Trapper Keepers were cool.

  140. That first day of school picture on the front step and ALWAYS driving them the first day of school to meet their teachers. The rest of the year they rode the bus.

  141. My first day going to high school I dressed in a new nylon-pleated skirt, hose and baby doll flats. Borrowed my Moms blouse to match; which was over sized to say they least. Thought I looked good until I arrived at school. All the girls had new plaid wool skirts with lovely white starched blouses in various styles and sweaters tied around their shoulders. Finishing the look were bobby socks and saddle shoes or penny loafers. Not a pleasant moment but one that remains embedded in my memory forever.

  142. My back to school memories entail lots and lots of shopping with Mom and Dad for new clothes and school supplies; trying on all of my new clothes to decide on a first day outfit, and meeting my new teacher or teachers! It was a blast!!!

  143. I loved getting the new school supplies and new clothing (Dresses) and returning to a lot of friends Those were good times !!

  144. I loved my lunch….My mom always made them in paper bags with our name on it and drew flowers and faces on them! We always knew that no matter where life’s adventures took us when it came to school….there was somebody at home taking care of us, loving us and making an effort to make sure we had great food for lunch!! My favorite sandwich was cream cheese and jelly!!

  145. My memories include my dad waking my sister and me up with the joyful cry, “School day! School day! Time to get up!” The first day of school was wonderful because of the new books and supplies. A fresh start! New things to learn!

  146. I was always excited to return to school. I had new clothes and school supplies, and I was ready to see my friends again!

  147. I have 4 grown children, but I remember first day of school. All excited, sometimes a little scared, posing for their picture with their new school clothes and backpacks.

  148. seeing friends after the summer and sharing what we did during our summer adventures. I also loved school shopping, new clothes, new supplies and covering our textbooks!

  149. That was a long time ago, but my favorite part was the new clothes! I had a very talented seamstress mother that always sewed my clothes. At the time I hated it when she would say, “Oh, I could make that for a little bit of nothing.” But, she really could! I had a lot of fun outfits because of her.

  150. I remember the smell of the floor cleaner the janitor used just before school started. Our janitor’s name was Willie; I think every janitor was named Willie……I also remember going to K-Mart after that first day of school with Mom to purchase our school supplies. Parents today are so lucky to have those lists for every school and teacher made available at every store right around the 4th of July.

  151. I lived in the country, so I was excited about going to school to see my friends and catch up on their summer. My mother was a wonderful cook and although I would be at school during the day, I knew breakfast & lunch time would be great. Our school was a small country school with a big heart. We had cooked breakfast & lunches every day. The ladies preparing the food worked hard & showed pride in the meals they prepared. Everyday was love & old fashioned home cooking, just like home!

  152. It was good to see my classmates again but sad to see the carefree summer end. 8-11-17 is our 60th class reunion.

  153. I loved all the new pencils, notebooks, crayons, and school organizers still fresh and unused the night before scoop started. That feeling of new beginnings!

  154. The mixture of excitement & slight nervousness of going back to school, but being in a different class with some new people!

  155. My mother would sometimes have warm, fresh-baked oatmeal cookies for the 5 of us when we got home from school. Her recipe is still one of my favorites.

  156. I hated that summer was over. I began counting down the days, dreading each passing one UNTIL the day before school. I was excited to see who my teachers would be and who the students would be who were in my classes.

  157. We lived in Brooklyn, NY and walked to school. I loved walking to the schoolyard and lining up in perfect rows, boys on one side – girls on the other. We had to try to figure out height order before the nuns came out and we got to see who was in our class! That first day was the most exciting seeing friends we hadn’t seen all summer!

  158. I remember when we ( my 4 brothers and myself) would come downstairs on a school morning and mom would always have some sort of a breakfast waiting for us. As we got older we were on our own as she joined the working force. We never went to school hungry. It was a nice memory.

  159. I remember being so worried about the first day of school that I would stay up all night, laying in bed counting the popcorn on the ceiling.

  160. First day of Fifth grade when I told my mom I was a big girl and didn’t need her to walk me to my classroom. So she walked behind me where I couldn’t see her until she knew I was safely in my classroom.

  161. Unlike today, the totally unstaged first day of school of pictures with the goofy smiles and new clothes. They were anywhere from in the driveway to the living room (in front of the garish 70’s floral couch).

  162. I was boy crazy! I couldn’t wait to get to school and see all the boys! I was the fastest girl in my sixth grade class, and almost tied with the fastest boy. I will be celebrating my 30th wedding anniversary the end of this month. We were blessed with three wonderful sons and our rescued Australian cattle dog is a boy! So, I’m still boy crazy!!!

  163. Every year on the first day of school, my mom would bake cookies so when I got home from school, they were cooling on the counter and ready to enjoy! Hopefully once my kids get older I will be able to continue this tradition!

  164. My back to school memories were of seeing my friends I had not seen since school ended (the days long before social media) and also the joy of getting new school supplies.

  165. Growing up I don’t remember back to school being the big deal it is now… I do remember it being MUCH later in August!!

  166. My mom would get us up early on the first day of school. She would line us up and take a first day of school picture. Mom is gone now. But the memory of the first day of school. Is a special one of her

  167. My favorite memory of back to school was meeting my new teacher/s and seeing who would be in my class/es!

  168. Looking forward to seeing friends I hadn’t seen all summer was one of my favorite back-to-school memories. My most favorite memory, though was getting to shop for new school supplies – it was not always something we were able to do (being that their were 3 girls in our house and dad was out of work for a while due to an injury) – so when we were able to go get new school supplies, it was full of excitement!

  169. I sill remember those first days of school when it started feeling like fall, the perfect time for hot soup that has been simmering all day in the slow cooker. Now, I use my slow cooker for so much more than soup!

  170. This year we have 1 daughter starting college online and another a freshmen in high school. It seems like they both just started school. Car rides and then bus stops, homework and projects, now they both are doing great things and we get to share at dinner most nights.

  171. The annual back to sch photo in front of our house always comes to mind when I think of my childhood sch memories ?Also, I STILL love shopping for back to sch supplies, now with my own little boys!

  172. As a retired kindergarten teacher, I have many back to school memories. I remember my own and the ones I made while teaching. All were wonderful and I miss them. I miss the children that I met and nurtured during my years in school. They were the best years for me.

  173. It has been so long ago (77 years ) I just remember my mother getting my breakfast, packing my lunch and all. They are wonderful memories ! They were good days !

  174. I remember as a little girl wearing a brand new dress to school the first day (no pants of any kind were allowed) and having a new book bag (there were no backpacks back then either) and having a new writing tablet and new pencils. This was years ago when life seemed a lot simpler!

  175. I remember the excitement of FINALLY getting to wear our new school clothes. The feel, the smell, ahhhhh,,,,,

  176. I loved going back to school clothes shopping!! So much fun to try on new outfits and pick out the one for the first day of school! Thanks!

