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They always say, “There’s no place like home” and I couldn’t agree more. While I love being anywhere that my family is, my absolute favorite place to be in the whole wide world is here on the farm. To me, it is the most magical place on earth. Disney World comes a close second.

The Bridge //

This summer, Bart and Sam have begun building a biking/ hiking trail throughout different areas of the farm. They started with one small section and then expanded it into another, and then another. Their plan being to build the trail so that it went around the majority of the property.


I’ve been so proud of Sam for taking an interest in building the trail, too. Every day, he’ll go out and work on it while Bart is at work and then together they’ll spend most of the day on Saturdays making it even better.

Last weekend, I walked into the kitchen as they had their two heads together over a piece of paper. Pencils in hand, I knew they were up to something. And guys, around my house, that’s when you start battening down the hatches.

Timidly I asked, “what are you two up to?” Sam’s head bobbed up his eyes bright with excitement and he said, “We’re building a bridge.” Immediately dropping his head back down to the plans and carrying on as if he’d just said, “It’s raining.”

Finally, I decided I’d better get a little bit more information and asked, “where is this bridge going?”

Without either of them looking up this time, they said in unison, “the point.”


The point is an area on the farm where two ravines converge into the woods, making it impassable for biking or hiking any farther. It is a beautiful area and one where when you reach it, you just turn around and come back the other way. No big deal, but I knew it was hampering their idea of expanding the trail to another area of the farm.


This weekend, they spent the morning Saturday building the bridge and then situating it over one of the ravines at the point connecting it to another area. I’d heard them describe exactly how the bridge would work, that it needed to only be wide enough for one person to use it at a time, but big enough that you could walk a bike across it. That’s when they started snickering and said,  “because Mama won’t ride across it.”

Do they know me or what? They know how much I can’t stand heights.

I then asked why not make it big enough that we could drive scooters or the mule across. I could feel their eyes rolling at me before I even finished my question. “Because there are no motorized vehicles on the trail. That’s the rule.”

I think I missed that family meeting somewhere along the way, but understand their point.


I hiked down to the point when they were situating the bridge so that I could snap a few photos of it. I knew how hard they’d worked on it and wanted to be there to cheer them on as they installed it.

The ladder was the temporary crossing point so one person could be on either side of the ravine as the bridge was being pushed into place. Let me just tell you, watching your husband walk across a ladder lying on the ground over a huge drop makes you hold your breath until he’s safely on the other side.

The Bridge //

The bridge was placed and berms were added to make a perfect slope from the trail to the bridge and then off again. The bridge is just the right width for walking your bike across – but not even half of an inch extra.

Boy, do I hate heights. I wouldn’t have minded if they’d have built it wide enough that while you are on it you can’t see underneath on either side and with handrails so I could white-knuckle it across.


The bridge has been used pretty much nonstop since they gave it the final green light. But you know, I’m still thinking walking my bike across it is the smartest idea. That or crawling.

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    1. Hi Charlotte,
      They are pretty resourceful and determined fellas! When they put their minds to something, I just step out of the way (or grab my camera – ha!) Yes, the farm is our home.

    1. Thanks, Olivia! I was proud that it wasn’t the least bit rickety when I finally ventured across it. If it had’ve been, I probably still would’ve been stuck on it! 🙂

  1. Hi Robyn,

    Love your website – and your FB posts! I’m Southern too! Not that I’ll be knocking at your door, but where are you?
    I grew up in Memphis, have other roots in Jackson, Ms, born in Knoxville. Having lived in California for the last 35 years, I am still a Southern girl!

    Maybe I missed it on your site – but if you have any gluten free recipes for my daughter, I will love to try some out!

    Thanks again – and keep up the mouth watering posts!!

    Debbie Tucker

    1. Hi Debbie,
      Thank you so much for your message! I live in Georgia, in the same county that I was born and raised in – as were both of my parents and all of my grandparents. I guess you could say we are stuck to this area like glue! Ha!

      I do have a good many gluten- and grain-free recipes on the site. Here is the link to the archive for gluten-free. I hope you enjoy them.


  2. Mary Says
    September 20 2015.
    I too , being a Southern Girl from MS., loved your post, We moved to CA. early in our marriage thinking at one point of moving back to MS, after retiring, and your story made me think of going back an d clearing off around the outer edge of our 10 acres that we were to build our home on for walking trail with pretty flowering shrub and flowers, but that didn’t pan out ,but still in the back of my mind I can see myself enjoying walks around this home in the middle of the 10 acres on this meandering trail with my dear hubby of 65 years or maybe a friend stopping on the way with a tall glass of Ice tea in the middle with beautiful flower and birds around and thinking of all the pass years,, Thanks