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Lately it seems as if I have been waiting on things to “get back to normal.”

I know I’ve said a jillion times:

  1. When we finalize the sale on the lake house, things will get back to normal.
  2. When we get the baby chickens settled with the older chickens, things will get back to normal.
  3. When we get back from our vacation, things will get back to normal.
  4. When I unpack these seventy-leven boxes of stuff from the lake house, things will get back to normal.
  5. When I clean out the storage closets and get rid of stuff we haven’t used in a year, things will get back to normal.
  6. When my husband’s ribs heal from his wreck, things will get back to normal.
  7. When, When, When…

And today it hit me like a ton of bricks.

What is normal?

God doesn’t send interruptions to be hurried through or ignored. I should enjoy the blessings He sends my way of selling the lake house and having things that I can unbox, being able to go on vacation with my family, being able to donate items our family hasn’t used in a while, and knowing my husband’s ribs will heal.

And for today, our normal is a little different than yesterday and probably even from tomorrow and I thank God for the interruptions He sends my way.

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