  177. Back to school memories…….it was one of a couple times a year you went out to get new “school clothes” so one day was also shopping. It was so much fun to have new clothes saved just for school. Then there was also the all the new school supplies and loading those all in your backpack. I loved the start of school. Being from the midwest it wasn’t long before there was the morning chill in the air on the walk to school. ahhhhh memories

  178. My best back to school memories are getting my school supplies which included a Big Chief tablet and box of 24 crayons. I loved arranging and rearranging my crayons while they still had the perfefct tips.

  179. i remember my first day of kindergarden in germany!! i had this HUGE neon highlighter yellow SQUARE backpack. they give all the kids these cones (this dunce caps) that are brightly colored and as big as the kid holding it, filled with candy, fruit, toys, etc. to celebrate their first day of big kid school! it’s quite the affair. i remember taking pictures (impatiently) with my mom, oma, and god mom… just waiiiiiiting to dig into my cone of goodness!!

  180. We started to school the day after Labor Day before I graduated we were stating school the end of August. Always looked forward to 1st day of school after a long Summer. Could not wait to see my friends, new friends and teachers. WE lived in rural area so didn’t see fiends for the whole Summer. With the beginning of school came basketball games and other memorable activities. I am 59 years old and I miss the beginning of school very much.

  181. My back to school memories include school not starting till after Labor Day, shopping for fresh school supplies – pencils, books covers, notebooks – and getting to pick out a couple new outfits for school!

  182. Back to school memories for me are in the years when we wore dresses and saddle oxfords to school. Mother bought our outfits and shoes twice a year, start of school in September and Easter. Those days we started school after Labor Day. Those days were simple and calm. I love the memories!

  183. back to school was always terrifying. so glad im years past anxiety attacks in the morning. Now they happen when i go to bed πŸ˜›

  184. Back to school was as exciting as Christmas, not because of new clothes or such (single mom household couldn’t afford); but the notion of seeing your friends again and meeting new ones.

  185. I went to a one-room school the first four years and then to a new consolidated school after that. I remember getting a new pair of shoes every year just before school started.

  186. I always getting ready to go back to school. New supplies, new clothes and shoes. Organize all my supplies weeks before the first day.

  187. I guess I was a nerd. I loved everything about school and always excited to get my fresh pencils, tablets etc. Seeing my friends again after summer break was best of all.

  188. I was the youngest child of 5 and I remember the thrill of finally being able to go to school with my siblings! My mom would buy us all new lunch boxes which contained thermos bottles for our milk. We would walk home together and my mom would have baked something special for all of us. The delicious smells of cookies when we opened the door. What a wonderful memory!

  189. I remember every year we would go back to school shopping! I couldn’t wait to wear my new clothes and new shoes!!!! We would get a new backpack every year as well!!! Also getting to use all of my new school supplies was so much fun! I made sure to get lots of awesome bright colored pencils with designs and fun shaped erasers!

  190. I remember getting to wear my new shoes after a summer of being barefoot. Shiny new oxfords and white bobby socks, oh boy! It seemed like ages since I had seen the inside of the building and every year the hallways shrank and the lunchroom tables got shorter. Amazing!

  191. I remember one year standing on our front porch waiting for the school bus very early in the morning and getting stung near my eye with a red wasp. What a way to start the school year.

  192. I remember the big back-to-school shopping trip for shoes and supplies. There was always a mix of dread (what kid wants to leave summer freedom for a school desk) and excitement (new stuff, I’ll see my friends, possibilities). I loved picking a new lunchbox every year. My mother put a lot of love and thought into our lunches.

  193. For me, back to school meant a restart – we’d get new clothes, school supplies, and possibly new shoes. I also remember it being chaotic. lol Good luck everyone!

  194. Growing up in a small town on the Jersey Shore with three siblings, I remember it was a big deal for Mom to take us all to Tomaino’s Shoe Store for our ‘back to school’ shoes! I remember I loved my first grade teacher Mrs. King and I was sad when I wasn’t going to have her in second grade. ❀️

  195. I am a grandmother now but I can still remember the first days of school. My sister and I would just be so excited. We had new clothes and shoes and school supplies. It was an exciting time for both of us. W loved to go shopping with mom. My mom’s gone, my sister who was my best friend is gone. Thanks for letting me remember a happy time in my life.

  196. Entering my senior year of high school at the International School of Bangkok was definitely my most memorable. The next year I traveled to North Carolina by myself to attend college. Life as an Army Brat is always memorable.

  197. Of course shopping is always a big draw. There’s just something about new clothes, new shoes, a fresh haircut. It bothers me that there are so many children who never experience that feeling.

  198. I remember one year I had a brand new lunch box, new shoes, new outfit and a new bike and was so excited to go to school!! I felt so grown up, I was going to school by myself! When I went to sit on my bike, I put my hands on the handle bars and did not realize there were bees there and when I put my hands on the handle bars I got stung not on one hand but on both hands.

  199. Of course shopping for new clothes, but I was so happy when I got to be in sixth grade, and be a school crossing guard!

  200. For me, back to school memories for me are happy ones. Not only memories of back to school shopping for supplies and new school shoes and clothing for my children, but the excitement of beginning a school year with new students to teach, seeing eager new faces in my classroom and enjoying getting to know all the new personalities of my students.

  201. I always enjoyed the excitement of the first day of school. Meeting my teachers, seeing old friends, and making new friends.

  202. My favorite back to school memory is the day (weekend) before we were to start I’d visit my Grandma and she’d give me a an outfit. Sometimes they won’t they best looking but thinking back now I really appreciate them. I would always wear whatever it was on the very first day. I understood that she immobile and even with all she had going on she still thought enough about me to get me something special for school. I cherish those memories everyday. I wasn’t always so appreciative especially when I got older. I even got picked on for the outfits but I would still do it (wear them) as long as she got them. I wish I’d kept some of the items now that I’m an adult. On top of that my family (Mom, Sister, and Brother) would have a big dinner. Mom cooked all of our favorite things and did our hair extra cute.

    Thanks for this. It has made me remember some very good times when I was little girl. Things I’d forgotten or put far back in my mind. My dad would take me to Grandmas house after we went out school shopping. That’s when I’d pick up the outfit. Earlier in the day he’d take me and my brother to the mall and give us a couple of twenties to pick up the things we wanted you know extras fun stuff. It was fun then we’d go to a restaurant and eat., usually Pizza Hut or McDonald’s. We walked around for hours just looking at stuff. We had a big fountain and he’d give us coins to toss in. My most prized possession was a Lisa Frank diary she was all the rage growing up. It was black with unicorns and stars. It also had a cute heart lock (w/ key) and I even got a matching stationery set with a pencil to match. It was hard bound and the lines were purple. I hardly wrote in it but I took it with me everywhere. The 90’s were the best, The Babysitters Club, Sweet Valley High, He-Man and Sheera, Captain Caveman, Captain Planet, The California Raisins. Okay ? I’m doing too many ch remembering now.

    Be Blessed Everyone!

  203. I would always be nervous, even as I got older because I was so shy. My mother always walked me to class until I got older and I remember I couldn’t really shake the nervous until after she left. Once I got into my classroom and started seeing old friends I was so excited to be there.

