Strawberries, Strawberries at Parkesdale Farm Market

About 14 or 15 years ago, we made our first trip to visit Parkesdales Farm Market in Plant City, Florida while we were visiting for Sun-n-Fun in nearby Lakeland. If you happened to miss previous posts about Sun-n-Fun, it is a week-long airshow and convention for pilots held every spring. We try to go each […]

Daytona 500 {lots of firsts}

We just rolled back in yesterday from a two week trip to Daytona, Florida for Speed Weeks 2012. It starts the week before the actual Daytona 500 with various races that we like to watch,  practicing for the different races, qualifying for them, and then the actual big race of the Daytona 500. It’s the […]

Ponce Inlet, Florida

Every year when we visit Daytona for the NASCAR race, we like to take little “field trips” to learn more about the area. We usually have a stop planned for our little side excursions, but we also like to just get in the car and drive to discover something new. Through the years, we’ve found […]