Easy Eggs Benedict

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This Eggs Benedict recipe is a simplified version of the well-loved, classic Eggs Benedict recipe.

Ready in minutes without all the fuss!


– english muffins – canadian bacon – eggs – hollandaise sauce

Bake your Bacon in the Oven


Place it onto a wire rack situation onto a baking sheet and bake until browned, about 15 minutes.

Cook Eggs in the Oven


While your bacon is baking, simply add water to each cup of a muffin pan and then add your egg.


Place your muffin pan filled with eggs into the oven during the last few minutes of the cooking time for your Canadian bacon.

Toast Your English Muffins


Pop your buttered English Muffins into the oven at the same time as your eggs.


As your bacon, eggs, and muffins are baking, prepare your hollandaise sauce. Pour into a serving container.

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