  204. I loved school and always looked forward to seeing all my friends everyday again. I am now 73 and still get excited buying the school supplies they have for the beginning of school. I have bought for children and now grandchildren over the years. I love to see the all new pens and notebooks. I still go to look and always buy a few of the new pens and folders for grandchildren and always seem to find a few for me to bring home.

  205. New school supplies!!! The best! And organizing them weeks before! Also anticipating new episodes of “Dark Shadows” that my sister and I would watch every day after school! Anyone remember that one?!?!?

  206. Back to school. Not my favorite thing. We lived in East Cleveland, Ohio. I walked to school down Terrace Avenue. We girlsbhad to wear midi blouses and skirts. Knee socks and Saturday shoes. Oh the joy of the uniform. A block from school we rolled up our skirts and took the the middle piece out of the middy pulled the sides together and stuck the hat pin down the middle. Thus presenting a way to sexy middle we did not know howbto deal with. School was h e double hockey sticks.

  207. I think it would be wonderful to put your food in before you go to work and then it would be done when you got home. yipee

  208. My mom would always shop for us at Sears. I still remember the smell of the jeans we would get. As my sister and I got to be teenagers, Mama would offer to buy the Sears brand as always but if we wanted a cool brand we would have to buy them ourselves. The school supplies we had to buy were very few, nothing like the lists of today. I still love to open a box of Crayola crayons and inhale that wonderful smell.

  209. I have wide feet, and I remember going shopping for new shoes around age 10, and the only shoes in the shop that fit me were the horriblest ugliest shoes in the shop. I wanted pretty ones, not these beasts! I was dreading the first day back at school and what everyone would say about my horrible ugly shoes. Well, pretty they were not, but it turned out that they *were* fashionable (no accounting for taste) and everyone thought I was so cool to have such cool shoes! I didn’t mind them so much after that, though I still thought they were ugly πŸ™‚

  210. My best back to school was probably last year, my younger son started kindergarten and it was something he dreamed of for so long! Such a lovely day for him.

  211. One of my most vivid memories of going back to to in the sixties, was shopping with my mom for school supplies. We always went to the same store. It was named “Bazzar”. The regular yellow peechees were 10 for a dime. We loaded up our cart and all of us were set for the year. That was a big deal for me. My mom raised four kids on her own and getting new school supplies was a thrill. Wow that was a long time ago! Xoxo

  212. I loved getting all of my new supplies ready for school; putting my name on everything and decorating my notebooks with stickers. And, putting on that new pair of school shoes!

  213. When I was little I loved shopping foe school supplies. We didn’t have to bring much but I loved opened that new box of crayola crayons and getting that wonderful smell of new crayons. In High School I loved the back-to-school shopping for new dresses and shoes and a new haircut.

  214. My best memories are coming home from school and smelling my mom’s home cooked meals and this slow cooker would be amazing addition to our growing family of 21.

    This slow cooker would be so very helpful !!!!

    Blessings from our kitchen to yours ,
    Michelle Saroki

  215. When I was going to grammer school, the first day always included my Mom taking a picture of me at the front door, waving good-bye.

  216. I always loved the new bookbag (back then) and new crayons. We wore uniforms so not much in the way of clothes – just shoes.

  217. New year, new clothes, new books. Wrapping my new books with paper bags. Seeing old friends. Coming home to a snack.

  218. I remember being so excited! This maybe unusual but true for me. Everything was new. A fresh start. Shopping for new clothes/shoes/school supplies. The first day of school and the halls had the scent of freshly painted stair rails. The scent of new books. The excitement of meeting your new teacher. Seeing old classmates. Taking on new challenges. It may sound crazy but it was a great time in my life and remember it so vividly.

  219. My fondest memory of grade school is the smell of crayons in the air. That scent still takes me back to my early grade school years. When times were simple and I didn’t have to pay bills. LOL

  220. Every summer our parents sent my brother and me to stay on our uncle and aunt’s farm in Georgia. We didn’t like going back to school because it meant leaving the security of their home, their love, and regular meals among other things. But after the long summer we were happy to see our younger siblings.

  221. I loved the walk to and from school in our small town. Fun way to start the day – a walk with friends! Now, of course, one wouldn’t allow that but we enjoyed it so much.

  222. This is all the way from Canada.
    First days back to school were always exciting. During the 40’s and 50’s we were pretty poor just coming out of the depression. The fall was always exciting for me with the business of getting the harvest done, preparing for school. Actually I think the harvest was more exciting, helping mom prepare the delicious meals to take out into the fields. The baking of pies, cakes and cookies. Watching them being devoured by these hungry hard working men. They were hard times but exciting times. Then school started amongst all this excitement. Those were great years.

  223. I loved walking into the new classroom and seeing who would be in my class that year. It was always a surprise. Now with Facebook, my kids basically already know who their classmates will be

  224. I remember my best friend & I calling to see if we has the same classes together. We also wore the same thing on the last day of the week. Example it be a dress, or bell bottoms, with platforms lol We have been BFF’s for 46 years now πŸ™‚

  225. One summer my mother and I found a dress pattern which could be made several ways. We then picked out fabric, and she made enough pretty dresses for me to have one new dress each day for the first week of school. That was special on so many different levels. Mama regularly made clothes for herself, me, and my little sister to be as thrifty as possible. I loved those dresses!

  226. When it comes to back to school memories, two immediately come to mind. First, like most of the commenters already, I loved getting new school supplies. I loved the smell of everything as I stuffed my new backpack full the night before the first day. My second favorite school memory was going to the school library for the first time. I loved the smell, look, and feel of the books. I loved the peaceful atmosphere with friendly librarians, big windows, and cozy chairs. I still get excited when visiting a school library!

  227. The first day of high school included an assembly with the principle and staff. It was a tradition at my high school for the incoming freshman. So many faces in the crowd that I didn’t know and a few that I did. Butterflies in my stomach. It was to say a little nerve-racking and exciting to be on a new adventure. There is one thing that really sticks in my mind that day; the principal’s speech on entering into a new chapter in our young lives. It was short but said a lot. I can still remember what he said like it was yesterday, “All of you were a big fish in a little sea as 8th graders in junior high, but now you are little fish in a big sea. What lays before you might seem impossible, but nothing is impossible because all of you are here. Work hard, make new friends, and most importantly be yourself.”

  228. I always loved the anticipation of the new school year … getting to see my friends (as I lived on a ranch and didn’t get to go to town often .. ) … what teachers I would have….what would be different each year. Buying new school clothes .. getting a new hair cut .. The best was getting off the school bus in the afternoons … walking in the house and mama would have hot homemade cookies for us … or popcorn on a rainy afternoon. But her hugs and wanting to know what we did that day was the best.

