Wrap a Potted Plant

Grocery Store Plants from addapinch.com

Wrap a potted plant quickly and inexpensively, making it perfect for your home decor or for giving as a gift! I’ve never been one with a green thumb for house plants. Even those that you reportedly can’t kill, I’ve found a way to bring irreparable harm. For years, I was bound and determined that I would…

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The Nutcracker

The Nutcracker from addapinch.com

I absolutely adore the traditions my family follows at Christmas. We were blessed that Sam is a traditionalist, too. Or maybe we’ve created a monster! If we even think of not doing something the way it has been done in years past, he is quick to remind us and prompt us to get back in…

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How to Set a Traditional Easter Table

Traditional Easter Table | addapinch.com

As you may know, I am a contributor on Houzz where each month I create an Ideaboard around a specific idea or theme. This month, with Easter fast approaching, I decided to focus on a few of my favorite things for setting a beautifully traditional Easter table. Bright whites, pastels, sparkling glass and silver, it…

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Pillow Love


A while back I noticed that all of my throw pillows on my sofas were looking tattered from years of being tossed about and well-loved on by a little boy. Years of the fringe being pulled and fiddled with and the pillow repeatedly being thrown into the air like a baseball tends to have that…

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