How to Clean Makeup Brushes

Learn how to clean makeup brushes in minutes with just a few easy steps. Keeping your makeup brushes clean is an essential part of your beauty routine.   It’s important to clean makeup brushes and tools regularly because not only are they usually an investment, they come in contact with your skin. I’ve read about […]

Beauty Loves :: July

Beauty Loves is a series where I share favorite beauty products collection for the month. Includes basic beauty products for hair, makeup, and skin care! Can you believe it is already the end of July! How in the world did that happen? It seems like the months just keep flying by! I have a few […]

Beauty Loves :: June

It seems like as the weather gets warmer, things in my beauty routine get simpler and simpler. I guess that’s the way it should be. Right? I still want to share with you a few items that I’m absolutely loving. Some are old friends and some are new finds, but they have become pretty indispensable […]

Beauty Loves :: May

As the weather warms and becomes more humid here in Georgia, my favorite beauty products change up a bit. These were a few that were my primary go-to items throughout May. 1. Spending time outside does a number on my hair. I use this really thick and intense conditioner that helps to repair any damage […]

Beauty Loves :: April

I have a fun lineup of the beauty products I’m loving right now. It is a great mix of beauty department and items you can find at the drug store! 1. Mascara is one of my must-have beauty items at all times. I’m loving this waterproof version of a favorite I’ve shared previously! 2. This […]

Spring and Summer Beauty Routine

I’m excited to share my spring and summer beauty routine perfect for everyday in seven simple steps! I learned at a young age that “less is more” directly applies to beauty and makeup. I was introduced to makeup at age 13, thanks to Robyn, and learned that a girl’s beauty routine really sticks with her as she […]

Beauty Loves :: March

Happy Spring! Are you as excited as I am that winter is officially over? We had such a gorgeous day today with weather into the 70′s which put me into a major spring cleaning binge! As I was cleaning and organizing, I put away some of my makeup and beauty products that are more winter […]

Beauty Loves :: February

I have a ton of great stuff to show you guys for this second edition of my beauty loves series. I loved all of the comments and emails from you all in last month’s edition. I think you all love beauty products as much, if not more, than I do! And by the way, I […]

A Radiant Night Out

Having a night out with my husband is always a wonderful way to catch up with one another without the distractions of our busy day-to-day lives. We are both so busy with work, Scouts, church activities, and other activities with our son that we need this time just to ourselves. It also gives me a […]