  229. When I was in school, times were so much different than now. We attended a small country school with only 200 kids from 1st through the 12th grades. Most of our teachers came from the towns 10 to 15 miles away from our school. Those were some of the best years of my life as well as the lives of my friends…..who I am still in touch with today. We loved being in school because that was the only time we had to visit with each other as we all lived in outlying areas all surrounding our school. The 1st through 6th grades were on the left end of the hall and the 7th through 12th on the right end. Boy, did I think I was grown-up or what when I started turning right instead of left in that hallway!! The gym separated the two areas and was our go-to place in inclement weather.. Our parents were almost as much a part of the school as we were with the PTA and all the programs they put on for our entertainment.. Everyone knew everyone else and there was no in-fighting or cliques as there are in most schools today. Simpler times…..and awesomely good memories! They consolidated our school in 1958 (my class was the last of he Eagles to graduate from it) at the end of the school year and the building was turned into a community center for our little part of Texas. Thanks for listening, Robyn, and please continue with all your wonderful recipes. I use your pepper sauce recipes and your muscadine jelly recipe each year! My husband said to tell you he loves them too!

  230. we didnt have crock pots in my day so coming home from school to the smell of roast beef in the oven was heavenly. You knew dinner was going to be really good that night!

  231. I always loved the newness and excitement of a new school year. Brand new crayons, new teacher, new friends (and catching up with old friends!). Everyone seemed rejuvenated after summer and ready for a fresh start! The smell of fall and seeing the school buses drive through the neighborhood will bring me joy and a little heartache that I am not teaching right now! (I am taking a break to stay home with my kiddos. ❀️) My slow cooker is well loved, cracked and leaking so I would love a new one for this fall!!! What a fun giveaway!

  232. When my boyes were little we would go register them for the new schoo yearl, find out who their teachers were, and pick up their class schedule. Next we would go out for lunch and then off to buy school clothes and school supplies. It wa a fun day spent with my boyes. Miss those days.

  233. It has to be deciding on a back to school outfit the night before and the joy of seeing all of my friends again. As I got older, it was looking forward to Friday night football games (TX roots you know). Thanks for the giveaway opportunity!

  234. I loved going back to school while growing up….especially going shopping for back to school items from clothes to school supplies. The only thing I didn’t like while in school was that my last 2 yrs of high school, we had to wear uniforms which totally sucked. The only positive aspect behind that to me was that I was able to preserve more of my everyday clothes! lol


  236. .All the new stuff; clothes, shoes, supplies, books, teachers, new students, class rooms was scary but fun.

  237. I used to love the first day of school, because I love learning. I always used to look forward to it. πŸ˜€

  238. I was so shy and scared of going to high school that i made sure that i failed that year so that I would not have to go. Well it didn’t work because I was sent to summer school and had to go anyway. Still afraid I made sure my mother went with me the first day I was embarrassed so I told everyone I thought a parent had to come with me.

  239. I will always remember wearing my new clothes the first day of school, and being excited to see my friends again. I, too, love my slow cooker, and I would be very happy to win your cookbook. Thanks for giving everyone this opportunity to receive such great gifts.

  240. Can’t beat the smell of crayons and sharpened pencils and holding one of those Pink Pearl erasers in your hands. Loved the special time of back to school shopping and once wore the label of my osh gosh b’gosh denim overall dress without realizing it until the end of the day. Hiw embarrassing in my 12 year old mind circa 1978.

  241. I always have written my kids a note for their lunchbox on the first day of school. Nothing big, just a small message like “can’t wait to hear about the first day of school! I’ll be thinking about you!” Thought it would embarrass them after awhile, but they talk about it with fondness! Also, I loved the tradition of having new shoes on the first day of school…

  242. In 1953 when I started school it was the “new” clothes because that was the only time I’d get new ones and it made me feel like a king. The lunch Mom would pack was a feast to behold even if it was a bologna sandwich and some tater chips. Look back on those days with fondness.

  243. My best memory is the day before I started kindergarten my mother walked me to school to teach me the way to go the first day. In those days in that town it was safe to let children walk to school on their own.

  244. I don’t really have any back to school moments that stood out, I’m just glad those days are over lol. I made straight A’s in school but I would never want to go back.

  245. I use to get so excited to pick out a lunchbox every year!!!! My red patton leather one was my favorite!!!

  246. My parents always made a big deal out of the morning of: big warm breakfast, perfectly ready back packs, etc. My kids are still too young, but I look forward to doing the same with them.

  247. we moved every 4 or 5 years, i can remember how nervous and excited i would be to start a new school year at a new school, all the new people i would meet. !!!

  248. I remember my first day of 7th grade. First time “changing” classes. I was soooo nervous. I don’t know why. My school was a small rural school with only 500 students k-12. Everybody knew everybody.

  249. my back to school memory was we went shopping at walmart trying on clothes and there was 25 dollars on the bench and i said look mama she said lets tell the lady and we did and she said i could keep it cause she had no idea whos it was i felt so rich i was like so so young ill never forget that so i bought something and then i bought a kid in line some candy

  250. I don’t have a lot of back to school memories. I am making a lot of memories now with my boys as they get ready for school. It is exciting to watch them start a new school year. They are so excited to begin the year and learn.

  251. I just remember clothes shopping and nerves. This year my youngest will be a senior in high school so it will be the last obligatory “first day of school” pictures. I’ll probably cry.

  252. My son is about to leave to go to college, and I’m embarking on my 3rd year of homeschooling my daughters. My old crock pot is worn out!

  253. I’m 33, and still get a funny feeling each September when “back to school” season arrives. Although I enjoyed school and was a good student, that time of year always marked the end of summer and all it’s fun. It’s hard to believe that it will soon be time to go through the yearly rituals with my own daughter!

  254. I’m 52 and still going back to school! Working in the education field is an awesome and tiring experience. Each first day of school soon becomes my favorite. I love all the smiling faces, hugs from former students, and that first ring of the bell. Any teacher knows that those students are a blessing! Excited for this school year and ALL of the favorite memories to be made.

  255. Well, back in the day…..(the early 60’s) I remember the long walk to and from school. I always walked with a group of friends, some joined us along the way. I still remember the route that we took. A lot of times we would be late, just playing along the way. Great memories!!

  256. My favorite memory of back to school is the chocolate chip cookies that my mom would make in the morning before school. It would fill the house with a great smell to start my day with. Also, back when I went to school we were required (if you were a girl) to wear dresses or skirts every day. I loved shopping for and wearing my 1st day of school dress. It was a different time back then in the 60’s and 70’s.

  257. Nothing I LOVE more than school starting. I loved it as a child. Loved it when my children were young and now love it as a grandma. One of my favorite memories when my children were young is we went out to breakfast on the first day of school. That was such a treat for our children and I loved coming home from taking them to their first day to a clean kitchen.

