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If you didn’t already know, my family loves to camp and RV. For over 15 years now, my husband and I have taken just about every possible opportunity we could take to hit the road in our RV. It is truly one of our favorite activities as a family.


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And since over the years we’ve traveled to over to 45 47 states across the US, we’ve learned a few things when it comes to planning our trips, including our routes, where to stay, and the like.

Over the years as technology has changed, some of that planning has become easier and easier. With the advent of iPhones, iPads and apps, we’ve jumped lightyears in the amount of information at our fingertips. Sometimes, it seems almost like magic!

I thought I’d share with you all a few of our favorite iPhone and iPad apps that we use when we are camping or RVing. To me, they’ve become essentials.

The Best Traveling Apps for RVing


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Google Maps


Google Maps is probably a no brainer app that many of you already have installed on your iPhones and iPads. I love to plan our trip using Google Maps so we can plan the route, destinations, and stop overs easily. I will say that I have yet to find a way for the Google Maps app to utilize the maps that I create online and vice versa. When that happens, watch out! My trip planning work will officially be shortened!

Digital Compass


You’ll probably also notice the compass app. It is a free app that I installed for when we are out walking or what not and I need to look like I know which direction I’m headed. My Boy Scouts just know. I have to look. There is already a compass feature available on the iPhone, but I have grown accustomed to this one and prefer it.

Oh Ranger! Park Finder



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If you like to camp in state and national parks, then you definitely need to install this app. Once you enter in the city and state, or zip, of the area in which you are searching, you’ll be provided with information on federal, state, and local parks, along with activities available at these parks, maps, and the distance from you to this park. Even if you are not one to enjoy camping or rving, but do enjoy visiting parks, you’ll love this app.


All Stays Camp and RV



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I depend on the All Stays Camp and RV app when we are planning RV trips. In just a few clicks, I am provided with great information on areas to camp and RV. Once I select a campground, I then check it out on additional apps to make sure it is somewhere we want to stay.


Woodall’s RV and Camping Co-pilot



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Woodall’s is the RVing Bible when it comes to knowing about a location before you get there. With their highest standards of quality testing, you can easily find out if the campground you are considering is ranked well based on their five-star rating guide.

If you don’t have any other app for selecting a campground, you need this one.


All Stays Truck & Travel



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When you are traveling in a large RV, towing a vehicle and traveling with other RVers, there is information that you just need to know and certain precautions you need to take. For instance, you always need to know if a particular highway or road has low clearance so that you don’t have any problems passing through on that path.

Also, it is usually easier to get your fuel at a truck stop or travel center, we have found. These areas are built for easy in and out for big trucks and easily accommodate the length and height of RVs. Additionally, the pumps are spaced accordingly and we normally have an easier time in and out. Therefore, we monitor upcoming truck stops and travel centers when time for fueling.

This app provides you with all of those details + more to make your travel experience as informed as possible.




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Once you allow the app to utilize your location, you are provided with a list by category so you can select what you are interested in within the area. From attractions to fuel stop, hotels to fine restaurants, you can select what interests you and be provided with information for it. I like to use this app when traveling regardless if we are in our RV or not.


RoadNinja – Free


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Once you allow the app to utilize your location, you’ll be provided with a listing of available grocery stores, gas stations. restaurants, attractions, and hotels within the area you are located. What I also love is that it provides current gas prices for each of the gas stations listed. Pretty cool for when I’m not even RVing.

Additional RV apps that I use are:

Good Sam Roadside Assistance

Good Sam RV Travel Guide

Reserve America Camping

Waze Navigation (Added 2017)

Yelp (Added 2017)

Open Table (Added 2017)


That’s it. Those are my favorites. For now.

I’m always checking out the latest apps when we start planning a trip. Some get added to my traveling – RV folder on my iPhone or iPad and others are quickly deleted.

I’d love to know if you’ve discovered a great app for RVing that I should check into. I’m sure others reading would also love your opinions on your favorite apps as well.

Happy travels,
Robyn xo

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  1. Hey Robyn, Great post. We just finished up a long trip from Atlanta to Denver to Moab to North Rim to Santa Fe to Little Rock and finally, back to Atlanta. We used a number of those apps. We also had the forethought to actually get some paper maps from AAA. There were definitely periods with no cell phone service.

    We definitely needed the RoadTrippers App but didn’t realize it. We over paid for gas more than once along the way. Thanks!

    1. Yes! A good ol’ paper map is still one the best things to have in your RV, isn’t it? It is crazy how cell coverage just drops for stretches of an area.

      Your trip sounds amazing. We fell in love with Moab. Such a gorgeous area. Glad y’all had a great trip!

    2. Another great app is GasBuddy. We just returned from Lake Pleasant, AZ which was a 4,200 mile trip. We saved bucks by going to gas stations that were 20 and 30 cents lower than the gas stations right off the freeway. We also have an auxiliary fuel tank so we can hold 75 gallons of fuel. Very helpful.

      Chris-Park Rapids,MN

  2. Thanks for posting these travel apps, I’m sure they’ll come in handy on our next road trip and as for RV camping, love it!

  3. You ought to check out the new app from The Ultimate US Public Campground Project:

    As the name implies, this app is concerned only with publicly-owned campgrounds and it covers a broad range of camping interests, from full-service state parks and COE locations to remote back-country sites. There are 15 types of campgrounds included:

    USFS, COE, BLM, NPS, FWS, BOR, TVA, state, county, municipal, indian res, utility, military, private, misc

    The user can also filter camping preferences: tent, RV, cabins, walk-in, hike-in, boat-in and group.

    It uses data from The Ultimate US Public Campground Project website:

    On the web site users can view campgrounds on state maps and click on campground icons for details about each. The data can also be downloaded as a POI list, for a slight fee, for personal use in GPS systems.

    The data is updated monthly with new additions and corrections. The latest data set included 18,404 locations.

    Eddie Anderson

  4. Thanks for explaining that it would be smart to consider looking into finding a repair place near you. It is good to know that it would is smart to see about getting a good app for finding campgrounds. Personally, I would want to go to a camping place that is close to an RV repair place.