Today’s Rotary program was a very interesting one indeed. It was delivered by Dr. John Q. Baucom on The Million Dollar Handshake. Dr. Baucom intrigued us with tale after tale of why a proper, well-delivered handshake was of the utmost importance in business, socially, and in getting ahead. He stated that only 18% of adults felt very comfortable in their ability to initiate, what he calls, the perfect handshake. The reason he calls it the “million dollar handshake,” is that of his survey, this same 18% will earn a million dollars more than their peers in their lifetime.

As I was sitting listening to Dr. Baucom, I immediately thought of Little Buddy. While my goal for him is not focused on how much money he earns in his lifetime, my goal for him is to be a confident, self-assured gentleman. In hearing Dr. Baucom’s recount of “handshakes,” it really boils down to confidence. That is what I want to nurture in my son. Confidence.

After Rotary, I had various activities around town to which Little Buddy came with me. As we were walking into a friend’s office, I gently reminded Little Buddy to walk up and introduce himself. Hold out his right hand and have a firm grip when he shook a hand. Maintain eye contact for about five seconds and really want to get to know the person he met.

I was very impressed. Not only did Little Buddy handle it like a pro, the people that he met really spent some time talking to him rather than treating him like just another child in the room.

As we left my friend’s office, Little Buddy honestly had a bit more spring in his step. I told him I was so proud of how well he handled himself. His reply was, “Mama, I think I like being big like Daddy.” I think we must be doing something right.

Confidence builders are not a one day “test run.” This reminded me that to have confidence, we have to learn confidence. We have to build confidence. This is one of the unique opportunities we have with homeschooling. To learn and build confidence everyday in all that we do.

Do you have confidence building activities that you use in your parenting, family, or homeschool? Have you worked with your child on the power of a handshake? It’s honestly never to early to start. It stays with them for the rest of their life.

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