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We’ve begun learning about our presidents for the past few weeks. I’m not quiet sure why I was dreading teaching about them, but I honestly had been. It was probably because I remember in great detail how I hated studying them when I was in elementary school.

In September, I’d bought these flashcards for $1.00 at Target on their ‘back-to-school’ shelf. I knew we’d be studying more about each of our presidents and thought for $1.00, these would make a great tool to use in ou

r homeschool lessons.

I drug the cards out of the box a few weeks ago and decided we were going to learn each of our presidents as we were studying about that time in our nation’s history.

Each card has a beautiful, historical image on the front.

And a ton of great information on the back.

Just look at these guys.

Little Buddy is especially interested in their choice of occupation and colleges.

We’ll continue on learning about our presidents, probably one or two each week, using our our cards as a great starting point. I’ve found great questions and discussions are usually stirred as we begin learning about each of these men which leads us to wonderful biographies and additional reading.

Now, that’s a lot different from when I learned about my presidents.

Here are other resources we’ve used to study our presidents:

They are very interesting men indeed.

Do you have favorite resources you use to study the men who have occupied our highest office?

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  1. I got some flash cards form the dollar bins too! I got the states ones and the landmark ones. My 5 year old is having a blast looking a them and learning about them. Nothing in depth, like youre doing- but a head start for him πŸ™‚