Chocolate Pound Cake Recipe

Chocolate Pound Cake has always been my sister’s signature birthday cake.     As early as I can remember, my Grandmother Verdie would make her Chocolate Pound Cake for my sister each year. It seriously was the highlight of my sister’s birthday. At least for me it was. I was one of those kids that […]

Fresh Strawberry Cake Recipe

One of my family’s favorite cakes is my Grandmother’s Strawberry Cake that I’ve shared before. It really is a classic southern recipe. But, the other day I decided to make a fresh strawberry cake that was a bit more like a coffee cake type recipe. I used my Lemon Blueberry Cake as a base recipe […]

Lemon Blueberry Breakfast Cake Recipe

I had to sneak a picture of this before my family knew it was out of the oven. When they know that a Lemon Blueberry Breakfast Cake is happening, they get a bit antsy for it to be ready to eat.     I completely understand. It was pretty hard to just sneak nibbles of […]

Apple Breakfast Cake Recipe

Happy New Year! Did you have a good New Year’s Eve and Day? We were absolute homebodies. We stayed home all day both days and while it was rainy and yucky outside decided to have a Downton Abbey marathon. It was absolutely heaven.   I made this apple breakfast cake for new year’s day morning […]

Egg Free Chocolate Cake Recipe

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Avocados from Mexico. All opinions are 100% mine. My mother has a sensitivity to eggs that has developed over the past 20 years or so. She can sometimes eat eggs and them not bother her and other times she ends up feeling like she […]

Devil’s Food Whoopie Pies Recipe

  I’ve had a hankering for chocolate cake and chocolate cookies for the last little while, but this weekend I really wanted to make something different and didn’t want to have a cake in the house to tempt me every time I passed it as I walked past. So I decided I’d make Devil’s Food […]

Coca Cola Cake Recipe

  Coca Cola Cake is one of the most delicious cakes and is a Southern staple. It seems like every when I visited any of my friend’s house as a young girl growing up, my friend’s mothers would stand at the stove for just a few minutes talking with us about our day and then […]

Red Velvet Marble Cake Recipe

Red Velvet Cake takes a place of stature here in the south. It is sure to be a part of plenty of Christmas dessert buffets and always seems to be one of the first cakes to disappear. But, there is another way that I love Red Velvet Cake that I think you’ll enjoy, too. A […]

Cream Cheese Pound Cake Recipe

Growing up my Mama worked as an assistant director of nursing in our local hospital. I remember some afternoons of hopping of the school bus at the hospital if my sister or I had late appointments at the dentist or for my sister’s orthodontist appointments. Everyone that worked there was so sweet to us asking […]

Southern Caramel Cake Recipe

Southern Caramel Cake is one of those desserts that is a true labor of love. So rich and decadant, it’s a cake that surely takes any special occasion to a whole new level and is by far one of my family’s favorite cakes.   We celebrated two birthdays in my family this past weekend – […]