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Cooking Conversion Chart showing American Standard to metric measurements, including Volume and Weight measurements.

Being able to quickly convert measurements of recipes is a fairly important task when you are cooking. In the early days of my marriage and beginning in the kitchen, a phone call to my Mother or Grandmother gave me the information I needed.

Within a few years, I began compiling the measurements and I knew they would be most helpful to me, and hopefully to you, if I now begin to maintain them here.

This cooking conversion chart provides a quick reference list you can access online or simply print to keep in your recipe box. I hope you enjoy it as much as I have.

Cooking Conversion Chart


Cooking Conversion Chart from

Use the link below to print the cooking conversion chart to keep on hand in your kitchen or traveling!

Cooking Conversion Chart 


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    Ok. So THANK YOU for posting this! I had always thought that 3 tablespoons equals a 1/4 cup. I have been doing it that way for years!! So when I saw that you had it listed for 4 tablespoons I researched it… and you are right! THANK YOU! You just improved my cooking skills greatly! :)

  2. 11


    I am always looking up cooking conversions too, so this will be a great help! Thanks for posting it! I will have to print it out so that I will have it handy for future reference!

  3. 12



    What a wonderful post to share with all!! You’re just amazing, and I love Mingle Monday each week just a bit more!

    I always committ to visiting 2 (new) bloggers when I link up, and each week, I’m finding so many sources of inspiration here – thank you for what you do. I know what goes into blogging, and the way you are so professionally and neatly organized here, well…that’s called a job, honey! 😉 Know that you’re appreciated!


  4. 19

    ernestine says

    My name is ernestine, i am look at your coconut cake, do you have a recipes for coconut pineapple cake. If so were can i find it.

  5. 20

    Carol says

    Thank you so much for this cooking conversion chart…….printed it and am
    keeping in a special drawer where it’ll always be handy.
    Much appreciated along with your great recipes.

    Warmly, Carol from Chicago

  6. 22


    I LOVE this Robyn! Yanni & I were just discussing this very matter about a recipe I was putting together! This makes it easy peasy! You’re so smart!!

  7. 31

    Kimmie says

    My husband wants this conversion chart – use in giving medications to all of the animals / in converting garden products for larger and smaller areas…so many uses.
    Thank you again,

  8. 33

    Shirley Simpson says

    Hi Robyn,

    Thanks so much for this chart. I am a first time baker and this is exactly what is going to help me. I was so confused with all the recipes on various sites with different measurements. I hope I will be able to bake the chocolate cupcakes that you have posted on your site as perfectly as you. Will let you know once i’m done baking and tasting.

    Warm Regards

    • 34


      I’m so glad you find the conversion charts helpful, Shirley! I can’t wait to hear how you enjoy the chocolate cupcakes! Let me know if you have any questions on them!

  9. 35

    carla says

    I do love your site so much! I have used so many of your baking recipes for our family! Your chocolate cake recipe is my husband’s favorite (and pretty much only) home-baked sweet that he will eat. Your best white cake recipe is now my “go-to” recipe for all birthday occasions, unless the birthday boy or girl specifically asks for something else! And, I love so many more of your recipes, as well! Too many to list here!

    Thank you for this lovely printable conversion chart! I can’t wait to print it for my kitchen. I would like to add 1 1/2 teaspoon = 1/2 tablespoon….for doubling recipes, but this is so useful as it is, I can see using it in the future many times! I won’t have to automatically NOT look at recipes with metric measurements! Thank you!

    • 36


      Thank you so much for your sweet comment, Carla. I really appreciate it! I’m so glad you and your family are enjoying the recipes! I hope you find this chart as useful and helpful as I do in my kitchen! xo

  10. 37

    Janice Kirkland says

    I have a question I hope you will answer. I get confused. Some recipes call for “flour” and maybe salt, but no soda or baking powder. Does this mean self-rising flour. Some recipes call for plain flour and baking powder and soda and there is no confusion there. Like brownies. They just call for flour. Do you use plain flour in brownies? Is this a silly question? Should I just know this? I hope you can answer this for me. Thank you.

  11. 39

    Nancy says

    Thank you so much for the conversion chart. However, the color does not print legibly (nor does it even when printed in black) for anyone with less-than-perfect vision. Would you please post it again in black? It’s a handy tool, but when it can’t be read… not so much.

  12. 41

    Nancy says

    Very good and useful chart. Could you add one more column for equivalency of can sizes, as used in old cookbooks that don’t always give measurements other than a can size by then popular names, and we all know, packaging sizes change on us and to be accurate actual measurements would be valuable to many who venture into these older books of treasure.

  13. 42

    Tam says

    Hi Robyn,

    In your cream cheese frosting recipe, you say add 4 cups confectionery sugar, will that be 225g each cup?
    Thank-you very much

  14. 43

    Betty says

    Thank you for the conversion chart;however , it would be so much better to read if it were printed in Black ink. While the blue is pretty, it is very dim on my computer and I’ve not yet found a way to convert the font and color.

  15. 44

    Lau Stu says

    Has anyone ever mentioned that there is a “T” in the title word (conversTion) that doesn’t belong there? Thought you might want to know.


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