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Last summer, we took about two or three weeks off as our summer break as we finished second grade and went into third. That gave me time to finalize all of the reports for our permanent records, clear away items that we wouldn’t be using for our third grade year and getting all of our third grade materials prepared for the first day of school.

This year, things are going to be just a wee bit different.

We’re taking a longer break.

We both need it.

We need lazy mornings of sleeping late, days spent just hanging out, and playing with cousins by the pool.

But today I started thinking I should open the door to the school room and start getting it ready for fourth grade. The closets need clearing out and curriculum needs to be planned and organized.

Instead, thanks to Talysa’s post she shared in our Mingle Monday a few week’s ago, I decided I should start a list of all the things we want to do this summer.

  1. Make a volcano that erupts
  2. Spend as much time as possible reading good books together
  3. Run through the sprinklers
  4. Make homemade bubbles
  5. Watch movies on the porch
  6. Spend time in the garden
  7. Go exploring in the woods
  8. Make slime
  9. Play with Mindstorms
  10. Make our own movies
  11. Eat as many watermelon as possible
  12. Build a fort in the playing room
  13. Enjoy every single moment


What are you doing this summer?

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  1. At 3 and 5, my boys are big enough to *really* enjoy summer now. Not that we didnt like it before- but this year we can really take in the BREAK FROM SCHOOL and revel in all that is summer vacation!

    A trip to Minnesota to see fabulous family
    the water park!
    the discovery museum
    the zoo
    water gun fights
    picnics in the park
    home-made popsicles

  2. We made up a summer list of 10 frugal items for summer fun (recent blog post). My children are 19 and 24, however, I recently became guardian of a 3 yo boy (my nephew)…so we are trying to fill in some weekend and evening fun time for him. Swimming is a big one for us, as we already have a pool and we recently put together a miniature ‘fairy’ garden which Bear enjoyed and still mentions as we pass by it walking in the house daily.
    And my son, along with his gf recently treated him to a big city zoo visit! We are well on our way to enjoying our summer ‘bucket list’, which is a lot like yours. πŸ™‚

  3. This is agreat thing to do,we agreed as a family that since hubby has to work so much overtime that we would make a year list of things to do when we get the thing though we have did a lot of is the zoo with our dear friends.

  4. I love the idea of making your own movies! I used to do that in middle school – I’d make little short films featuring my dogs in GI Joe tanks :p It was entertaining at least! I think you have a great summer to do list already!
    Star Hughes Living