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Happy Thursday, friends!

Oh boy, did we just have a wonderful, yet unexpected snow storm this past weekend! If you know anyone from Texas to Boston, you most likely heard all about it or experienced it yourself!

Snow //


Forecasts had predicted at most a light dusting of snow in our area, so the snowfall we received was definitely unexpected.

Snow 2017 //

So, after it first started snowing, I shared a quick little photo on Instagram that I’ve included above with the caption, “Let it Snow.”

Oh my goodness, I had no idea what was headed our way!

Snow //

I was at the Barn preparing for a baby shower for my niece and couldn’t get over how beautiful the huge, fluffy flakes were that kept falling and falling and falling!

Within just a short while, the ground was covered and the school was sending alerts about early dismissal and then again about student drivers being released immediately.

Since Sam had only been driving two weeks, you can imagine my stress level! 🙂

Snow //

By the time he made it home, the light dusting was about an inch thick and I have never been more thankful to see his car pull down the driveway!

Snow //

By the next morning, the snow totaled eight inches and was still falling until it was just over nine inches when the snow ended.

It was gorgeous!

I am so thankful for the linemen that worked in these horrible conditions to restore the power of all those impacted by this storm! And to those people who had to be out in this weather working in hospitals, as emergency personnel, and in jobs that required them to be there for others! You are all so appreciated!


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What I’m Reading Now

I just got a new book that I am starting and can’t wait to dig into it more over the weekend.

What’s been going on with you?

Have a great weekend!
Robyn xo

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  1. This weekend I’ll be making trays of goodies and spice tea mix for folks that are special to me and Doug. The first couple of weeks of December are very busy for me at work, so I don’t get to get down to business until mid-December. We love giving goodies to our neighbors, the folks at the pharmacy we use, the special teller at the bank that does so much for me, our vet’s staff who treat our dog Cheeto so well, our dentist office, etc. We don’t have children so we concentrate on giving to others. God has blessed us so much. And we always put a Christmas jigsaw puzzle together! My parents will celebrate their 60th wedding anniversary the day after Christmas so we will be spending Christmas with them in Vicksburg, MS.

    I hope you and your family have a blessed Christmas! Your snow pics are beautiful!!

    1. What a special Christmas! Happy Anniversary to your parents. What a blessing for their long marriage! It sounds like their influence of love has truly guided you in your life, too!

      I hope you, your husband and your family have a wonderful Christmas. xo

  2. I like so many of your recipes, but the one I use the most is your 2 ingredient cream biscuits. So jealous you got so much snow. We, in Nashville TN, had nothing. Beautiful pics. Thanks, and have a great Christmas!

    1. We LOVE those biscuits, too! We sure enjoyed our surprise snow. It was the most ever recorded in our little county!
      I hope you have a wonderful Christmas as well! xo

  3. So jealous! I love the snow during the holidays, but it seems to get more and more scarce every year. It looks gorgeous. Enjoy for those of us who are still wishing for a white Christmas!

    I’ll be making your buttery spritz cookies this weekend (hopefully). Yum!

    Thank you for such a wonderful blog and Merry Christmas

    1. It was definitely so beautiful as it fell in such huge fluffy flakes and then, it just kept falling and falling and falling. It was spectacular!

      We love those cookies! I hope you have a wonderful Christmas! xo

  4. Congratulations!! I haven’t been able to purchase your book yet (it’s on my Christmas list????) but I have borrowed it from the library several times! One of my favorite recipes is your cream of chicken soup, it came in quite handy when I was out of canned stuff and was much better I might add !! I really enjoy your emails and blog! Wishing you and yours a blessed Christmas !

    1. Hi Leiann!
      I love that the cookbook is on your Christmas list and that you’ve used the cookbook from the library! That cream of chicken soup recipe is definitely a go-to in my kitchen! xo

  5. My favorite is the chocolate cake recipe. Not only because it is delicious, but because it is the recipe that first led me to your website a few years ago. Thanks for keeping me coming back with lots of tasty additions!

  6. Hello! I just recently started following your blog and recently made the delicious Pasta Fagoli (Olive Garden copycat) recipe. It was delicious and I can’t wait to make it again soon. I just fell in love with the snow pictures of the “Barn” – that wall of windows is gorgeous!! Merry Christmas!

    1. Hi Maureen! I’m thrilled that you’ve joined me on the blog and happy that you enjoyed the Pasta Fagoli! I love that soup too!
      Thanks so much for the sweet compliments – we were so surprised by the snow but sure enjoyed its beauty and I loved watching those big fluffy flakes through the Barn windows!
      Merry Christmas to you Maureen! I’m so happy to have you visit with me! xo

  7. Slow Cooker Hot Crab Dip Recipe!! Has been voted as Top Favorite i prepare when i have a get together with my old school friends for pot luck. They just love it! I’ve told them that you Robyn Stone is the creator of this delectable, delishous appetizer. The girls are like Wow! We must invite Robyn over for pot luck and sample our goodies. If only i could but she lives overseas. The girls decided if you cant be here then we will be selecting and preparing some of your dishes. I know there wll be some big spreads!!????☺ Cheers Robyn!

    1. Please tell all your friends I said hello! I’m sure it would be so much fun to come visit and have lunch with you and your friends, Pat!
      I’m so glad you all enjoy the dip – and hope you all love the others you prepare too! Thank you so much, Pat! You made me smile with this wonderful comment!

  8. Loved making your Cranberry Cocktail Meatballs for just a simple dinner at home. I would never have thought that cranberry juice would make such a great add-on to a recipe for meatballs, but ate more than I planned on, they were so good. Best wishes for the holidays!

    1. I’m so glad you enjoyed them, Deborah! And I totally understand about enjoying more than you intended with them. They are sneaky that way, aren’t they?! xo

  9. The amount of snow is unimaginable but they look very crisp and refreshing. Anyway, thank you so much for including some recipes on this post, my wife would definitely enjoy making them for the holiday festivities!

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