This makes our family’s eighth year for coming down for the week for the Daytona 500. We always look forward to the week, planning the trip for weeks in advance!

The Hut from

My husband’s parents, his sister Cindy and her husband Roy, and our family each bring our RVs and and camp alongside each other. While it is nice to pack up the RV and head toward a sunnier escape for doing school, my husband working remotely, and even taking a few excursions throughout the week, it is also nice to spend the week with family.

The Hut from

A few years back, other friends and family joined us on the weekend to watch the big race. And after a week of gorgeous weather, sunny skies, and days playing at the beach, wouldn’t you know that the entire race day was a wash out.

It rained.

It poured.

And it rained and poured some more.

We all waited it out in the RVs (all 70-11 of us!) by watching movies, playing games, and generally going stir crazy.

That was the year that my husband ordered what I loving refer to as, “The Hut”.

It is a sanity saver.

He and Roy measured the space between our two RVs so that The Hut would fit perfectly between two of them. Bart worked with the nicest folks at Denver Colorado Tent for the sizing of the tent and all of the specifics of exactly what we needed.

I can’t say enough about how much I love it.

The Hut from

It is where we spend the bulk of our time. It is where you’ll find us working, doing school, watching movies, reading the paper, eating our meals, and clearing off the table so that we can play card games and Farkle until the wee hours of the morning.

The Hut from

And if it rains on race day, it’s where you’ll find all 70-11 of us.

I’ll be the one still smiling.


Note: Outside of race week, my husband and son use The Hut for camping trips. It has slept 10 teenage boys over a weekend and survived! Ha!

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  1. We used to do Daytona Speed Week when we lived on the East Coast……now that we are living and primarily our West we are doing the Vegas race. It is a blast and a fun time for fans and friends to meet up.
    This year we are doing Phoenix.

    1. How fun, Barb! We’ve not been to the Vegas or the Phoenix races. I bet they are a ton of fun!

    1. I have to admit that I teared up a little (okay – a lot!) when he pulled his son and daughter up onto the stage during driver introductions on race day! So sweet!

  2. What a blast! Makes me actually want to go camping………. Ok. Never mind. I changed my mind. I just remembered what it’s like to come home after camping. No thanks.

  3. I love this, Robyn! This looks like so much fun! I hope your family is having a wonderful time!

    I’m glad you shared about the hut. My family is looking for something similar to use on our family farm during the spring and summer for our family gatherings. This looks perfect. I’m emailing you for more details.

    Joan R.