Pulled Pork Tostadas Recipe

There’s just something about pulled pork that makes my husband’s heart swoon. He smokes a couple of Boston Butts on his smoker every few weekends that is absolutely the best I’ve ever tasted. Ever. But, I make a pork roast that yields pulled pork that comes a pretty close second to his smoked version. IF […]

Baked Eggs with Salsa Recipe

  I’ve been trying to be much better about having breakfast ready for my husband by the time he’s up, showered, dressed and ready for work in the mornings. I feel certain June Cleaver never just rolled over when her husband got up in the mornings headed off to his office for work, thinking that […]

Tomatillo Salsa Verde

  I have a funny story to tell you about tomatillo salsa verde. Growing up, this was not a sauce that was common in my house. I think I was probably in high school before I tasted salsa of any kind. While pepper sauce was served with every meal from breakfast to supper, salsa was […]