Top Chef Restaurant Wars

Have you been watching this season’s Top Chef? Last night’s episode was a doozy and certainly didn’t disappoint. Honestly, the Restaurant Wars shows are never my favorite. I am always too nervous for all of the contestants. But last night’s show proved my Grandmother and my Daddy right once again. Never put off for tomorrow, […]

Nashville :: the show

One of our favorite places to visit for a long weekend getaway has always been Nashville. It’s a city full of great history as well as fun entertainment for the whole family. I noticed a commercial on ABC the other afternoon for a new show with an upcoming pilot by the same name. The show […]

Downton Abbey Addiction

  For the past two years, I’ve heard rave reviews of Downton Abbey, on PBS. It definitely looked like a show I would love, but I was dead set against falling in love with another show that I’d pine for when one season ended until the other. As a matter of fact, we’ve just succumbed […]