Tuna Salad Sandwich Recipe

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This tuna salad sandwich is so quick and easy and makes for a simple yet scrumptious meal!

Made with tuna, mayonnaise, and a few ingredients that make this the best tuna salad sandwich I’ve ever tasted!


– tuna – mayonnaise – celery – sweet relish


Make The Tuna Salad

Drain the tuna, add all of your ingredients to a medium bowl, and gently stir until all is well combined.


Alternately, you can combine all of the ingredients, except for the tuna, in the bowl to form the dressing and then gently fold the tuna into the dressing mixture.


Make The Sandwich

Once you have the tuna salad prepared, spoon it onto your sandwich bread. Then top with lettuce leaves and slices of tomato, and a sprinkle of salt if desired.


Serve And Enjoy

Serve your sandwich with a dill pickle spear, your favorite chips, veggie sticks with ranch for dipping, or your favorite side. Enjoy!

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