Testing Time Flutters


We’re gearing up for our annual standardized testing. Just the thought makes my stomach have a little fluttery feeling. It feels like when I was a teenager and my friends and I would drive our cars over “thrill hill” just fast enough for the flutters, but so fast we’d get in trouble with the neighbors….

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You are a genius.

A Genius Quote by Albert Einstein

  One of my biggest missions in life is to make sure that my son understands that he is a genius. No, I don’t plan on shouting it as loudly as possible at every opportunity for the benefit of other parents. I plan on quietly whispering it to him as he creates a new Lego…

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Daily Grams

daily grams

  It is always refreshing to find homeschooling materials that your child looks forward to doing each morning. I remember talking with a “seasoned” homeschooler before we began homeschooling. I visited with her for an entire morning to watch her family in action as they did their school work that morning. It was like watching…

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Do you celebrate Columbus Day in your homeschool?

Christopher Columbus

In elementary school, I learned a little poem that I’ve remembered since.   In August 1492, Columbus sailed the ocean blue. October 12th they sighted land, And set their feet upon new sand. There were lots of other facts regarding Christopher Columbus’ adventures and questions raised throughout my school years about whether Columbus thought the…

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Constitution Day


September 17th marks the date thirty-nine delegates to the Constitutional Convention held their final meeting and signed our Constitution. It’s certainly a date worth celebrating. It’s definitely a date worth understanding what led to it, as well as what followed.   image credit: archives.gov   Ideas for Constitution Day Lessons Read the Constitution Show your…

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Georgia Homeschool Compliance Reporting

homeschool compliance

A few friends in my local homeschool group told me about an e-filing service available to 121 districts in Georgia for homeschoolers to electronically file their compliance documents such as declaration of intent and monthly attendance reporting. While I’ve been going the traditional paper, pen, and snail mail way of filing our paperwork since we…

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