  258. I’ll never forget when they built a new high school for our three towns in my area and we all consolidated into one high school. That summer a girl and her dad came by our house to buy one of my Dad’s hunting Beagle dogs. While the two dads discussed the dogs the girl and I shot at targets with my BB gun. We had such a great time and this girl was absolutely beautiful too. Well, I couldn’t wait to get to the new school to search for this girl who really struck my fancy so I immediately began look for her. I was just entering the double doors of one of the class room wings and out stepped the girl of my dreams but OH NO, she had gained about 40 or 50 lbs. and was no where near the girl I shot BB guns with earlier in the summer. We both hugged each other and became very close friends but I never did ask her out even though she was still a pretty girl. I always liked her though and wished her well when we graduated three years later. We are still good friends today.

  259. I always loved the smell of the school. The freshly waxed floors & the cleanliness of the classrooms. I loved getting new school supplies, especially the crayons. & I was excited to use my new notebooks.

  260. Back to school clothes shopping was ALWAYS my favorite! This will age me, but we were each allowed $100 for our new wardrobe, and I usually was able to buy 5-7 complete outfits! Now back to school shopping with my three teens is my favorite, but the price is a LOT higher!

  261. My best memories are of my two grown children and every first day of school we did a picture and I made them
    Pumpkin Pancakes for breakfast. They loved them !!! I did that every year till the last one finished HS.

  262. My most memorable back school memory was when I was able to drive to school instead of taking the bus with the little kids. I felt so grown up.

  263. My first day of school, starting the first grade, I was up and dressed before Mamma and Daddy woke up! School didn’t start until 8:30 AM in the ’50s! At the end of school day, I mistakenly picked up the wrong books satchel, (they were identical), I was a wreck when I realized that I had the wrong one! What a day!

  264. My back to school memories were great. I enjoyed Math and Sciences, so learning new topics in both math and science were challenging and fun. I graduated from high school when there were teachers well qualified to teach, and discipline was still allowed in the schools. Then we knew we better be quiet and learn; it was back when failing was not out of the question. And you didn’t want to be sent to the Principle’s office. It was really lots of fun.

  265. I could never wait for school to start…new clothes, new lunch box and new treats from my MOM!!!!

  266. I loved getting new school supplies. All the cool little folders and pouches. Still like office supply stores today. ?

  267. The invention of the slow cooker is so great. My grandmother used to cook a pork pot roast in guardian service cookware and we had a big family dinner before returning to school . It was was kind a a big party to ease the transition from summer fun to school and homework.

  268. I started the first grade in the early 1950s. We lived out in the country. We had to get up pretty early to catch a school bus. The elementary school was about 5 miles away. After dropping elementary students at the (2) room school, the same bus continued on into the city with jr. & sr. highschool students.At our elementary school, one teacher had 1 st., 2 nd., & 3 rd. grades in one room, and our other teacher had 4 th., 5 th., & 6 th. grades in one room This was a small country school, everyone knew everyone else. Back then, if necessary, the teacher gave spankings which usually meant you got another spanking when you got home. Times have sure changed.’

  269. Since we had multiple classrooms of the same grade stressing over if your best friend would be with you or the other class!

  270. Back to school was so much fun, picking out new clothes and seeing friends that I missed all summer.

  271. I remember going to school several days before it started one fall and peeked in the windows of my new classroom for 6th grade. My name was on a desk next to my biggest crush and my second biggest crush was sitting right behind me. I was so excited!

  272. Back to school clothes shopping! The weather was always so warm on the first day of school, I couldn’t wear my new outfit anyway.

  273. Loved going back to school shopping! My sister and I loved picking out lisa frank folders and trapper keepers?

  274. Every year on the first day of school I take a photo of my children leaving the house. This year was my last…my “babies” graduated this year. For fun, they recreated the same pose for their senior year as they did on the first day of kindergarten, complete with backpacks and lunch boxes ?

  275. In Elementary school walking back to school with my Older Brother and Sister to start school off in the fall.

  276. I loved going back to school shopping with my mom! My favorite was picking out a new lunch box – I wish I still had my Brady Bunch and Partridge Family lunch boxes!

  277. Can’t wait for some cooler weather to slow cook some yummy soups and stews. Back to school is in the past for me–I just retired from teaching!

  278. Back to school memories,……. Shopping for supplies……and anticipating apple picking in the coming weeks….a family tradition!

  279. I always looked forward to pens and pencils… peechees and post it’s. And to this day I still can’t help looking and stocking up on those items when back to school shopping comes out at the stores.

  280. My back to school memories included excitement as a student and as a high school English teacher. I was excited about seeing school friends/meeting new teachers. Later, I was just as excited lunching with faculty friends and meeting new students! Lunch was always time to share favorite snacks, recipes and to relax while eating and sharing time together from an otherwise busy day!???

  281. I remember taking first pears from my aunt’s garden as a snack to school. First chill days, school uniform and yellow leaves…

  282. Seeing friends again, warn days, new students and teachers. The smell of dinner cooking when I got home from school. Doing homework ?

  283. I loved going back to school — I loved to learn and we got to see friends again. We had uniforms so new clothes didn’t happen!

  284. I still get excited about the beginning of the school year and enjoy shopping for clothes and supplies for my grands. I’ve already been thinking of some good suppers that I could make for the family. A slower cooker sure would help.

  285. My most treasured memory of going back to school was my mama making me five new dresses to wear. It was 5 of us and she made most of our clothes. They were always so nice because she made them with love and care.

  286. Luckily we’ve been in the same house since my 3 kids started and finished school. Every year on the first (or 2nd day if it was raining) I took their picture next to the sectioned windows on the side of the front door. When they graduated we put each year with their grade on a poster to display how they grew. They loved getting their picture taken on the first day and always had to be sure there was film in the camera (no digital cameras when they were in school :-)). Now my daughter has started this tradition with my grandboys!

  287. Back to school was actually extremely fun. I loved seeing all my friends again and meeting all the new students. However, I will say that my favorite part was going back to school shopping.

  288. I “loved” going back to school. I grew up in a little country town, and I loved school and getting to see all my friends. (Can you tell that we didn’t have much to do in our little town?) Couldn’t wait to see all my friends again. Still love seeing them today…..56 years later.

    1. I never looked forward to giving up summer freedom to go back to school. But, my attitude always changed the first day back! I loved to see everyone and each day was a new adventure.

  289. I miss back to school shopping with my kids. It was so much fun getting them ready for a new school year!

  290. Steamy weather! It seemed that the hottest days of the year were the first days back in school…and back in school cloths!
    Walking to school that first morning as we picked up little knots of our friend at each street corner and arriving at school as a noisy crush of kids.

  291. The entire time my brother, sister, and I went to school, we went to my grandparent’s house, who lived nearby, and took a photograph with our grandmother the morning of the first day of school.

  292. I remember shopping for school supplies and always having a new box of crayons to start the school year.

  293. I always loved shopping for new school supplies and then getting them all organized and ready for the first day of school.

  294. It was getting a new pair of shoes, a new dress and meeting new classmates. Coming home after school and smelling dinner cooking.

  295. Always nervous about new classmates and new teachers. My mom hated to go new shoe shopping with me because I was really fussy about what I wanted.

