A Few Camping Essentials

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My family loves to camp! From my husband and son going backpacking and regular Scout camping trips to our taking our RV, we are truly a camping family. Generally, we are doing some sort of camping activity at least once a month, if not more! So, I thought I’d share some of our camping essentials […]

The Modern Camper

Okay, ya’ll…where has the summer gone?! It seems like we were just celebrating Memorial Day – and here we are – AUGUST! Many people are trying to squeeze in that last family outing or quick vacation before the kids go back to school – and many of us love to do that via a favorite […]

RVing Family Time

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One of my favorite things about RVing has to be the quality family time. By now, you all probably know that my family loves to head out as often as possible for RVing trips. Sometimes that means we’re just heading out for a quick weekend trip with just the three of us, but my favorite […]

My Favorite Things :: Travel Towels

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Okay, I know this probably sounds strange to be in the traveling section of my website, but let me explain. The  towels make the perfect towels when you are traveling – either camping (RV, tent, or cabin), sailing, or even when you send your children off to camp. These towels are always a must have […]

Colonial Williamsburg Artisans

  One of my favorite things about visiting Colonial Williamsburg is the sheer number of artisans. From carpenters, bakers, calligraphers, cabinet makers, blacksmiths, to gardeners. Each has a special skill they proudly show to visitors who stop by to see them while touring. The calligrapher shows you how your name would have been properly written […]

Strawberries, Strawberries at Parkesdale Farm Market

About 14 or 15 years ago, we made our first trip to visit Parkesdales Farm Market in Plant City, Florida while we were visiting for Sun-n-Fun in nearby Lakeland. If you happened to miss previous posts about Sun-n-Fun, it is a week-long airshow and convention for pilots held every spring. We try to go each […]

Memorial Day Camping Recipes and Meal Plan

  Even though the summer doesn’t actually begin until June 20th this year, Memorial Day weekend is the unofficial beginning of the the summer season around here. For many people, the weekend is full of grilling, picnics, playing by the pool or boating on the lake, and camping. Regardless of the activity though, we always […]

Heading West

  What is it about planning a trip? My wanderlust tendencies grow stronger at just the mention of a trip and as I start planning – fuhgeddaboudit. I might as well declare myself useless in all other major projects. I become smitten with the entire process of planning and preparing and then drive everyone batty […]

A Little Campout and More to Come

The boys, meaning my husband and Little Buddy, are just wrapping up a big overnight camping trip with my son’s Cub Scout group. My husband came home from a week full of meetings, grabbed their camping gear and they set up camp near our local regional airport. I went out for a little while last […]