I am blessed

God blessed me beyond measure years ago when he entrusted me with this little fella to be his Mama. Before the moment that I held him, I just didn’t know it was possible to feel like your heart would burst from all that love. And then, by some miracle, it doesn’t. It just grows and […]

There’s an App for That

We’d planned on finishing our bee boxes today, but overnight our plans changed rather quickly. We went from thinking of making the top bars for our boxes to making sure we had extra Ginger Ale and Kleenex – oh, and plenty of Tylenol. Little Buddy started not feeling well yesterday and then as the night […]

Children’s Advent Calendar Printable {Free}

I absolutely love Christmas! It is without a doubt, my favorite holiday. I just love everything about it. The smells of Christmas trees, cookies baking, and cooler weather in the air. The sights of bright Christmas lights, houses decorated in their holiday best, and stockings hung by the mantle. I love the sounds of Christmas […]

Moments With A Not So Happy Camper

Ever been on a trip when someone on the trip with you was just not a happy camper?  Well, yeah. That was me the other day. No matter what we did, Little Buddy just wasn’t having any part of it. He wasn’t interested in what we wanted to do. He didn’t care about the history […]

Let Me Hold On To These Moments

I’m working on focusing in on the little moments of life – not just the big and grandiose. The little fractions of a second when Little Buddy is deep into his play and oblivious to the fact that I have a camera tracking his every move for just a little while. We went to see […]