Vacuum Sealer Giveaway Winner!

Vacuum Sealer Giveaway! //

Congratulations to Carolyn Williams, comment #74! I hope you love your new vacuum sealer as much as you do your mixer!

I have a fun giveaway that I think you guys will love! It is for one of my most used kitchen appliances and one that I think you will love using as well!

Earlier, I shared about how I love to freeze fresh peaches at the end of the season to use throughout the winter and on until the next peach season supplies me with my favorite fruit. I received so many emails asking me about my favorite vacuum sealer that I decided I just had to share it with you guys!

I have been using vacuum sealers for years and have found so many uses for mine. It is constantly getting a workout! From sealing fresh fruits and veggies at the end of the season, to repackaging meat that I buy at the grocery store before storing in the freezer, and even sealing items that I dehydrate to store in the pantry. The possibilities are just endless.

This summer, I upgraded my vacuum sealer from the old, original, probably the first one to market version. That poor thing had definitely given me years and years of its best! When the new one arrived, I was like a kid at Christmas!

Giveaway (Now Closed)

I’m giving away one FoodSaver 4840 2-in-1 sealing system. You can read the details about the particular model here.

To enter, leave a comment on this post about your favorite kitchen tool.

This giveaway ends Thursday, September 3rd at 11:59 PM  eastern. I’ll randomly select the one winner and contact him or her via email and update this post. Good luck!

Love ya!
Robyn xo


This giveaway is sponsored by Add a Pinch! 



182 comments on “Vacuum Sealer Giveaway Winner!”

  1. Hands down favorite kitchen tool…..our Vitamix! It makes a killer protein shake, awesome almond milk, then I can switch it up and make homemade FRESH tomato basil soup. Hot or cold, the Vitamix puts out an amazing variety of foods. LOVE it.

  2. My Kitchenaid mixer. Love it!

  3. I have a mini food processor which is fantastic when you are short of time and need to do lots of chopping up

  4. I love my Vitamix!

  5. only one favorite kitchen tool? I have too many… kitchen aid mixer ( I have two plus the hand mixer!) knives.. food processor (especially this time of year for making pesto!!).

  6. My favorite tool has to be my garlic press.

  7. My favorite kitchen tool is my onion chopper….no more tears!

  8. Hello Robyn… and my daughter share the same name and spelled the same too. I too am a Southern cook and baker. Love your recipes….don’t have many kitchen gadgets but I do like my kitchen aid mixer….its old but its good. Always wanted a food sealer…would sure come in handy for the meats, veggies, and fruits I try to keep in freezer. Love you recipes too…you are better than any magazine I have ever subscribed to. Have a wonderful day!!

  9. I love my cast iron skillets and crackpots.

  10. My kitchen aide and my ninja crockpot.

  11. I have many… i think my crock pots its nice to come home to a ready meal ..

  12. I love my Cutco knives.

  13. Big tool–Kitchen Aid mixer. Small tool–Microplane grater

  14. I love my Kitchenaid mixer, and my electric tea kettle! Those are by far my favorite kitchen appliances right now.

  15. My mandoline and Vitamix are my favorites.

  16. I have a tie——-my whisks and spatulas. what did we ever do without them?

  17. I have 3 slow cookers sized very small through medium large (5 qt). I acquired them during the last 4 or 5 yeas. I have begun using many new foods/recipes since I got them. I am proud of myself learning new stuff at my advanced age of over 80 years.

    I still have lots to learn. 🙂

  18. My favorite kitchen tool would have to be my crock pot!! Love coming home to an already cooked meal!

  19. My getting worn out food saver. It gets used at least once a week.

  20. It is too hard to decide one! My Spiralizer, citrus juicer, and cast iron pan collections are definitely the top of the list, but a vacuum sealer would definitely hit this list.

  21. This is not only a tough question but a bit embarrassing as well. (Only because I am financially challenged.) 🙂 But to be perfectly honest my favorite kitchen tool/appliance would have to be my blender. I use it for everything because I need a food processor but the cost is prohibitive.

  22. My stand mixer. My husband gave it to my for our first wedding anniversary. He normally is a jewelry kind of guy, but he knew I really wanted this and probably I would not spend that kind of money on myself – so he got it for me. A beautiful royal blue and I use it almost daily (love to bake). It’s the best and he’s the best.

  23. My favorite kitchen tool is my crockpot, although I don’t use it nearly enough 🙂

  24. My kitchen Aid mixer. It’s makes life so much easier!

  25. Yes…I totally have wanted this food saver for Eva!…I am a gadget tool fool..obsessed with many of them…I ise my garlic press and micro plane almost I will answer with those two. Thanks for the chance to win.

  26. I have to say my newest kitchen tool is my Breville countertop oven that I just love especially this summer. But a foodsaver would be a close second. Thanks for this giveaway.

  27. I love all my kitchen tools since I love cooking, baking, grilling etc…naming one would be like asking me to chose a favorite child. Can’t chose just one.

  28. Best tool I have in my kitchen is my little battery can opener. Opens up an unlimited world of cooking!

  29. My parents got us a Food Saver for Christmas last year and this is perhaps one of the best gifts we’ve received. I have been saving and freezing food items regularly now and it has helped with our food bill, budget, and stopping waste. Since it’s just the two of us sometimes it’s hard to keep food fresh. The Food Saver helps with all this.

  30. Great informations on vacuum sealer. I am currently doing some research and found exactly what I was looking for. Thanks for guide!

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