  296. I Loved new school clothes shopping, i can still remember the dress i wore with the cutest mary janes

  297. When I first started to school in first grade, (back in those days, we didn’t have kindergarten ) my dad bought me a red plaid book bag and a red rug for nap time. I was so proud of those two items. I’m sure it was an expense he couldn’t afford. I cherished those two things. By the way, I’m 65 years old now and it’s a wonderful memory.

  298. My back to school.memory is shopping for that perfect shoes to go with my Catholic school uniform and a nice knap sack.

  299. I fondly remember getting a Tonette home permanent the day before school started. I thought it was wonderful! But the reality was it was left on too long and could barely be brushed!!!

  300. the best part of back to school for me was getting new clothes, seeing old friends and meeting potential new friends!

  301. My favorite back-to-school memory is organizing my awesome school supplies over and over before the start of the school year.

  302. I remember walking the block to school holding on for dear life to my mom’s hand so I’d be firmly attached when her first graders all came running down the sidewalk to hug and hang on her. I maintained! and eventually outgrew it. Thank goodness.

  303. I was a geek and loved love school..I was always happy for it to I could go to the beach everyday..but, after a month or so,mi was ready to go back.
    Many fond memories of teachers,friends,plays, science and later..running school newspaper and clubs..first date, first kiss..first dance.
    Loved our schools pizza squares..peanut butt bars..and no bake chocolate things..haha

  304. My favorite back to school memory is about my son. When he was in Kindergarten he had the best bus driver. We have half days here & his half day was in the morning. He was the only kid in our neighborhood to have it in the morning & he was the first stop on her route.My son’s birthday is during back to school time so when she came to pick him up that day she sang him Happy Birthday over her mic when she approached our stop. His face lit up! It was so sweet of her & he has never forgotten that.

  305. My favorite back to school memories of my kids were shopping for clothes and taking a picture of each of my three kids on the first day of school- wearing their new outfit complete with backpacks. On the last day of school each year, we would all go to lunch or get ice cream. I miss those days!!!

  306. My mom made all of our dresses in two colors; pink & blue. They were exactly alike except for the color. My twin sister got blue and I got pink. They were beautiful dresses with special details and we loved everything she made. That being said, to this day, I never wear pink.

  307. I loved walking to school through the bayou patch with my older sister and cousin….I thought I was a big girl!

  308. I grew up in a small town and always looked forward to the first day of school since all of my friends would probably be in my classroom. During the summer, we played mostly with our neighborhood friends, so I hadn’t seen school friends very often over summer vacation. And I loved back to school shopping for some new clothes. My mom would make a day of it with me and my sister, and a highlight of the day was lunch at The Oriental Restaurant for my favorite…chicken chow mein, which is still a favorite comfort food for me. Robyn, do you have a recipe for chicken chow mein???

  309. This was always when you got new shoes and a new outfit – the whole new crayons that would soon have the tips smashed – but the fun of recess and the hugs teachers were allowed to give to let you know how important you being there was. And if you were lucky enough to have milk duty and get to pass out the chocolate or white milk!

  310. I used to love the back to school shopping time with my mom! We always made a day or two out of it!!

  311. I looked forward to my 7th. grade back to school year. It meant I got to ride the school bus and I was able to participate in sports.

  312. Oh my. I shouldn’t say this, but I remember a lot of ditching classes. I really disliked school so much. horrible I know.

  313. Every year I swore that I was going to keep all my school supplies neat, tidy, and organized! Still working on that!

  314. Shopping for school uniforms and school shoes was somehow fun. There was always this anticipation with school starting each fall. The first couple days of waiting for the school bus was fun because everyone at the bus stop looked so different in their uniforms after seeing them all summer in just play clothes.

  315. My favorite school memory was bringing my books home and covering them with brown paper bags that we got from the grocery store…we all drew on our book covers to personalize them!

  316. Setting up my locker in middle school and upper school! It was so fun to compare schedules with my friends, put pictures up, and just gear up for the school year.

  317. I will never forget this story. When my youngest son started kindergarten, one of our neighbors babysat for him, she took him to the bus stop everyday. One day they missed the bus, so grandma Ebert said I will drive you to school today. My son looked at her and said these exact words to her! He said “Grandma, I cant go to school unless I ride the school bus!!! Grandma said lets go call your mom. So they did. I was laughing so hard at the story that I was crying! I told Grandma that he could stay home, since he was so adamant that he had to ride the bus to be able to go to school!!! He is 17 now, it was so much more fun then than it is now….

  318. I grew up on a farm so we always had chores to do. I was always happy for school to start so I had more playtime!,,,,,
    I also was happy for school because that’s when we got new clothes. We always had good homemade lunchs that we carried with us. I wasn’t always fond of walking the mile and a half walk but we always made it on time!!

  319. So sweet! I used to love the first day of school –> new notebooks, a fresh schedule, new clothes. I was always excited to go back and start a new year. I must say as an adult I feel that the summer zips by far too quickly!

  320. Shopping for school clothes and shoes with my mom was,so much fun. I loved school and couldn’t wait til summer vacation ended. I think I was strange!!!!! I am 71 years old and I am still a voracious reader.

  321. I always took my girls on an out of town shopping trip for new school clothes (we live in a very rural area). We would spend the day shopping and go out for lunch, so much fun!

  322. I loved seeing my friends that I didn’t see during the summer. Making book covers and decorating them. Thanks for the giveaway!

  323. Not my own back to school, but my grandson’s. When he started kindergarten he was so excited with all his supplies and new backpack. He did great the first day. But the second day he was a mess. He just did not understand that this is something he would do everyday. We kept telling him but you have to go to school and he kept saying but I already went to school. He thought it was one and done.

  324. Shopping with my mom and sister. It was just us and we didn’t have a lot of money, but it was always so fun to try things on (sometimes just for fun!) and pick out fun supplies. I loved it πŸ™‚

  325. My main ementary school memories involve buying the cardboard school box and all the little things that had to fit inside (paste, glue, pencils, erasers, etc.) before showing up on that first day. Getting all those items was exciting and terrifying all at the same time!

  326. Every year I would walk my daughters down to the bus stop and take pictures with all their neighborhood friends holding up banners with their grade written on it. I cherish these pictures now that my daughters are in college.

  327. My favorite memory is the homemade yeast rolls our lunchroom ladies made almost daily. And sometimes they would turn this same dough into cinnamon rolls.

  328. Being excited about meeting my new teacher and meeting my new friends in class. Those are some great memories.

  329. My back to school memories are of the excitement of seeing my friends after not seeing them all summer, and going clothes shopping for new clothes to wear.

  330. My favorite back to school memory is actually when I was grown and working in the school system as a secretary. Every year I would go out into the hallway and there was always a student who would gravitate to me and ask me to help him/her
    find their classroom. We were super busy, but it made me feel very special to help a child in that personal kind of way. It happened every year!

  331. I always loved school clothes shopping. There were 3 girls in our family, and we had to pinch pennies, so we usually were able to have ,3 new outfits each and a new pair of shoes.a. Loved getting my school supplies, too.

