Shrimp Boil Recipe

Summertime Shrimp Boil Recipe


There’s just something about a shrimp boil that seems to bring everyone together. I’m not sure if it’s the way that it is served, all tossed together in the pot or poured out over a large picnic table covered with newspapers or butcher paper. Either way, it’s a definite warm-weather favorite for us. When we go camping, especially near the coast, we love to pick up fresh shrimp from a local fish market and plan out the meal. It’s one that everyone seems to always love.

With a shrimp boil, our basic ingredients are potatoes, corn, sausages, and lots and lots of shrimp. You just can’t have to much shrimp for a shrimp boil! Although for this boil, we left out the potatoes. Can you say, “Robyn forgot a major ingredient?”

We really didn’t miss them too much though with all that other deliciousness in the pot!

My husband is usually in charge of the cooking, pulling out his large turkey fryer with basket to make easy work of it. Since the sides are included in the pot, I only have to take care of any appetizers, condiments, drinks and of course – desserts!

But whatever you do, be sure to make my cocktail sauce to go with this shrimp boil. You’ll understand with that first bite!


Just imagine there is a potato in that photo, umkay?

You can also toss in crawfish if you’d like. It peps up the color of the shrimp boil considerably and makes it extra festive!

Here’s how we make our shrimp boil. I’ve written the recipe so that it is per person to be served. That way, you can scale the recipe for a family of 4 or to serve a party of 100!


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Shrimp Boil Recipe
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Summertime in the South always means it's time for a Shrimp Boil! Perfect for outdoor entertaining or even when camping, this recipe is written based on how much per person you'll need for a successful shrimp boil.
Serves: 1
  • 1-2 bags of crab boil per pot
  • 1-2 small, red-skinned potatoes per person
  • ½ pound smoked or polish sausage per person
  • 1 ear corn on the cobb per person, cleaned and cut into 2 inch pieces
  • ½ pound raw, deveined shrimp per person
  • ¼ pound crawfish per person (optional)
  1. Fill a large pot ⅔ full with cold water. Add the bag(s) of crab boil and bring to a rolling boil. Turn down heat if needed to maintain a low to medium boil. Add in potatoes and sausage and allow to cook for about 20 - 25 minutes, add in corn. When potatoes have softened to fork tender, add in shrimp and crawfish (optional) and cook to taste, for about 3-5 minutes until shrimp are pink throughout and done.
  2. Remove all from the boiling water and serve warm.


I hope you enjoy it as much as we do!



I’ve gotten so many emails asking me what kind of “crab boil” we use, where I find it, etc. I thought I would update this recipe post to provide that information as well.

We use a product by Zatarain’s that is in a bag. I have been able to find it at my local grocery stores, but you can also buy it directly from Zatarain’s at this link. Please note that I am not affiliated with Zatarain’s, nor is this a sponsored post. This is just the product that we love and use faithfully!



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    • 2

      Robyn says

      I hope y’all love it, Rachel. It’s so easy and it’s always fun to watch the crowd gather around the pot as it’s cooking. Hope y’all have a great 4th!

    • 4

      Robyn says

      Thanks so much, Katie! Once you have one, you’ll become addicted to them, too! So much fun and such an easy thing to prepare for a crowd!

    • 6

      Robyn says

      Thanks, Elizabeth. We’ve used beer in ours before as well. It definitely adds to the flavor. We just began omitting it as it seemed there were people at each get-together who didn’t care for it or weren’t able to have the beer in it for one reason or another. It’s great though if you know the group you are serving enjoys it. Great tip!

  1. 7


    We love a good shrimp boil! Pair it with a really cold cocktail and crusty bread… yummy in my tummy! My hubby’s b’day is on Friday and this would be perfect! Thanks for reminding me how much I love this summer classic!

  2. 8

    Mary says

    Happy 4th Robyn! This looks like what we need to cook this weekend! Just one question – when do you put the corn in to cook? Will also make your easy peasy cocktail sauce. Thanks for the recipes.

    • 12

      Robyn says

      Hi Sandy,
      Thanks so much! You add the corn about 20-25 minutes after you’ve begun cooking the potatoes and sausages. Can’t wait to hear how you like it!

  3. 18

    Keri Yarbrough says

    Oh Thank you, thank you, thank you. I saw this on tv years ago and wanted to try it, but lost the recipe. I can’t wait to try it this weekend on our camping trip.

  4. 19

    Amanda Stokes says

    I wonder if this could be done in a crockpot and cooked all day. Any experience with that?

  5. 21

    evan says

    we have shrimp crab and crawfish boils all the time where we live …Metairie Louisiana I found if you use frozen corn it is better to add at end of boil about 5 minutes ..wont get tough… also add a little salt to your boil about a 3/4 cup per boil also cut a garlic pod length ways and add with potatoes … delicious enjoy

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