You are a genius.

A Genius Quote by Albert Einstein


One of my biggest missions in life is to make sure that my son understands that he is a genius.

No, I don’t plan on shouting it as loudly as possible at every opportunity for the benefit of other parents. I plan on quietly whispering it to him as he creates a new Lego structure even better than the one he created yesterday. I plan of softly demonstrating it as he draws a cartoon of his favorite character of the week. I plan on positively reassuring him when he struggles in an area that is a current weakness.

You are a genius.

You are beautiful.

You have a gift.

You are a gift.

And maybe that is something that all parents actually do need the benefit of hearing, because every child is a genius.

Albert Einstein said so.

Happy Birthday, Albert.

6 comments on “You are a genius.”

  1. I love this quote! I needed to read this today. Thank you for sharing!

  2. I love that quote, Robyn. And, yes, I totally agree, and I always say the same thing. Every child is a genius. Having three uniquely different children, I watch it in action every single day.

  3. Hi, Robyn! Thanks for sharing this post. It warmed my heart. Right now, my 4 year-old daughter has been diagnosed with mild autism and we are doing our best in the family to give her all the love, care, and support. She has special talents too and everyday, I will do my best to assure her that she has a gift, she is beautiful, and she is a genius!

  4. Refreshing to see that you homeschool, I and my sibs were all home schooled and we wouldn’t change it for the world!

  5. This is just a beautiful quote! Thanks again…

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