  332. My favorite back to school memory is my brother and I walked down a long dirt road to get home from school. About half way we could smell the aroma of fresh baked bread. We would take off running to get to Mrs. Wests house and knock on the door with watering mouths and great excitement. That kindly older woman would open the door with a huge smile on her face and say, “come on in kids it’s ready.” We would see 2 plates on the table with fresh slices of warm buttered home baked bread. I smile to this day every time I smell fresh bread baking.

  333. I always remember dreading the first day of school pictures my mom took, haha, I loved them at first until I was older!

  334. Seeing old friends again year after year!! Skipping school and not getting caught.Day dreaming about the next summer break!!

  335. New clothes! I remember every year I would get a new outfit to start school. Just one but I loved it! It made me feel very special.

  336. I loved the first day of school because it always felt new! New clothes, new supplies, new faces, new locker, new Everything! The halls and classrooms were buzzing – the excitement was almost tangible. ….. How quickly that wore after day 1. πŸ™‚

  337. I loved going back to school because of all the new clothes and pretty things we got to start school with. And of course to see the friends we had not seen all summer long. Oh how I wish we could have some of those days back.

  338. First day of school meant meeting new students (kdgn)
    Parents crying more,than children….the look of anticipation on the faces of 5 yr olds?….priceless!!!

  339. The excitement of getting back together with friends I didn’t get to see over the summer break and amazed at how much they changed since I had seen them last.

  340. Gosh so many things run thru my head! Not only my memories but getting my son ready for school each year! Always excited to see friends we hadn’t seen all
    Summer but new clothes, new backpackes, school supplies but I always took the 1st day photo of my son by the same tree k-11th and I treasure them we moved his Sr year so it was really hard because we planted that tree when he was born… love school
    Memories! XOXO

  341. I thought I was SO grown, walking to school with my friend when we were 6 and going to the first grade! I was a grown woman when my sweet mother told me that she followed us l five blocks! She walked far enough behind us that we wouldn’t notice, not that we would have looked anyway, we were too busy being grown!

  342. I remember the excitement of seeing my friends that I hadn’t seen all summer, and the anticipation of starting a brand new grade with a new teacher. And, the shopping excursions with Mom to buy new school clothes. That was a long time ago, Mom is now 90 yeas old, but the memories are still fresh.

  343. I always remembered that Summer was over & Fall meant back to school. Loved the crisp Fall weather & all the exciting activities like football games , doing fun things with friends . Then all the wonderful Fall food , candy apples , pumpkin & sweet potatoes etc .

  344. My fondest memories were seeing and meeting my NEW teachers and seeing which friends shared the same classes as me. Also wearing the new clothes I got to sport the first day trying to set a new trend in fashion! Oh how I miss those days!!!

  345. I remember not getting any sleep the night before due to the excitement and anticipation of seeing friends and teachers.

  346. My mom would braid up my sisters and my hair. The night before she did it so tight but I didn’t mine but my sisters on the other hand would cry and I would laugh at them. missed them days and my momma RiP!!

  347. The first day of school for me was always filled with excitement to see old friends and re-engage in school activities.

  348. I loved my first day in school coz it meant everything new; new uniform, new books and and stationary and a step forward in studies!

  349. I am still going back to school every year. As a child I loved the new clothes and choosing which one to wear first. Now I just like getting back to a schedule after a summer of craziness.

  350. I remember how excited I was getting my then favourite of all things ever a new 64 rectangular box of Sargent Crayons at the start of grade 5. The gold and silver crayons were my favouites! What great memories!

  351. Back to School memories… clean backpacks and new supplies, only to get ruined in less than a month haha. But I always loved the jittery excited feeling for the new year!

  352. I went to college in Sweden and had a studio apartment that was no bigger than a postcard. A slow cooker would have been amazing! Now my daughter is moving into her first house and she could sure use this!

  353. I remember getting new school supplies and making sure everything was just right for the first day of school. I was so excited to put on my new dress and shoes and walk to school with my sister. πŸ™‚

  354. It was always so exciting going back to school with new school supplies and a few new clothes, getting to see our friends again. I loved learning new things and often I was at a new school as I grew up in the Air Force and moved every few years. My best memories were coming back to our home in Missouri when we couldn’t go where my dad went . I never forgot my old friends. I still love the smell of Crayons!

  355. My most memories moment of my childhood back to school was new clothes, hair bows and hair beads. My mother were a a single parent of six, and I always got clothes passed down from my older sister. We didnt have much but we all were happy. How times have changed, things are so different from when we grew up. I also remember how excited I was to see my friend and meet my new teachers. I loved school when I were a child.

  356. New Supplies! I remember the thrill of shopping with mom for new shoes, clothes and my favorite, new supplies. It was all she could do to keep me from opening everything and using the crayons and paper before the first day of school. I didn’t understand “community” supplies, such as paper towels and wipes. So, mom made up for it with stickers and extras for me.

  357. I loved getting all new school clothes & supplies. We didn’t have much growing up so those few new shirts, pair of jeans, and 1 pair of shoes were really important to me as a little girl, we lived in an area with a lot of rich kids so I always felt “less than”. I think I was wearing things I grew out of just to have a decent wardrobe LOL!

  358. I remember always getting excited for the first day of school to show off all my new clothes that I was able to get and to see all my friends I had not seen all summer!

  359. I remember buying the PeeChee folders, one for each class, decorative book covers, and my favorite Bic pens.

  360. My favorite back to school memory is shopping for new clothes every August in Maine with my grandmother! Miss those days!

  361. This isn’t exactly my favorite memory but it is the first time one of my kids is going to school! We just bought her lunch box and I feel like this is going to be harder for me than it is for her!!

  362. New clothes and new school supplies and seeing all your friends was always the best part of back to school for me! Many years later I still get excited to buy supplies and a new clothes for the littles in my house!

  363. I loved the smell of all my new school supplies – I love having a plan so that smell still makes me feel like I can conquer the world!

  364. I remember shopping with my mom. She dropped us off the first day and we had to line up outside according to our new classes.

  365. hahaha that is so long ago I don’t remember…but I know when our kids were young back to school was always bittersweet, after having them home all summer, no homework due, sleeping late, days at the beach… and then back to the morning rush, making lunches, etc, but i would not change it for a second…they are good adults today! Thank you Robyn for a chance to win…good luck everyone!

  366. My favorite times for back to school was in high school. Loved getting new clothes, shoes, book bag, etc! Was always excited about hanging out with old friends and meeting new ones.

  367. I loved the fresh start each back to school season brought—new teachers, new friends, new clothes and of course new things to learn! Plus, as a Florida girl it meant the promising possibility I might actually get to wear a sweater as the weather “cooled” off!

  368. I hated school!! But, I did love shopping for new clothes. I remember mostly gym classes because I hated it so much I failed the first two years of high school. So, I had to make up for everyday the last two years and I would thank Mark Spitz, the American former competitive swimmer, nine-time Olympic champion for inspiring me.

  369. We started school after Labor Day. I remember buying school supplies but all our books were loaned to us for the school year. Times have sure changed. I’m glad I was born “back in the day!”

