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We are studying early American life. We are thoroughly enjoying America the Story of Us and reading books about that period of our history. Discovering about the lives of those who came before us is not only humbling, it’s truly inspiring.

We’ve learned the importance of the tobacco plant to the livelihood of early settlers and have started discussing life in Georgia for families in and around plantations. We are continually inspired by their grit and determination to make a better life for themselves and their families.

We’ve broken the studies of a plantation down to architecture, key members of the plantation, crops, sales, and lifestyle. We still have further to go and could honestly spend years studying just this time period.

This week, my husband had a quick trip to south Georgia and brought us back a little present from his drive.

We’ve passed cotton crops many times before on trips, but holding a piece of one in his own hands while we are studying the importance of this crop in our history is major.

While I was ready to dissect the plant to also make it a study of the plant, Little Buddy is adamant we have to preserve it just the way it is.

It is an amazing plant.

And I’m so thankful my husband realized the importance of Little Buddy being able to touch and feel it.

It made such an impact, we’re now planning an extra study just on cotton, which will include one of my favorite topics – clothing!

I’ll be using the Cotton Counts Educational Site for educational resources.

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  1. What a good hubby he is! And what an amazing lesson for the little guy. You’re a good mama, Robyn. And a fabulous teacher!

  2. This is a very good thing for our kids to learn about and how neat that your husband jut visited there.I can’t wait to try your CHICKEN FRIED STEAK,oh man it looks good.