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Armadillo Problems

We discovered this past spring that we had an armadillo problem around the farm and we were determined to find out how to get rid of them. Each evening, Annabelle and Ranger would bark and bark and bark and when we would look out onto the runway with a light we’d notice the armadillo that read more »

Staking Tomatoes from

Staking Tomatoes

Staking tomatoes provides support for the tomato plant while allowing easy access to tomatoes as they grow. Our container gardens are still doing great. Each morning, I walk out to check on them with my cup of coffee in hand as I pick peppers, squash, and zucchini that seem to multiply overnight! We also planted read more »

Container Gardening Update from

Container Gardening Update!

Last week, I shared about our updated approach to container gardening at my house. We’re using large galvanized troughs that we’ve placed on our back porch. I had emails asking me to please keep updating on how the container gardening was going and what I thought throughout the season. I couldn’t love them more! The read more »


Container Gardening

Container Gardening makes for an efficient method of vegetable, herb and flower gardening. You can create as big or as small of an area for your container gardens as you’d like or have the space to allow. This year, we decided to step our container gardening game up. In years past, we’ve had a large read more »

Porch Herb Garden ©

My Fall Herb Garden {Porch Style}

Herbs are one of my favorite things to grow throughout the year.   I love to be able to quickly snip off pieces of thyme, parsley, oregano or rosemary to use in a recipe to enhance the flavor and really make the recipe pop. I also have a habit of just loving to grab a read more »

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Vertical Succulent Gardens {Mingle Monday 6/25}

  Vertical gardens are popping up all over the place in magazines, online, television, and even around my local plant nurseries – especially with succulents. There are even boards dedicated to these specialty gardens on Pinterest. My obsession with looking at these artistic gardens just increases with every single one that I see. I’ve thought read more »


Hydrangea Lovin’ {Mingle Monday}

  My Grandmother always had the most beautiful hydrangea bushes near her porch. As I would run past on my way to her door, blue snowflakes would seem to fall from the heavy globes forming a varying blue blanket on the ground. Her cat, Albert, peeping through from under the bush, would pounce at the read more »

Autumn Fern

Autumn Fern

        I’ve been dressing up my porches again trying to get them ready for fall. My boxwood basil, having withered to just a few shoots of green, was way past its prime for adding color and greenery to my porch.   I made a quick trip by a local store and was read more »


How to Keep Onions

My nephew’s football team was selling 25 pound bags of Vidalia onions a few weeks ago as a fund raiser for their team. Of course I snapped them up, thinking of all the delicious dishes I could make with 25 pounds of onions. And then they were delivered. Did you know that 25 pounds of read more »


How to Make Your Own Seedling Pots

  Making your own seedling pots is a great afternoon activity for the entire family and a wonderful way to get children excited about gardening. With a stack of newspapers, a can or water bottle, and a few minutes, you’ll be ready to add your potting soil and seeds before you know it.     read more »