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Our new baby chicks started hatching on the 19th and continued on through the night and day on the 20th. Since we have all been home with the flu, we were all here to have ringside seats.

My husband videotaped the hatching of one little fella I called Fred. But, I sure am hoping it’s really a Wilma. Roosters and I don’t get along for long periods of time.

Remember Salt and Peppah? We’re still having that same love/ hate relationship. So adding more roosters to this mix isn’t my preference.

Today, Little Buddy and I wanted to play with these little cuties. We decided to put a few in a basket and bring them into the living room where we could just sit and listen to their sweet little cheeps.

You know, chickens are pretty hilarious to watch at any age, but baby chicks are just precious.

And my baby chick is no exception!

Be still my heart.

This photograph just about did this Mama in.

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  1. Awww…they are just too precious! The monkeys are glued to my lap-top right now. I know have backup in my chicken debate πŸ™‚ My surfer doesn’t stand a chance…eventually he will cave.

  2. OMG I love the chicks.We are trying to hatch our silkie eggs(they may or may not be fertile) How do you keep up with the feed prices.It seems that every time I go tto buy feed the $$$$ has gone up again.I even sold a lot of hens so that I can afford having our FRESH EGGS.WE are trying to figure out how to make it affordable for us to keep the girls and not outting so much money into them just to have fresh eggs daily.

    1. Yes, the feed price does get up there, doesn’t it? Do your chickens free-range or are the enclosed?

  3. awww… I want baby chicks! I wish we had room. well. I wish we lived somewhere we could have chickens! I want fresh eggs πŸ™‚

  4. I literally went ‘awwww’ but then hubs had to ruin the fun and say too bad they don’t stay that cute. They’re so cute though!!

    1. They do go through a very awkward stage in between chicks and full grown that isn’t that pretty. The chick stage is my very favorite with full grown a close second.

    1. Thank you. I took so many you would have thought National Geographic was interested in one for their cover or something.

  5. Robyn, as I’m reading this post, on this VERY early Monday morning, I just had to tell you it brought a smile to my face! I would love to have some chicks! Can I just move my house to the country?
    Thanks for sharing such great pictures! What a great learning experience for Buddy!