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The Garden //

Thank you so much for joining me for another This & That post!

We have been soaking in this absolutely gorgeous weather lately. I’m trying to adjust the time I go walking every day to find that new “sweet spot” where the temperature is *just* right. I’ve been trying morning and early evenings and loving both! 🙂 Maybe twice a day is the ticket!

But, I really need to be spending some of that time working in the garden! It seems like overnight the weeds are knee high and I’ve discovered ants trying to take over one of the beds.

Since we established this garden, I’ve been doing my absolutely best to only use organic materials, plants, etc there. If any of you have recommendations for a proven solution for crazy ant beds that fall into an organic solution, I sure would love to hear it! Pretty, pretty please!

The Barn //

A few weeks back, the kitchen island was installed at the Barn and I absolutely LOVE it. When we first designed the Barn remodel, I had thought that I didn’t want an island and that I wanted to keep the space free of any permanent furniture or fixtures. But, after we’ve used it for over a year now, I noticed that I constantly kept a cedar table that Bart built me in this same space and used it as an island.

It was really one of the most used pieces of furniture in the entire Barn.

So, I got in touch with Phillip who built all of our cabinets for the Barn and asked him if he could build this island for me. It took a while to work into his schedule, but I couldn’t have been more excited when he installed it.

Since the countertops in the kitchen are granite, we decided to use butcher block for the island top. So far, I’ve really enjoyed how it warms up the area and ties in with the cedar planking on the walls.

The Lake //

We also have (finally) decided to build a small cottage, cabin, hut, house, whatever you want to call it, at the lake.

We met with a few of our contractors a while back, but it should be a little bit longer before construction begins.

I’m definitely going to need all of your help making some of the decisions as we build! It has been some time (15 years or so!) since we’ve undertaken building a home and I’m a bit rusty! 🙂

Like, for example, where are the best places to find lighting?

What are the best paint brands and paint colors to use without being trendy?

What are some of your favorite resources for home design?

Anyway, I won’t bug you to death (hopefully) with all of these questions, but I sure would appreciate your help as we go.

The Pretty Dish //

Two of my friends, Jessica and Mary, recently released their latest cookbooks. I can’t wait to share recipes from them with you all! They are both just beautiful!


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What I’m Watching Now

Lately, we have been binge watching The Big Bang Theory. It doesn’t matter how many times I’ve seen an episode, I still laugh like I’ve not seen them before!


Are you ready for Mother’s Day? I’ve told my guys that the one gift that I really would love from them is the gift of time together. Nothing from a store. Nothing with a bow. Just them. I remember my mother telling me the same thing when I was a teenager, so I totally get the eye rolls. 🙂

I hope you a great weekend and enjoy the gift of time with those you love the most!

Robyn xo

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  1. Congrats Robin in reaching the decision to start another remodel/ construction, its the main dish for which if you have a gallon of clarity of the project down to the drawer handles and a 1 cup of patience with just a pinch of change orders, you should be able to finish on time and on budget!

  2. Hey..Hope all is well with you and family. A year ago we were there having so much fun.  One of the best weekends of my life.  I love the island in the barn.  Really looks great.  About the ants…I have no solutions.  They are from the devil I do believe and the two of them should have never made passage on the ark during the flood in my opinion. So excited for you on the new lake hose/cottage.  What lake is that?   Will be fun to follow along and see what all you pick out as far as paint, lighting and all.  I’m ready to have some painting in my house done and am held up by color choosing.  Will be excited to see what you choose. Jennifer just bought a house in March and had it completely all repainted. Her colors look great….but I hate to copy. There is a place in Macon, Ga we like for lighting.. Lowe Lighting.  They have a website with lots of options to pick from and a pretty good showroom.  Tell all the family hello from me.  Hope you ladies all have a blessed Mother’s Day.  Tell Bart I said to cook y’all his famous green egg beef tenderloin.  (And let me know when dinner is ready. ????) Yummy. 
    Susan Hatcher

    1. Wasn’t that a fun weekend?! I loved getting to spend it with all of your wonderful ladies. Thank you so much for the lighting recommendation! I’ll have to check out their site! I’ll pass along your message to Bart! 🙂 I hope you have a wonderful Mother’s Day as well. Tell Jennifer hello!

