The Hut


This makes our family’s seventh year for coming down for the week for the Daytona 500. We always look forward to the week, planning the trip for weeks in advance! My husband’s parents, his sister Cindy and her husband Roy, and our family each bring our RVs and and camp alongside each other. While it…

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RVing Family Time

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One of my favorite things about RVing has to be the quality family time. By now, you all probably know that my family loves to head out as often as possible for RVing trips. Sometimes that means we’re just heading out for a quick weekend trip with just the three of us, but my favorite…

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Colonial Williamsburg Artisans


  One of my favorite things about visiting Colonial Williamsburg is the sheer number of artisans. From carpenters, bakers, calligraphers, cabinet makers, blacksmiths, to gardeners. Each has a special skill they proudly show to visitors who stop by to see them while touring. The calligrapher shows you how your name would have been properly written…

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Pit Stop

“Your on fire,” came over the radio as we left Charlotte on our way up the road. We both looked into the rear camera to watch the front tire of our tow vehicle rolling off and down through the guardrail and into the ditch on the side of the interstate. The smoke was what my…

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