Homemade Apple Cider Recipe

This Homemade Apple Cider recipe made with fresh apples, oranges, and spices is cozy and delicious for fall!

Easy to make on the stovetop or slow cooker, or make ahead for entertaining!

– Apples – Navel orange – Cinnamon sticks – Cloves


Add ingredients to the slow cooker


Wash the apples and oranges and prepare them according to the recipe instructions.

Add the apple and orange slices to the slow cooker insert along with the spices. Add water to cover as instructed.


Set the slow cooker to Low heat setting and cook for 7 hours OR High heat setting and cook for 3 hours.



Mash the fruit


Once the fruit has cooked, remove the cheesecloth bundle if using and mash the fruit as instructed. Remove the fruit, then reserve or discard it.

Taste the cider and sweeten it according to your tastes (if you wish). Serve warm or store.


Sweeten and serve

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