  370. The best thing I remember is school didn’t start until after Labor Day & there was always a touch of fall in the air. It was always so much fun shopping for school supplies & seeing who all was in your class.

  371. Back to school memories? School was so long ago that I have no memories of returning to it (high school grad 1962). Also I never had children, so I don’t have any memories of their return to school. But I’m still interested in the slow cooker. πŸ™‚

  372. It’s been a very long time since I went to school but I do remember getting to buy new clothes the most. My Mother liked to buy us dresses so I do remember trying to get her to get jeans out of her but never succeeding in doing that, it was dresses for us all the way.

  373. The feeling of EVERYTHING being new, new clothes, new classroom, new teacher,new pencils, the smell of my desk (they had inkwells and wooden tops that were usually scrubbed quite well w/ some disinfectant), even the smell and feel of the gritty, powdered pink soap that was in a tin on the wall with a peg at the bottom you had to rattle for a bit of soap to fall out.. I also remember wanting to wear my new clothes right away, but it was usually too warm for those! If I scuffed my new shoes early on, I usually tried to wipe them up a bit on the way home in the bus!

  374. My aunt raised me & my sister and even though we didn’t have what the other girls had, sometimes she would meet us after school and we would walk to the 5&10 for a treat.

  375. I have more memories of my kids’ first day of school. This year will be even bigger, my oldest will be a Freshman and my youngest is starting middle school!

  376. I love shopping for back to school for my son and daughter. Love getting them excited for back to school.

  377. I remember the butterflies in my stomach on the first day of every school year and hoping I would get on the right bus to take me home in the afternoons! Thanks for the giveaway!

  378. Best back to school memory is the anticipation of the new school year- back in the dsy we had no idea if there were new incoming students, who moved, etc. What was going to be different or stay the same, and nervousness if “that teacher” was really as bad/scary/mean as the older kids said!

  379. I used to love wearing new clothes for a whole week. Then the second week mix and match to make it seem like you got a lot more new clothes. And i had three sisters and we were all the same size so there was a lot of mixing and matching. πŸ™‚

  380. The excitement of the first day was always overwhelming. I loved school and couldn’t wait to go back. I got to see most of my friends during the summer but being at school with them was so much more fun!

  381. 7th Grade first day stands out, my home room teacher was CUTE, and I was deeply crushed to hear he was married.

  382. I looked forward to shopping for school supplies ,and clothes with my mom. I loved the smell of new pencils.Every-

    thing was a new adventure,a new teacher,and new friends to make.I was looking forward to the weather turning colder,

    and the frosty sparkles of the snow on the ground.,and our class getting to stay in at recess to play games.

  383. It’s funny that this is your subject because I saw a commercial on TV the other day talking about school supplies and it got me to remembering how when my mother passed out our supplies, we would all sit on the floor around her waiting for our name to be called. I loved school and I loved all the new stuff that went with it. Happy memories. Thank you for letting me share.

  384. I loved going shopping for my notebooks, folders, colored markers and just the right pens. I still love my stationary and notebooks! Currently i have 5 notebooks of different sizes and colors for different purposes. I still enjoy hitting up the back-to-school sales and snagging a colorful folder!

  385. With living out in the country and going to a jointure school of 4 schoolsm it was fun going back to school to see friends you didn’t see during summer months. Plus, coming from a family of 8, some new school clothes was always fun.

  386. i remembered our girls group used to rule the school – we waited outside for each other then entered school together – we use to share lunch and notes – books except our boyfriends
    i loved schooldays

  387. I went to a K-12 neighborhood school. All grades were housed in one building. I loved going to the next classroom “up” in elementary and having a new homeroom in high school.

  388. I remember getting dressed in my best outfit and going to the school to look at the window and see what teacher I was going to have. It was the social event of the summer!

  389. I remember not being able to sleep the night before the first day. I was excited to see my friends and see who my teacher would be. The excitement wore off by day 3 though and I was ready for another break.

  390. The best back to school memories for me was getting new school clothes and shoes. I loved picking out new backpacks too. Thank you for a great giveaway!!

  391. I used to love getting our class assignments in the mail in August, and then calling all my friends to find out if we were in classes or had lunch together. Waiting for the mail man to come was always so nervewracking!

  392. Loved the new array of school supplies and all my textbooks covered in paper (recycled before recycling was a thing) from brown paper grocery store bags!

  393. Sadly I dreaded going back to school but I was lucky to have a great cafeteria. I alwasy looked forward to the school lunches , maybe Im crazy but no one makes food like the lunch lady at my school!!

  394. I loved getting and organizing all my new pencils/pens, erasers, notebooks, etc. As a matter-of-fact, I still love getting & organizing all those supplies. Thanks for the opportunity of this great giveaway!

  395. I was always so excited about all the new possibilities the new school year had. Seeing my friends and the new classes, learning new subjects. Everything and anything was possible as the new year began!

  396. I was always excited by my new textbooks and covering them with book covers. Getting everything ready for the first day all my folders, pens , pencils. My outfit laid out it was always such a Special day. Full of new beginnings and expectations.

  397. Starting a new school year was such an exciting time. I remember feeling the butterflies on my first day not knowing who would be in my class, what my teacher would be like and new bus routes. At the same time I was so excited to reconnect with old friends. I loved going back to school shopping and couldn’t wait to wear a brand new trendy outfit and show off my new backpack. Such simple moments. Looking back I can still feel those nervous and excited butterflies that the first day of a new school year brought!

  398. long. long ago in 1942 I was in high school. this incident happened in ancient history class. Someone in class erased something on the black board that the young teacher had written. Since no one wpuld admitted to doing this, she punished the entire class. The punishment was that we would miss our bus to take us home.I remember walking five miles along the railroad tracks tp reach home. I had happier memories of high school. I wonder if any of my classmates or the teacher remembers this incident? I am now 91 years old. I have since forgiven the guilty one and the teacher.

  399. When I was going to school in the 50’s, we didn’t get many new clothes. But we did get a new dress for the first day of school. It was so special!!

  400. It was always exciting shopping for a new outfit
    and school supplies. The best of all was sharing
    summer vacation stories with my friends.
    Always loved cheering at the 1st home football
    game. Great memories for sure.

  401. I remember wanting to wear my new school coat on the first day back after Summer. Unfortunately my mom said no because the coat was wool and it was about 90 degrees that day.

  402. I have a weird love for back-to-school shopping. Notebooks and pencils shouldn’t be so exciting, but for some reason it was so much fun to pick out new ones every year.

  403. Since I work in a school, I still get to start a new school year every year! I love my job as an Instrucitonal Coach! I get to work with students and teachers everyday. I look forward to going and buying new school supplies every year! I love/collect pens!

  404. Excitement!-returning to friends,schedules and,learning.Returning to a sense of purpose,expectations and accomplishments. A great time of year!

  405. When I was in primary school my mother always brought my brother and myself to a Buster Brown store that had a carousel in it. It was the best part of bts each year.