A Pinch of This and That

Happy Saturday! Boy, do I have some fun stuff to share with you guys! It is truly a myriad of things this time from what’s happening around the farm and the lake. So, it’ll be a gab fest for sure. Ready? Around the Farm Bees We picked up four nucs of honey bees this past […]

A Pinch of This and That

I thought it would be fun to periodically share just a few things going on with my family, that may have caught my attention that I think you’ll be interested in, or just a bit of randomness. I’m calling it A Pinch of This and That just because it really won’t all fit into one […]

Party Like a Dog

Have you ever had a dog birthday party?   Yesterday was this sweet girl’s birthday. Lady is my nephew’s (the same nephew in the much-loved wedding portrait) Labrador that we’re dog sitting for a couple of weeks. It just so happened that she is hanging out with us here at the farm on her birthday […]

Porch Pillows and the Vet

    We came home from our RV trip with the plants on my porches looking even better than before I left them. It sure is odd how I can baby them each and every day while we’re in town, yet they never look as full and as lush as they do when we leave. […]