Beauty Loves :: March

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Happy Spring! Are you as excited as I am that winter is officially over? We had such a gorgeous day today with weather into the 70′s which put me into a major spring cleaning binge! As I was cleaning and organizing, I put away some of my makeup and beauty products that are more winter […]

Beauty Loves :: February

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I have a ton of great stuff to show you guys for this second edition of my beauty loves series. I loved all of the comments and emails from you all in last month’s edition. I think you all love beauty products as much, if not more, than I do! And by the way, I […]

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A Radiant Night Out

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Having a night out with my husband is always a wonderful way to catch up with one another without the distractions of our busy day-to-day lives. We are both so busy with work, Scouts, church activities, and other activities with our son that we need this time just to ourselves. It also gives me a […]

Beauty Loves :: January

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I love talking about beauty finds that I am loving nearly as much as I love talking about cooking and recipes. For a while now, I’ve been sharing some of my favorite things like hair products, nail polish, and others. Since I’m constantly finding new favorites to add to my ever-growing list, I thought I would […]

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A Pinch of This and That {Favorite Hair Products}

I’m a hair product lover. There. I admit it. One of my favorite parts of going to the salon (besides the great magazines I wouldn’t buy for myself, the great hairwash, and the fact that she can make my hair do things I never dreamed it could do) is talking to her about the best […]

Favorite Things :: My Favorite Beauty Finds

It has been a while since I’ve shared a few of my favorite things! Too long, in fact! So, I thought I’d share a few things with you today that I always seem to toss in my bag as I pack for a trip and reach for at home. All of these are beauty finds […]

Korres Lip Butter

Okay, I have a confession to make. I’m obsessed with this lip butter. Really, I’m pretty obsessed with lipgloss, lipstick, and anything that makes my lips feel great and gives me a pretty pop of color.   Because seriously, the winter just does havoc on my skin, hair and lips. I feel like all I […]

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Beauty Find :: Rock Hard and Top Coat

I love a good manicure. You know the kind where your hands look and feel amazing, your polish is perfectly applied, and a top coat that you slick on that keeps your nails looking their best for a week or two at least. I’m rough on my hands – nails included. I tear open bags […]

Favorite Thing :: It’s a 10

Pin It   It has been a little while since I shared any of my favorite things with you guys, but I think it is high time to change that. Especially since I have something that I absolutely have to tell you about. It is this hair care product that I would want to have […]

Favorite Things :: The Hair Iron

I’m having fun sharing about my favorite things with y’all. I hope y’all are liking it too. Today, I’m chatting all about hair irons. I remember when I first used one. It was at the la-de-dah salon in Atlanta. Remember the one? Yeah, the one where I came out looking like a calico cat? Yep, […]