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My Favorite Thing :: My French Press

I adore my French press. I mean ah-dore it!!! If you saw my Perfect Cold Brew Coffee recipe today over in Cooking, you know how I love my French press. It is seriously one of my very favorite kitchen appliances – electric or not – and that is saying a ton! Like I mentioned, it read more »

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Food Dehydrator Giveaway

My food dehydrator and I have become fairly fast friends over the past years. I had one type that seemed to work fine, and then, when I started using my new one, I fell totally and completely in love with dehydrating. Did you see my post today over in Add a Pinch Cooking where I read more »

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Stay Charged!

Boy, do I have a bunch of goodies for you! It is something I’ve raved about time and time again, but knew it was something I wanted to share with you all again. It’s my Anker® external charger! But, it’s not just the one charger I’ve been talking about. I’ve got a whole bundle that read more »

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My Favorite Skillet Giveway!

I love my skillets. I mean looooove them. Earlier this year, I shared a photo on Instagram of my skillet stacks. So many of them are family heirlooms or were gifts when we first married. They are truly treasures that I am so proud to have and still use. I just can’t imagine not cooking read more »

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My Favorite Things :: Spiralizer

I love sharing about some of my favorite things that I love using with you guys and this a spiral cutter (some folks call them a spiralizer) is something I absolutely adore!       It comes with three different blades that you can use for various styles of cuts. Like the thin cut all the read more »

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12 Days of Gifts :: for the cook

I’m kicking off my 12 Days of Gifts with my gift guide for the cook. My gift guide includes items I surely love and think any cook would truly appreciate receiving as a gift as well. And, to make my 12 Days of Gifts even more special, each day I’ll be giving away select items read more »


My Favorite Roaster Set, Just in Time for the Turkey!

Just in time for Thanksgiving and because I love you more than you’ll ever imagine, I’m giving away this gorgeous All-Clad Roaster Set from Williams-Sonoma.   This roaster set includes all you’ll need to prepare and roast the perfect turkey this Thanksgiving, with the roaster, rack, and thermometer included! While my roaster isn’t this exact read more »

Faucet of the Future | ©addapinch.com

My Favorite Things :: Faucet of the Future

Okay, so my family calls this our Faucet of the Future.   It really started rather innocently with the Mister doing a little plumbing in our kitchen to install our new dishwasher from Bosch. As he was working, he found something wrong with our old faucet, the one that we installed about 10 years ago read more »

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Share Your Passion

  Many things in life will catch your attention, but few things in life will capture your heart. When something does, at that point, you realize you have indeed found your passion. For me, the things that have caught my attention are without a doubt a wide and varied range – from writing, traveling, photography, read more »