I Jinxed Myself


I jinxed myself. Seriously. I really did. Just last week, I shared about our honey harvest and went on and on about how excited I was to use our honey in numerous dishes that I proceeded to name off one by one to my sweet husband, Bart. Then, I went on to say how a…

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Birthday Wishes


Yesterday, I celebrated my 43rd birthday. As I was driving Sam to Boy Scouts the night before, the conversation went a little something like this. “What do you really want for your birthday?” “Something simple and low key with you and Daddy.” “No, I mean as a gift.” “Oh, maybe for you to have all…

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January Sunsets

January Sunsets from addapinch.com

There’s just something magical about watching a sunrise or a sunset. It is as if God pulls out his favorite paints to paint a different scene for us every morning and every evening. Well, at least that’s what my Grandmother always said. She always had the neatest way of saying things that have stuck with…

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Blue Scrubs

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My mother graduated from nursing school as a registered nurse the same year that I graduated kindergarten and should have received a degree myself if they happened to be giving them out in treehouse loitering. My kindergarten boasted a huge treehouse right beside the playground area and it was my favorite thing about kindergarten, hands…

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A Pinch of This and That {Favorite Hair Products}

I’m a hair product lover. There. I admit it. One of my favorite parts of going to the salon (besides the great magazines I wouldn’t buy for myself, the great hairwash, and the fact that she can make my hair do things I never dreamed it could do) is talking to her about the best…

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A Pinch of This and That

Happy Saturday! Boy, do I have some fun stuff to share with you guys! It is truly a myriad of things this time from what’s happening around the farm and the lake. So, it’ll be a gab fest for sure. Ready? Around the Farm Bees We picked up four nucs of honey bees this past…

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