A Pinch of This and That

Happy Saturday! Boy, do I have some fun stuff to share with you guys! It is truly a myriad of things this time from what’s happening around the farm and the lake. So, it’ll be a gab fest for sure. Ready? Around the Farm Bees We picked up four nucs of honey bees this past […]

Party Like a Dog

Have you ever had a dog birthday party?   Yesterday was this sweet girl’s birthday. Lady is my nephew’s (the same nephew in the much-loved wedding portrait) Labrador that we’re dog sitting for a couple of weeks. It just so happened that she is hanging out with us here at the farm on her birthday […]

Porch Pillows and the Vet

    We came home from our RV trip with the plants on my porches looking even better than before I left them. It sure is odd how I can baby them each and every day while we’re in town, yet they never look as full and as lush as they do when we leave. […]

Better Late Than Never {Mingle Monday}

This weekend was full of so many things that I love! The boys (my husband and son) camping out under the stars, birthday parties, visiting with friends and family, and then WHAM! we were hit like a ton of bricks with fevers, chills, and other yucky stuff. That’s the part that I am far from […]

Racing, A Duck, and Boot Camp

  It started easy enough as a fun break in our morning playing with Ranger.  We raced Ranger for on our golf cart around the circle in our driveway, until I had to call it quits or fall out the side of it from sheer dizziness. Here’s how the game is played: We are in […]

Boys and Dogs

Yesterday, Little Buddy and I took Ranger outside to play Frisbee for a little while and run off some of that amazing energy they both have. As we played, I realized that boys and dogs have an awful lot in common.   Nine year old boys and five month old puppies really are pretty close […]

Tinkerbell and the New Puppy

Tinkerbell, my tiny tea cup poodle, turned four this past September. It’s hard to believe since she still weighs four pounds just like she did when she was a year old. She was bred to be a small dog, I know, but goodness gracious, she’s so tiny. She’s also pretty finicky. We joke that she […]