Boy, do I have a bunch of goodies for you! It is something I’ve raved about time and time again, but knew it was something I wanted to share with you all again. It’s my Anker® external charger! But, it’s not just the one charger I’ve been talking about. I’ve got a whole bundle that will keep you charged and ready!

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1. Anker External Charger | 2. Anker Solar Charger Panel
3. Rapid Charger

It seems like everyone in my family loves to use this thing. From me when I’m out and about running errands or traveling, my husband and son when they are on Scout camping weekends, and especially me lately while Mama was in the hospital and my phone battery was getting a workout with texts and phone calls! This baby is absolutely indispensable and I keep it in my bag at all times!

Recently, my husband used my Anker (#1 above)  on a three-day camping trip and was not only able to keep his phone and iPad charged, he also kept my son’s phone and two other people’s phones charged. When he returned it to me, I just popped it back into my bag without recharging the Anker and then, used it four more times to charge my phone while at the hospital. Talk about a jewel!

Now, I’ve ordered the Solar Charger Panel (#2 above) for him and my son to have in their backpacks. That way, I know they’ll stay charged and I can reach them. I guess that means my gift for them is more for me than it is for them. Ha! Oh well, my peace of mind is good for something I guess.

So, since I love you guys more than you will ever imagine and I want you to stay charged like I do, I’m giving away a bundle as photographed above to one lucky member of the Add a Pinch family.

Here’s all you have to do to enter, just leave a comment telling me about how you use your mobile device the most. Is it hour long conversations with your best pal, constant text messages, or playing Candy Crush? LOL!

Giveaway ends Saturday, April 5th at 11:59 PM eastern time.

CONGRATULATIONS to Tessie, #150! I know you will enjoy your new chargers!

Only one entry per person, please. Replies to others comments will not count as an entry. Only entries on this post will be counted.

Love ya!
Robyn xo

Disclosure: This giveaway is sponsored by Add a Pinch. Anker® has no clue who I am, although I’ve bought plenty of their devices as gifts over the last year!


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  1. When I “crossed over” to a smart phone I didn’t think I would use it that much and boy was I wrong! Yes, I’m addicted to candy crush but I always seem to be talking , texting, face timing or sending pics and videos back and forth with my sons and family members who all live out of state. My phone is always low on a charge which drives me batty!! These charging devices would be awesome 🙂

  2. I would so benefit from the Anker external charger. If anything, it would be a peace of mind knowing that wherever you go, your iPad and phone would always be charged!! Would so love to win it.

  3. The most precious thing to me is to facetime my 8 year old granddaughter. I live in CA and she’s in WA. I also love to play games and read from my ipad.

  4. I use my phone to check in with my 2 boys, talk to my mom and sisters and texting friends/family. It is my calendar, my reminder for activities, and I also use for grocery lists. My husband and I occasionally text or talk on it, but we do that more on the ancient landline!

  5. Love my phone to keep in touch with my husband. I am disabled and when he gos out to shop, we keep in touch, in case I left something off the list ect… Also for recipes

  6. Texting, listening to music, checking my mail, talking through messenger and facebook and taking & sharing pictures through Snapchat and the regular camera as well.

  7. I use my phone mostly for talking to my sister who lives in another state. We always seem to have something to chat about. Would love to stay charged.

  8. I live in AZ, my sister in CA. She is no longer able to hold a phone to her ear so we “Face Time” every other day or so. This charging system would be so awesome. My sister is very ill, very ill so our contact is so important to us. Thanks for the great give-away!

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