  3. I have read about using boiling water or club soda or cornstartch as a way to attack ants.. since I’m just killing them around the yard though I have not tried any of these “green” methods…but apparently those will do the trick ..maybe!
    Beautiful garden regardless!

  4. I’ve heard that you should sprinkle grits around. The ants eat it, it swells, the ants “explode” – no more ant problems. I haven’t tried it, but it may be worth a box of grits . . .

  5. The Island looks great! Good decision.
    About ants-very hard to remove them from from raised beds, and most information I’ve sourced tell me that they don’t interfere with the plants??? I’m not so sure about that, I think they have harmed tender bedding plants in mine. However they do not like flooding and i have had success getting them to move by consistently hosing down the area they have established. 
    Good luck!

    1. Thanks Luanne! I’ve really been enjoying the island!
      That’s interesting that the ants may not bother the plants…I am like you and think that they do too! Either way, they sure can be pesty, can’t they?!
      I’ll have to try flooding them out! Thanks for that tip! xo

  6. I usually get my lighting at they have some beautiful things and not too pricey!
    I love the barn – it’s beautiful!

    1. I love Wayfair, but have never used them for lighting and now wondering why not! I’m adding to my list! Thanks!

  7. A wine vineyard owner in West Georgia takes a shovel full of ‘ant mound’ and dumps it on another mound. Then he takes a shovel full of that mound and dumps it on the first one. Since ants are territorial they often ‘fight until the death of both colonies’. I haven’t tried it yet but it does make a lot of sense.

  8. I had ants in my raised bed and I poured vinegar all over the bed and they were gone the next day. Not sure if it killed the ants or they just moved but they aren’t in my garden anymore. 

      1. Hi Katherine,
        Did you just use distilled white vinegar or something specific? 🙂

  9. I LOVE THE KITCHEN ISLAND! These pictures bring back sweet memories of a wonderful weekend a year ago! Don’t forget you guys are ALWAYS welcome in Detroit! Hello to your family. HAPPY MOTHERS DAY!

    1. I’ve enjoyed using it so much! I LOVED getting to spend time with all you sweet friends that weekend! I’ll tell everyone you said hello! I hope you have a wonderful Mother’s Day too, Cindy! xo

  10. Hi Robyn,
    I recently finished several projects in my house, including adding a new island, new countertops, lighting and paint to my kitchen. I’ve had great success ordering lighting, mirrors and even the island from Wayfair. My countertop guy outfitted it with a marble remnant, and with a coat of Grocery Store Red from Sherwin Williams, it looks custom. I used several colors from SW from their Historic Charleston Collection and their Lowcountry series., and it turned out great!

    Good luck! We can’t wait to see your new project unfold!

  11. Hi Robyn,

    I’m in the process of a kitchen remodel with a new island being built. I was going to go with a granite top for it like the counters. But I love the look of your butcher block. Where do you get that or how is it made? Did your cabinet maker make it? Also, what about upkeep and maintenance – keeping it clean without damaging the wood?

    Also, for paint, Sherwin Williams seems to be a staple among professional painters. I used agreeable gray throughout my house. Seems to be more of a true gray that doesn’t tend toward being too purple or green or brown. 

    Maybe you could do a post in the future with all of the suggestions you receive. 


  12. That’s so awesome. Nothing is better for a cooking addict than owning a garden and even your location is super nice! I’m really envying now xD Awww, I cannot help you for any advices bc I don’t really have any experiences about them. Wish you find the best stuffs to build the best cabin, house or whatever you call 😉

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